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  1. Man I wish I knew what the Dreamcast was in its prime so I could've gotten one.

    1. Ferno


      By the time I even fully grasped what the Dreamcast even was, it was already 2000/2001 or so. Heck I didn't even know it was discontinued until around 2002-ish. Before that point I thought we were legit in an era where there were FOUR main consoles out at once between Nintendo, Sega, Sony and Microsoft.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET


      It would had saved me the trouble of having to get one second hand and tracking down Illbleed for not hundreds of dollars.

    3. TCB


      I knew of it around 2003/2004ish, from a combination SA2B weirdly enough and Sonic Central.

      I finally brought one in like 2015, with SA1 and Shenmue weeks before Shenmue 3 was a thing

    4. Strickerx5


      I didn't really notice it until I got heavily into this series back around the mid 2000s. Though, even then I never really grasped the significance of it (and some of Sega's other console outings) until a few good years after that.

      Honestly, digging deeper into this series is really what introduced me to the larger industry as a whole. Before that point it was really just Smash, Crash, Ape Escape, Kirby, and whatever my parents brought home for birthdays/ Christmas for me.

    5. Big Panda

      Big Panda

      I got it for Christmas the year it came out. Lucky me.

    6. Cayenne


      At the time, I used to drool over photos of Dreamcast games in magazines and videos on internet, but I already had a brand new N64 to take care and the price was too much for my family. I only bought mine in 2012.

      While I love the N64, I wish I could go back in time and try to ask my parents for a Dreamcast instead.The idea of playing games like PSO and Unreal Tournament online with your friends was amazing back in the day.

    7. Speederino


      My brother bought one when it was still pretty new. I remember waking up on the first day of the NEW MILLENNIUM (!!!!) and using the Dreamcast to test whether or not Y2K had actually happened. It had been out for barely four months at that point so...yeah.

      Now it sits in my closet, gathering dust waiting to be dragged out once every few years just cuz.

    8. Thigolf


      I didn't know Sega even made consoles until they were already a couple years out of business.

      I feel young.

    9. Ferno


      I think the first time I even tried out a Dreamcast was when I was at a cousin's house in the summer of 2001. He had a Dreamcast with a demo disc containing the likes of Sonic Adventure and Rayman 2. He also had the PC port of Sonic 3 which was my first real exposure to 2D Sonic before I even got my first Sonic game later on which was Sonic Advance 1- so I pretty much got exposed to 2D Sonic, 3D Sonic, and Rayman all in one day, it was wild

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