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    Sonic(given), Drawing (extensive hobby of mine; hope to get into Multimedia Artistry or Animation), Reading (Often manga, Playing video games(although not as often). Oh yeah..I'm a thinker. It's something I just do; although partly because of my personality is quiet and (somewhat) shy.
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    1. Perkilator
    2. SupahBerry


      I'll at least consider sticking around. They might show us the part where governor of Galar Thanos snaps half all the Pokemon from existence at the end.

  1. ...Oooooooh so that's what you mean by another Sonic Extreme

    I never go on the main TSS front page so I just knew of it from scrolling my Twitter and saw a RT

  2. If the last couple of months told me anything, is that my enthusiasm for Sonic just isn't there as it used to be. None of the recent games really has hooked me, not even the positively-reviewed IDW comic couldn't get my fandom running in a different way, the whole movie thing. 


    1. JosepHenry


      Your enthusiasm for Sonic will return if THEIR enthusiasm for Sonic returns.

      Which... Who knows.

    2. Corviknight


      Same. I think I'm just done with Sonic in general.

      ...Though I think I'm forever a fan of AoStH Robotnik so that's something at least? *shrug*

    3. TCB


      @JosepHenry How apt. The brand just has no enthusiasm for itself right now. Why should I be invested if it seems that they aren't 

    4. JosepHenry


      @CorviknightListen, one thing that really ticks me is when people say "I am done with *****" when next game could actually be what they wanted. So is not accurate tbh, you may be done for now, but tomorrow could be another day. Or next year. Or next two years. lol

      @TCBExactly. Is a total crapshute if next game is what you have been asking for or not.

    5. Corviknight


      Ehhhh... At this point Sonic isn't for me anymore. I've outgrown it and have other things that I'm a fan of, stuff I'm actually proud of even. Even if the next game was actually good or something I wanted I don't think I'd care at this point.

      Yeah it seem hypocritical since I'm on a Sonic site but trust me at this point I'm here for everyone but him. That and I actually like using forums over other social media. *sigh* This is what happens when you become a personality on a site.

  3. Them remembering Twinsanity in CTR feels me with glee


    1. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      That game was so odd yet pretty fun, just needed a little more polish in some spots IMO.

  4. Is now a good time to jump into CTR online, preferably for the Switch

  5. Ah, this is the JoJo Golden Wind episode where

    Narancia dies. There's always that one death per season that reaches the emotional impact of the remaining cast, and by extension the viewer. This was it.

  6. Holy crap Hot Air Skyway in Nitro Fueled is so much more unforgiving now 

    1. KHCast


      I was surprised at how i was able to get through that level no problem, I was afraid it was gonna be another rainbow road situation, but I haven’t found it that bad personally 

  7. Something i noticed in Nitro Fueled that wasn't in the original, after you get get hit; after the last scene of animation you immediately accelerate. In the original you did a short hop before you gain any sort of acceleration. Anyone get what I mean?

  8. I love Nitro Fueled y'all. 

  9. I'm hoping to get a copy of CTR at the Wal-Mart in town right now :x

  10. Why u make me feel all nostalgic now @Indigo Rush I wanna listen to the past now 

  11. I take it since you can unlock the CTR boss racer by beating them in the Adventure mode, the Gen Cups unlock the CNK bosses? What about Fake Crash? Will he still be unlocked by winning the Purple Gem cup? Or will that be Velo?

    1. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      Spoiler alert!

      Gem cups unlock alternate colours for the CTR bosses, save the purple gem cup which keeps its role of unlocking Fake Crash. CNK bosses are at the Pit Stop.

    2. TCB


      Oh ok gotcha. I forgot about that Pit Shop thing.

  12. One more day.

  13. Hahaha Penta Penguin's mask guide in Nitro-Fueled Adventure Mode is Uka Uka. 
    Cheeky Beenox I see what you did there...

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