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  1. Part of my childhood came back to me ;-; Makes me want to re-watch the first four seasons...
  2. I'm currently on the bus to college. Again. How are ya'll doin'?

    1. FromASloth


      Awesome, you're on your way! I'll be in your position in a month. :D

      I'm good, this wierd guy at the library is randomly telling me Jackie Robinson facts.

    2. TCB


      Good luck on your college adventures Sloth.

      And what

  3. Alright, I'm outta here. Having Popeyes tonight, gotta pack up my stuff, heading back to college tomorrow. Later

  4. Popeyes or KFC?

    1. Cyrus
    2. AlphaRuby



      I've never heard of Popeyes.

    3. super saiyan weegee

      super saiyan weegee

      KFC when I just want some chicken, Popeyes when I feel like something a bit spicy.

    4. spinny


      KFC hands down.

    5. Conquering Storm’s Servant

      Conquering Storm’s Servant

      It's chicken, I don't give a fuck...

  5. So that was Sonic Dash as we truly imagined it before we got this... Dat SS2/3-looking hedgehog
  6. Komodin, thank you my good sir. You made my day with that fake Sonic game XD

    1. Komodin


      You can also thank Sky the Destroyer for bringing it up on the Sonic Dash thread.

    2. Sky The Destroyer

      Sky The Destroyer

      And you can thank DOCTOR DOOM for bringing it up in the status updates.

    3. spinny


      And you can thank Super Spindash for pointing out the recycled characters.

    4. Klinsy


      And you can thank

      shenaniganza for posting it on Tumblr.

    5. super saiyan weegee

      super saiyan weegee

      And you can thank Haden for, uh...um...

      I'll get back to you on that.

    6. TCB



  7. Desert Ruins' music is tight. Except for the 'sweets' variant in the Wii U version.

    1. Komodin


      What's wrong with Dessert Ruins?

    2. Cyrus


      Those beats, though.

    3. TCB


      I can't get into the 'Candy/sweets' Desert Ruins level music like I can for the other versions.

  8. The tune for Ivory Lighting is ___

  9. Recommended RSS app/extension for Chrome?

    1. Komodin


      Google Reader?

  10. So an account is needed to sign by the looks of it... I want to sign this.
  11. Name up to ten members here and the Sonic game you think are most associate with.

    1. TCB



    2. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      Soniman: Sonic Heroes

      Nepenthe: Sonic Unleashed

      Spindash: Sonic 4

      Verte: Storybook games

      Element: Sonic Labyrinth

    3. FromASloth


      Nepenthe, Wraith, Enderwoman, Soniman, Knucklesgirl, Super Spindash, Chibi, Speederino. SONIC COLOURS YEAH

    4. spinny



    5. spinny


      Dwibs: Sonic Genesis

    6. Sixth-Rate Soma
    7. FromASloth


      oh you meant individually


  12. Only 24 hours until I will be at college again.

  13. Damn I am hung-ry.

    1. GreatAndPowerful


      Your avatar is strangely fitting for this status.


  15. Ok I'm back where's my burger

    1. Lamor
    2. FromASloth


      i made salmon i'm not making you a burger as well

    3. TCB


      You cheeky bastards

    4. DocAzure


      Oh I made a burger alright...A BURGER OF PAAAAIN!

    5. FromASloth
  16. I'll be seeing you all later.

  17. Deadly Six Edition is also confirmed for N.America....hype

  18. The official SEGA Blog confirmed it too for North America. Yup, there's a redeemable code when you pre-order this edition or 'while supllies last' (called the Deadly Six Bouns Edition for N.A.).The code can be used at anytime though. Hype Status: Extreme
  19. Have you Safety Dance today?

  20. Birthday the Happy

  21. What to eat. For breakfast. Man I wish I had a waffle iron.

    1. #AR


      Get one. It's one of the best things I've gotten.

  22. - What you mean by 'more original music'? Unleashed and Colors' (this especially) scores had pretty great and varied pieces of music that were very much 'original' (using your term) to make the games what it is just as previous game soundtracks have. They also had the types of music that you just described between them (Terminal Velocity, Asteroid Coaster, Starlight Carnival, Eggmanland, Empire City all say hi). I may not be as proficient in stating my opinion, but that was just too baffling for me to not comment on. -Based on what I've read around here, it sounds like one of your game-breakers.
  23. Well, what are you people up to now?

    1. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Doing what I always do: playing video games about purple dragons torching sheep.

    2. TCB


      The first installment, second, or third about purple dragons torching sheep?

    3. Lady Soniko

      Lady Soniko

      First is best.

    4. Dr. Crusher

      Dr. Crusher

      Well, if what I've squeed in the past is anything to go by, it's the second one that I gush endlessly about, but it's irrelevant anyways, since all three of them are brilliant games.

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