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  1. How did a bunch of indie geeks manage to book a better product than the big leagues anyway


    Yeah you have the top vet heel who can still get heat (eggman) but you book him with six up and coming stars to form this great heel faction (hard boiled heavies) so his heat can rub up on them to get them over right, and you'll think that os the direction, but they instead have this faction turn on their leader, the guy that brought them into this company  right from the get go of the feud and amass this NUCLEAR level of heat on em but still leave the top heel over as well. Oh and you have your second top heel do het beatdown too in an injury angle to sell the beating but hes not a top face or anythung like that it's the nWo Hollywood and Wolfpac feud but actually good. Big way to start the road to the big end of season PPV Sonic Mania 

    You still have your top babyfaces like Sonic,  Tails and all them guys, but they managed to get them all over over the course of the build too, and THEN you do this return angle with Mighty and Ray and the G.E. Era fans go nuts because like hot DAMN...this storyline is pretty damn hot! 

    So like, you build each of the babyface against the heel faction at your ppvs,  The Green Hill Bash and whatever, in the first ppv you have the heel go over with this phantom ruby gimmick to establish the faces needing to acrually overcome these odds, have this feud spam the whole year if you build it right, all leading up til the summer PPV StardustSlam right

    AND BOOM...the top heel have his right hand man that creative have been building up from the midcard to this main event/upper midcard talent that main events that PPV, and they both look strong even when as you know it was his job to get the babyface over

    THAT'S HOW YOU BOOK A DAMN GOOS PRODUCT WHY IS THIS SO HARD. What do think about this, Dave?

    1. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      What do ya mean this wasn't run through Gizoogle?

    2. Ferno


      one last time.

      soup. or. salad.

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