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  1. Oh my God I remember this...

    This ideas started last year...maaaaaaaan where has time gone. Thank you very much for including me in your project. Yeah you did say just Sonic characters but you included Kirby anyway too I'm flattered yeeeeah

    What a way to make your farewell too. 

    I'll still be seeing you here and there on Twitter though right

  2. Just announced and confirmed that the next mainline entry in the popular Yakuza/Ryu ga Gotoku series is aptly titled Yakuza 7: Whereabouts of Light and Darkness. Surely the folks over at SEGA West will shorten that title for us less intricate fans in due time. This game's protagonist (from Yakuza Online) is named Ichiban Kasuga.

    As for the gameplay...remember way back to April Fools Day this year where footage of said protagonist was in an JRPG setting and like none of us actually believed it was gonna be in a numbered entry to the series and just for Online? 

    Well that's the new gameplay style for 7. What madmen they are.

    Here's the teaser trailer (down below), official website is now up with info, and Twitter translations courtesy of Gematsu:

    Who hype? I'm hype. 

  3. So lemme get this straight: 

    Not only will this game have a soundtrack toggle option aka Reignited (assuming that's also CNK tracks getting the toggle too), but there will be a "Classic" adventure mode and a "NF" inspired one eith full car characterization and allowing you to choose who to race with before each race?


    More and more it's cementing my decision to make this my goty. 

  4. The absolute love put into these tracks is genuinely smiling emotion. They completely revamped Hot Air Skyway to make it look lile it's an actual town in the sky now. The returning CNK tracks just sweeten the deal even more. All 13 CNK tracks are in too it said? Man that means Out of Time and Hyper Spaceway is gonna have to be reworked hard if that's the case.

    AND Theyre bringing CNK characters? AND their BATTLE tracks? And NF itself will have a retro inspired track? I wonder if TTR will see representation too. I mean...other than like two characters (Pasadena and Von Clutch) I don't remember anything notable from that game they could bring back far as tracks are concerned.

  5. So I watched this video on the reveal earlier done by Gnoggin...and I think he may be onto something with what these games' "gimmick" may be. For that, let's take a look at the Japanese logos:


    Notice that red and blue pokeball like symbol? Now look at the previous two gen logos for their starting set of games:



    The symbols for Mega Evolution and Z-Crystals are in the exact same locations as the one in SWSH. As we all know those two mechanics were the defining gimmicks they were pushing and both played roles in their respective game plots. Also if you noticed in the trailer right before the player entered that Grass Gym a statue bearing that logo was shown. Plus it's on the jersey of player before he enters a stadium, which presumably what these new Gyms are. 

    That logo must be significant otherwise why would GF put it in the logo? Also I think the traditional concept of what we know as Gyms in previous games may not be the same for these. These look to me much more grandiose, with large crowds and stadium like atmosphere. That might actually play into being a new kind of battling mechanic altogether. Who knows.



  6. Goddamn this was a visual treat. This animation style just flowed everything so well when in motion. When Goku was warming himself up at his crack at Broly I knew something special was gonna go down. This looser, less detailed and not-as rigid art style worked wonders for this film far as fight scenes went. The CGI...yeah it was very noticeable at points but it didn't distract from the action any worse for wear. Also, this is a personal observation since I dropped watching Super after the Future Trunks arc but was aware here and there of what happened after...I actually liked how the transformations were handled here. Stakes were raised each time Broly powered up and the heroes did accordingly and not just like "oh man we gotta power up to beat him". More like...wow It feels...consistent? It was satisfying to actually see that 


    SSJB Gogeta just curbstomb LSS Broly the way he did after systematically overpowering/one-upping the others in sheer power on par with SSJ Gogeta. Nice to not see any fluff beyond SSJB here, least for me. God Gogeta was just a badass. Also when he went to use the God Kamehameha right before he was gonna be anniliated the pupils in Broly's eyes came back and it was full of fear and helpnessless was also poignant towards how I felt towards Broly the whole movie. Lile damn I kinda felt bad for the guy.

    Also yeah Broly's characterization is league's better than the psychopathic meathead he was previously. Wow, he made the guy actually sympathetic didn't know you had it in you Toriyama. 

    Apparently the screenplay for this is twice as long as the theatrical release. Maybe the home releases will expand/flesh out the first third of the film on Minus' inclusions.

  7. 11 minutes ago, Meta77 said:

    Hardest poke game will always be a tie between maybe black and white/ alpha sapphire

    ORAS being hard...in what galaxy? Those games held your hand more in some ways more than XY did. You can be ridiculously overleveled halfway though the main game for starters. The next mechanics of the EXP Share didn't help matters either. It could a challenge in a few areas but it was by no means a hard game by this series' standards.

  8. It feels good to have an actual surprise character that wasn't preemptively ruined by leaks or insider souces or whatever. I miss those kind of things in my hype phases for video games ya know?

    Piranha Plant is exactly that kind of deal, and I appreciate Sakurai for that. 

    As for everything else, I wasn't majority disappointed in Spirits itself, but it does suck we lost Trophies for it. It does appear to be a mishmash of Stickers and Event mode now huh. Imma wait for the execution myself to see how it fares toward my enjoyment of the actual smash battles I guess.

    All that time explaining it and I come out it as confused I was going in haha. The explanation behind how Online works was complete background noise to me. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, The Deleter said:

    Honestly this looks waaaay better than Nintendo's efforts with the NES and SNES minis, as a replica. It looks like it functions exactly the same as the original, without any dumb flaps or anything. And you can open the lid and change out a "disk"? Dunno if that means a physical disk or not, but either way the lid opening alone is


    PS1 was my first home game console, so I have a lot of fond memories with this era of Playstation. Hope the library is up to par, (that mech game looks all sorts of rad, actually) but otherwise I honestly can't wait to get my hands on this; legit excited to see how it turns out

    I think the Open button on this console doesn't open necessarily; in the video it says it changes the 'virtual disc'. The thing come with 20 pre-installed games, so I guess it takes you a menu and from there there's an option to change the game you're playing.

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