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  1. reminder that upcoming sonic movie could have looked somewhat like this 


    1. Jango


      OW, THAT LOOKS GOOD. I actually love Lupin the Third! I said this from the very start, the Sonic movie should've been animated because it's a CARTOON. But fucking Hollywood had to meddle and ruin everything. It's not gonna be good, no matter how much they change it.

    2. Supah Berry

      Supah Berry

      Would kinda wanted this to be get a big marketing scene when it comes to western regions like it's the new Astro Boy. Alas, even these filmmakers know every foreign product Hollywood touches is degraded from the original product, because any and all cartoons that can't secure a PG rating is DOA. 

    3. Milo


      Honestly, Marza dodged a bullet by not working on the Sonic movie. Even if you put aside that fugly gremlin design the producers chose; Marza would had been wasting their talents on that shelfwarmer script and direction they're shoehorning the Sonic license into.

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