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  1. I've been...pretty indifferent towards ol Team Sonic Racing. Outside the obvious non-Sonic SEGA IP representation which at this point it sucks but hey it is what it is. I'll get it but it's not the kart racer that's wowing me at all.

    That Sand Hill remix is really good though.

    1. Thigolf


      I'm pretty stoked for Hyper Potions, Richard Jacques and Tee Lopes to be attached to a single Soundtrack.

      Couldn't care less for the game that is attached to that soundtrack, though.

    2. TCB


      Oh I wasnt even paying any mind to who was assisting on the soundtrack and wow that's a collaboration

      It's soundtrack may have an edge of Nitro Fueled actually...but I know ill have a lot more fun with CTR:NF overall.

    3. Milo


      like I said before, it's very much a game that exists.

      to me it just looks like ASR3 but with the main interest (celebration of Sega IPs as a whole) surgically replaced with something far less intriguing. apparently the game's team racing mechanics are being seriously undersold by the marketing / live gameplay footage shown so far, according to a few people who have played the game; but it just doesn't look compelling to play at all in my opinion. compared to what they could had done for a new sonic-specific racer (like another riders game, or another on-foot racer like sonic R; or --something i've been saying for a long time now-- making a racing game out of the boost gameplay) this is a really generic approach.

      it doesn't help that the presentation for the game --the art direction/graphics, the selection of playable characters, the kart designs, etc.-- feel somewhat cheap in resources and very conservative in regards to creative choices; and that while it's being produced by the same studio (sumo digital), the actual development team is mostly new staff, with the people behind the previous two games having left or working on other games; and that sumo digital also has their hand in other titles as well (most notoriously the often-delayed crackdown 3). and the marketing using the same tired tricks we've been complaining for some time (announcement of an announcement, silhouette teasers, vague clues). and speaking of sonic r--I'm not forgetting the really lame recycling of the R from the sonic R logo into the game's title, despite the two games having virtually nothing in common.

      in light of how sonic games have performed in recent years (especially with recent developments regarding the shift in control over the IP) i don't buy the argument that the game being sonic-centric rather than sega-centric will net it more sales. i think it's going to get a more tepid reaction and sales than virtually everyone else is expecting--and while the game was given a hefty delay from holiday 2018 to summer 2019; i imagine it's mostly more for technical reasons (due to the performance of public demo builds), rather than making significant changes to the game design / gameplay mechanics.

      edit: and yeah, with the crash team racing remake set to be released around the same time, I think TSR is going to be completely buried by that game.

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