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  1. 1:58 to 2:01 

    I laughed so hard

    that was legitimately awful


    1. Milo


      I agree with the complaints about the interpolation ruining the majority of the animation/fight due to it constantly looking blurry (which causes the video to look compressed to hell and back and has artifacts swarming the screen).

      But the few spots of it working that people are saying looks uncanny and "too fluid"...I dunno, I think it actually looks really neat, at least from a technical standpoint? It actually gives the characters and visual effects the appearance of it actually being animated in 3D/CG, which is honestly a super phenomenal effect given it's actually 2D animation. It's like the inverse of  ASW's DBFZ and GG Xrd games; 3D games that have art and animation direction to look a few hairs shy of 2D animation.

    2. TCB


      There were certain. times the fluidity and models of the characters in motion did look right out of a video game. From that I thought "hey that doesn't look too bad". 

      But then there are others (like the timestamps I mentioned) that just looked absolutely awful.

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