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  1. Detective Pikachu was a special kind of movie to me. I enjoyed it in a weird, nostalgic yet endearing feeling. Totally different from Endgame. I actually felt more emotional watching certain scenes in that one that I did in Endgame. And those credits...I grinned so stupidly. This movie had the love, passion and respect for the source material in every way. Just...seing my childhood in such a way brought me back to when i was watcjing the first season anime, playing Yellow and definitely getting into Gen 2. Legendary gets all my praise. I hope this makes lots of money. This really was the first video game movie adaption to so things justice. The exception to the rule for sure.


    ...God the Sonic movie is likely gonna piss nearlt all that good will away for the genre will it

    1. TCB


      Yeah the movie was pretty by the book and if you knew the plot via the game beforehand much of the impact is gone. Still, Ryme City felt so alive and is definitely the closest to "being" in the Pokemon world will ever be like. Also, a couple of times certain actors didn't feel all that natural. Talking like the secondary ones. The main trio if you will were good; Reynolds pretty much held them up lile glue though pretty well. God Ryan was so great.


      the climax that reveals, surprise, Mewtwo wasn't acrually evil just misunderstood, captured and then used a surrogate host for big bad. Like Mewtwo or any antagonistic Pokemon will ever be depelicted with actual villainous intent. I also popped for Pikachu dejectedly and depressingly singing the Pokemon Theme near the end. Speaking of...since I haven't played the game so the twist of Pikachu being the first "result" of bonding the souls of a human into a Pokemon's body being literally Ryan Reynolds as his dad I honestly didn't realize at first glance. What an actor allusion of sorts. Also...that did leave a plot hole in that...if that was the case how couldn't he recognize his own father's voice at first? Was being that distant from his dad and the emotional scars he left that bad or something? Its not like he was a baby when he left. Also while i still love this film, i wish he had more screentime for more Pokemon doing their thing. I can see why the humans were the focus with select Mons getting screentime though. Yo seeing Torterra no bigger if just a little bigger than the humans to like five or six of them the size of skyscrapers all forming a forest was a sight to behold good god

      Those are really nippicks more than anything Those credits....aaah my nostalgia exploded. From the shoutout to the original RGB opening to the characters being drawn in a similar Sumigori artstyle was charming as hell.

      ...but we couldn't get there at the very beginning so we missed out getring the promo tcg packs. Oh well. In all, yeah i enjoyed it more of this please

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