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  1. Clarification on the Expansion Pass DLC for those confused 

    So it's just $30 straight up for your preferred version, you'll get both expansions as they come AND the 200 returning Pokemon can be sent to vanilla SwSh.


    Sold. You did good in my eyes Game Freak. 

    1. 8ther


      With the 200 old mons, how many would still be missing from Swsh?

    2. Blue Blood

      Blue Blood

      400/890 in the base game.

      600/890 in the DLC and updates, assuming that they're adding in exactly 200. 

      This doesn't count for alternate forms and regional variants. For example, currently in SwSh it's completely impossible to get Alolan Vulpix and Ninetales, even though their regular forms are available. I'm going to assume that all regional variants are going to be included provided you transfer them through Home.

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