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  1. Up to first Vox zeppelin and core took no damage...that's good...then all of a sudden I took my eye off the shooters on the barge for a couple of seconds and the core's meter is nearly down. I have to start again; I swear I'm going to lose all my money by the end of this hahahagaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

    1. Jacky


      didn't realize this till after i beat the game, but from the skyrail you can jump on the zeppelins run like hell and destroy them from the inside quickly so ya don't have to endure the painful Songbird cooldown that happens when you use him on them.

    2. krazystitch


      ^I was not aware of this. That would have been so helpful.

    3. Badnik Zero

      Badnik Zero

      This fight was far from hard for me. Try different gear?

    4. TCB


      @Jackstraw: You know, I thought those skyrails would be a nusiance for that part , but I'll try them; anything to make this easier. I been using the RPG as well.

      @American Ristar: Might as well.

    1. Gregzilla



      *sees Harlem shake in title*

      *clicks back*

    2. goku262002


      One Piece Harlem Shake .

      ...........Did they actually fucking do this?!

    3. TCB


      @goku: I heard this was specfically for the Harlem Shake.

      I cannot unsee One Piece the same way again.

    4. goku262002



      Seriously cool for an anime company to go out and put resources toward that for a meme.

  2. Sonic Baconventure 3.

    1. Celestia


      If bacon can't save the franchise, nothing will.

    2. Lamor
    3. TCB
    4. Sixth-Rate Soma
    5. Nix


      Game of Forever

  3. I haven't done this yet/before, but here's the newest drawing I've done. http://fav.me/d60jroa

  4. I think about myself a lot lately, mostly about things I dislike about myself. Hm.

    1. Cyrus


      Welcome to the club, have some expired Ritz and goat cheese!

    2. TCB


      Well...damnit. Thanks, I guess.

  5. Anyone heard of ScottDevine on Twitter? Person of 'Sonic Lightningstorm' infamy? Well...he's tweeting to me now

    1. Badnik Mechanic
    2. Celestia
    3. buba


      Lie to him.

    4. Shrek


      Block him and lie to him.

    5. Lamor


      Is he one of these funny Sonic haters?

    6. MykonosFan


      mommy what is a sonic lightningstorm? is it a scary story? I want to sleep tonight ;-;

    7. Nepenthe


      People like him ruin the Internet.

    8. TCB


      Oh don't worry, I blocked him. Not after playing around with for a bit. But yeah I blocked his ass.

  6. Next week: new Pogeyman to be shown on Pokemon Smash = We got more XY news yay

  7. "That information cannot be disclosed at this time."

  8. So far...I love Bioshock Infinite; the scenery is amazing and the combat is addictive.

  9. Look like I won't be able to get that fabled Luigi's Mansion 2/Dark Moon tomorrow guys; apparently food shopping comes first~

    1. Abominal SnowTaz

      Abominal SnowTaz

      Eh...life right?

    2. TCB


      Yeah; I'm still getting Bioshock Infinite though~

    1. Bubbles


      "If you played nice, I wouldn't have to break all your toys" -Sonic, Sonic Unleashed

  10. I finally have the "Triangular Constellation - White Sun 2 & Black Moon 2" Pokemon BW2 doujin album~

  11. Okay, so instead of Mirror of Fate, I may get Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon tomorrow. Thoughts? Dreams? Aspirations? Hopes? Threats?

    1. Gregzilla


      I hear Mirror of Fate is kinda bad. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon is fantastic.

    2. Conando


      You darn well better get Dark Moon instead.

    3. Abominal SnowTaz

      Abominal SnowTaz

      Get dark moon. I have mirror of fate. It's short and too fucking easy.

    4. Ice Vec

      Ice Vec

      Get Luigi's Mirror

    5. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Mansions, gooooood.

    6. TCB


      Thanks guys, I made the right choice. Dark Moon it is.

  12. The number of people on SSMB right now at the time of this status equals the New Johto Pokedex number in HGSS.

  13. Hopefully getting a new PS3 controller, Bioshock Infinite for PS3 and Castlvevania LoS: Mirror of Fate or PMD Gates to Infinity tomorrow...Still on the fence for which one of the two 3DS games I should get though.

  14. I been a member since November 2011 and I haven't even reached 100 posts man I suck hahahaha

  15. Gaming club was today. Just sat and watched others play video games for a good hour. Then left. So much for improvement in being social today. :/

    1. Frogging101


      Socializing... meh.

    2. Tornado


      You should work your way up the ranks and take control of the club, then force what you want played.

    3. buba


      You went to a club just to watch some dudes play video games?

    4. Da Blu Hedgie

      Da Blu Hedgie

      @TheChaosBlue: I feel the same way for anime club, i've somewhat started to socialize and I'd go to my game club, but there is so much negativity from what I heard, and then since it's at my school everynoe's pissed they can't play halo 4, because you know guns.

    5. TCB



    6. Sly4Good


      I really wish my school had a gaming club. But then I remember my school doesn't care about it's students.

    7. TCB


      Tsmp: I joined one to help me with my 'social anxiety' in college, if that helps. To engage in conversation and play video games with them as well.

  16. ...Brrrm. I should be more open with you guys here.

    1. Frogging101


      If you want to then go ahead; We don't bite :)

    2. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      As long as you're not getting on others' cases, knock yourself out.

    3. TCB


      That's the thing Dr; I feel I may be only one post away from getting on someone's case about it.

    4. Frogging101


      If someone's been bothering you here then you should PM the staff about it. Publicly calling someone out will invariably stir up a lot of drama, even if that's not your intention. If it's a problem you're having with people here in general, there's a thread about "animosity" in Member Feedback; just don't name any names if you decide to post there. Again, I recommend talking to the staff :)

  17. Saw Life of Pi last night; one of my favorite movies ever.

    1. Nepenthe


      I need to buy the Blu-Ray.

    2. TCB


      I want to read the novel now.

  18. Anyone still use this site? http://media.sonicstadium.org/Music and Soundtracks/

  19. Now Playing: Tomoya Ohtani - Starlight Carnival - Act 2"

    1. goku262002



    2. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Oh, I thought that was just me.

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