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  1. Holy crap. It's non-Boom Modern Sonic. And a tone that seems closer to something like Unleashed? And "join the resistance?" Oh wow. I think I'm low-key hyped. There's no reason for Classic to be there though, IMO. I'm a bigger fan of Modern as it is, but it's not because of my preferences. It's because Classic Sonic literally has no reason to be there. Everything else about it screams modern, and Classic already has its own 25th anniversary game. But I'll reserve judgment until we have more to go on than a teaser. ...I feel like I just went back in time to like 7-8 years ago. I'm not accustomed to being this optimistic for a Sonic game anymore. o.O
  2. OHHH MAN. I live less than an hour away from the location of this con. Holy shit. I need to pull this off. -obligatory comment about missing Crush 40's music being in Sonic games-
  3. Sonic and the Black Knight. Not just for how well written it was, but I actually genuinely enjoyed the gameplay itself. The sword fighting was addicting to me, I dunno. There's something satisfying about making combos into the 50-somethings, and the sound of the sword's impact getting higher and higher in pitch the more attacks you strung together. Plus I loved the setting, thought it was perfect, even if not as flashy and varied as its predecessor. I also really like the in-level dialogue, for some reason. Makes it feel like the level you're playing is actually significant to the sequence of events in the story, not just a 'point A to point B because it's a video game' kinda thing. This is also true of Secret Rings, Heroes, and probably some other games I'm forgetting about. I know some folks find it annoying but I like listening to characters talk.

  5. I don't think it came out of nowhere. There was the scene when Tails tried to fix Cubot, but instead almost got attacked by it. I'm not gonna dig for the scene again right now, but I remember Eggman saying something to the extent of "that wasn't a good idea" and Tails agreed. Then Sonic essentially scolded Tails for his own safety, leaving the fox feeling guilty and inadequate. Though it's not an overt "I'll leave it to Eggman," it's a subtle way of perfectly setting up what happens later. Having been admonished by both Eggman and Sonic, I can see why Tails would feel somewhat inferior, leading to his somewhat childish jealousy (and I say childish in a good way, because he IS a child), and a sense that Sonic doesn't trust him... especially considering Sonic, too, admonished him that previous scene. It was justified jealousy; the kid was hurt. I think it was a great way of showing some flaws of both Sonic and Tails. Tails is a kid and still needs the approval and trust of his best friend, and doesn't like Eggman getting some of the attention and credit that he usually gets. Meanwhile Sonic doubted his little bro a bit. It's tension we haven't really seen between them before, and very believable considering their close friendship, and I think it was set up as well as it needed to be. Edit: The suddenness caught me off guard at first too, admittedly - but more for the reason that I expected TAILS to be the peacekeeper, not Sonic. I thought it'd be Sonic and Eggman at each other's throats more than anything. But then once the cutscene progressed and we found out Tails felt that Sonic didn't trust him, it made so much more sense and really gave me some faith in the writers' decisions regarding that conflict.
  6. I did something like a mental facepalm when Sonic said Baldy McNosehair again... 'Really? Of all the references, THAT'S what you had to bring back?' But I had a laugh at it anyway and I love little bits of continuity that suggest other stories indeed happened. xD Sonic games need more of that. Gosh I love SLW though. I wore a Sonic t-shirt today and was listening to Sonic music on my mp3 and just being a total nerd.
  7. Love how much Tails is starting to take after his surrogate older brother. Makes sense really!
  8. This game. This fucking game. Yes. YES. This game epitomizes everything that I felt Colors left to be desired. (Not trying to rip on Colors, by the way - just pointing out how much I think the writers built up their talents from there.) The character interactions between Sonic and Tails, Sonic and Eggman, and even Tails and Eggman were fantastic. I'm too ridiculously hyped-up to actually say much right now, and I have SO much more to break down than just this, but; I really adored that cutscene when Orbot said he wanted to be Sonic's sidekick, and the reason why was essentially that he admires the hedgehog's determination and compassion for Tails. "Tails is lucky." Yes, Orbot, I'd agree that he is.
  9. I'm thrilled with SLW's writing so far. :'D

    1. Vertekins


      Oh praise be Sonic excellently and believably-written spectrum of emotions! I think we may have found a possible contender with SatBK Sonic!

    2. sonfan1984


      is it really that good?

    3. DC111


      Oh I don't know about THAT. But then, I haven't finished watching it all yet. I'm reserving judgment for now, heh. But there are so many scenes and interactions I adore. They are writing the trio of Sonic, Tails, and Eggman in about the best way I can imagine. Loving Sonic and Tails's interactions, as well as Sonic and Eggman's... and Tails's and Eggman's... uhh.. I can't complain. :D I also love how each character has had at least one flaw exploited.

    4. Vertekins


      SatBK tested Sonic's resolve and views and his unyielding nature as well as his determination.

      SLW excellently-depicts a plethora of emotional states out of Sonic that are not only believable for the scenario but are very much consistent with his established personality.

      Both games nail Sonic in different areas yet I'd say that they are fantastic at how they do so.

    5. sonfan1984


      this sounds too good to be true ;A;

    6. DC111


      Don't let us work it up too much for ya - I've had game stories be underwhelming because I let someone else get me too excited. Make your own judgments, but I gotta believe folks will like this. ;) It's only getting better the more I keep watching it and I'm absolutely thrilled.

    7. sonfan1984


      seeing how you guys are speaking highly of it and is thrilled with the writing so far is pretty surreal especially how yall felt towards the previous games

    8. DC111
  10. I didn't raise my hand.

  11. I'm caving and watching SLW cutscenes. Not gonna be able to get a Wii U anytime soon, and I can't wait that long. T_T

    1. Kiah


      I so feel you on that one. I don't blame you one bit.

    2. KHCast
    3. sonfan1984


      i have to wait 2 more weeks to play it. :(

      btw, are you watching them in English?

    4. DC111
    5. Ferno


      Still haven't caved yet. Still wondering if I should just wait and watch them on the 3DS version when I have it.

  12. Holy SHIT this topic is killing me and I'm trying so hard not to click the Spoilers. Is it good? (without spoiling?)
  13. welcome back :)

  14. I think that no matter how much people try to validate Eggman in one direction or the other, there's always going to be a reason why game Eggman isn't as 'bad' as Archie Eggman, and for that, another reason why he is. If you look at it objectively, and if you measure only by the acts they have committed or intended to commit, they really are about the same. You have fully intending to commit genocide on a city in SA; threatening to destroy the planet or at least a sizable chunk of it in SA2 (whether or not he actually would have done it is another story, but the threat was there, and the former point about SA makes me at least wonder if the intent was real); powering his machines with animals, which if you stop and think about it is pretty cruel; and then of course the wisps in Colors. So if you're measuring by deeds alone, they're both pretty damn evil villains whom Sonic and co. have good reason to fear. The difference is in the execution. Archie is blatant and open about Eggman's dark mind and injects extra drama and darkness into just about everything. Game Eggman's evil is more subtle, because Eggman himself only does the evil things he does as a means to an end, and most of his joy in doing this is because he's, well, enjoying it. And take 'enjoying it' at face value, here. He's not specifically enjoying the idea that people are getting hurt like Archie Eggman seems to. Unless it's Sonic lol but they do have the arch-nemesis thing going on here. I would call Archie Eggman flanderized. You have his other qualities, but they're largely overshadowed by the dramatized, forced quality of his evil and sadism. Game Eggman has some evil in him too - he's a villain, so he should - but it's balanced out with humor and a moral code, when he feels like having a moral code anyway, but the point is, he has one. I wouldn't mind Eggman being portrayed with a little less subtlety as far as his evil deeds (for example, maybe Colors could have given a heavier implication of Eggman's questionable treatment of the wisps - not ripping on it for not doing so, by the way, just using it as an example). But at the same time, no more so than his portrayal in the Adventures. It was believable considering the circumstances and his goals, and didn't come across as forced or grimdark, like Archie Eggman often does, even though Game Eggman did some pretty bad stuff too.
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