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    Sonic(given), Drawing (extensive hobby of mine; hope to get into Multimedia Artistry or Animation), Reading (Often manga, Playing video games(although not as often). Oh yeah..I'm a thinker. It's something I just do; although partly because of my personality is quiet and (somewhat) shy.
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  1. When I was younger people used to say "what a smart/an intelligent young man for age" or something similar.

    Looking back on it now and how I feel today, I...dont seem to agree.

    1. Forte-Metallix


      Humility is the mark of true wisdom.

    2. TCB


      I don't know if its my pessimism but I don't see my self as 'wise either...

    3. Kiah


      Being 10 years your senior, I say the same thing. And remember us old folks know what we are talking about. 

      Although “kind” and “compassionate” are the first adjectives of you that really stand out to me more than anything. 

    4. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      That's how it goes, man. I was one of the most "gifted" kids in my class all 13 years of regular schooling, but the second I set foot in the real world, I realized how average I really was.

      It's a hard lesson to swallow, but you get used to it in time.

    5. TCB


      It's not like it's a shock to me or anything. On the contrary compared to my peers here and elsewhere it makes me feel more inadequate about myself. 

    6. Kiah


      I’m not sure why you feel that way especially in line with the comparisons you’re making. You aren’t even being humble at this point and just are putting yourself down for no good reason. 

      Not saying be boasting and whatnot but you really need to give yourself more credit. Seriously by the way you conduct yourself I wouldn’t of had a clue there was such a huge age gap between us.

    7. TCB


      Sorry if took until now to respond, my mind is in clearer waters now. Thanks for appreciative words everyone.

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