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  1. Flying Battery Reborn: The sixth zone is unlike the other zones they boarded on in this journey. It starts off as a desperate mission not to drop off onto the bottomless pits of the deadly skies of the late morning. Sonic and Tails then breach the indoors of the warship, where loads of Weapons of Mass Destruction are being made. Surely, he is planning for world domination...but it seems a lot more messy than before. Eggman is planning something, especially when he himself is not even on the ship. Act 1 is basically exploring the revamped warship on how he is making new weapons and new kinds of badniks and loads of eggprisons, filled with all kinds of goodies and enemies. Act 1 is basically 3 flying eggprisons, that have the Sonic 3 Launch Base act 1 sub boss pop off of.....but it is 3 of them at once. Defeat them, and then Act 2 is where things get interesting....Cause Amy Rose been following you on the sky and will randomly throw item boxes like shields and 1 ups from above the screen in the outdoor areas of act 2. Also, just like in the first Flying Battery in S3&K, the first "boss" of act 2 is the lazer trap, but it isn't Eggman at all controlling it. Its the mole rat badnik that is controlling the ship. He will shoot sideways and can put holes in the bottom of the screen, but once that "boss" is over, there are 2 branching ways to end the zone to 2 VERY DIFFERENT BOSSES. If you go the standard path, by not moving the earthquake in time, you fight the standard boss. If you move quick enough, you can reach the last door to catch Amy Rose with the Tornado to catch a ride to fight a boss in mid air.....that boss is none other than the souped-up Eggrobo with controlling the Egg Arms, slinging a spiked ball-and-chains like a whip in mid air, while dodging it on the Tornado. Defeat that, with opening the egg prison from above, and you will go to Zone 7B-The Sky High Zone. If You go through the regular way, you will fight the mole rat badnik in a similar boss battle to the Original Flying Battery in S3&K. Eggman himself doesn't show up in this zone at all. You will go to Zone 7A-Wacky Workbench
  2. For me, an expanded taste of Sonic 3's level order with day/night changes in every few zones. Its a 2D game. Like this, the game starts in the morning in a tropical area: Angel Beach Zone: Sonic and Tails are on the wings of the Tornado in the mid-morning with Amy Rose as the pilot. Sonic jumps off and transforms to Super Sonic in an undisclosed island. Suddenly a mysterious Egg Robo figure glows green, similar to the Master Emerald, knocks Sonic off his super form. He finds out that this figure is a lot more dangerous than Knuckles when he approached the Floating Island, is shaped like EggRobo with his lazer gun. He then takes the 7 emeralds, puts it in the gun, and fires it randomly in the sky in different areas on the island, then flies away. Sonic and Tails then goes to explore, knowing that Eggman isn't far away from this. Act 1: They are on the beach, and they are dodging robo crabs and piranhas fishes like Green Hill. Since it is morning, robo seagulls randomly drop bombs and wind currents sometimes blows water on Sonic and Tails; it is potentially dangerous if they have Lightning and Flame shields cause the waves will cause you to lose them. Special Stage giant rings are hidden in buried areas under the sand and a couple of underground places. Miniboss is a cobra-like badnik that digs in the sand and comes on top to breathe fire on you. Act 2: Sonic and Tails further explore the beach and they now encounter random spikes and even quicksand. It is even more dangerous with palm trees dropping bomb coconuts (Like Mecha Green Hill in "Sonic Chaos"). Further along the act, a flying warship starts to drop bombs and fire and lazers, being controlled by the glowing EggRobo . Sonic and Tails then fights Eggman's first of many inventions in the game, which is a giant groundhog that digs and pops right out the ground; the best way for Sonic to damage it is the face when it pops off, but this is a very easy boss. After freeing the egg prisons with the animal friends (Blue Flickies and all), the EggRobo AND Nat the Weasel, together, shoot the guns into the ground from an above ledge, making Sonic and Tails fall down underground to a hidden city filled with water. Water Temple Zone: 1 act underwater, second act controlling the water levels by switches, uncovering hidden water shields, extra lives, and plenty of ring boxes. Takes place in the Afternoon, but since its underwater, sunlight is hardly seen. Act 1 boss is a seal robot that just doesn't know how to behave. Destroy that to end act 1. Act 2 boss is Eggman again controlling a whale looking machine that attacks Sonic like Free Willy. lol. Roman Gardens: Takes places in Late Afternoon/ early evening. Act 1 is clear skies with the icecap mountains in the background, but the zone itself is a bunch of rundown areas of an ancient civilization. Plenty of areas to explore and extremely hilly with loads of Big Ring Special Stages, hidden routes, shields, ring boxes, and other good ies. Also a great place for Tails to assist you. Act 1 also has an attack on the flying warship, similar to Angel Beach, with it attack even more aggressively, with the act 1 boss being an ancient Roman statue with shooting arrows. Act 2, however, starts with the sun start to get lower in the sky. As Sonic progresses through act 2, the sky starts to change orange and the sun gets wider and more explosive as it sets in the background. The boss battle is Eggman who starts to attack Sonic on the ground, and after 3 hits, he takes off airborne. Sonic and Tails suddenly sees Amy with the Tornado, and they board it and chases Eggman through the sunset sky, dodging his rockets. Then after freeing the eggprison, night falls and they see Eggman going to the next area-a flashy nighttime outdoor studio/ Carnival. Party Night Zone: Tails assists Sonic off the Tornado that Amy is flying, then act 1 is a load of colors, filled with numerous nightlife activities, which many are crafted by Eggman. Tons of balloons, slot machines, gaming stations, prizes, and so on. Act 1 ends with the green glowing Eggrobo dropping off a box, that a robotic clown pops out of. The Clown looks like a creepy mixture of Eggman and The Joker as the act 1 boss. He breathes out deadly gas clouds and punching gloves, that you can deliver right back at him to damage him. Only 5 hits is needed to take him down. Act 2 is the same thing as Act 1, just a lot more hazardous with loads more traps. Act 2 boss is Eggman, with a bouncy ball, launches at Sonic and Tails and its controlled electronically. They key to destroying it is jumping through platforms to shut it down the machine to get a barrage of hits before it power itself back up again. Defeat it, and free the egg prison, and then the Master Emerald glowing Eggrobo with Nat the Weasel (flying with a rocket backpack), shoots a portal, launching Sonic and Tails way into the snow covered mountains. Ice Blizzard Peaks Zone: Sonic and Tails start off with a snowboard chase where they start to run away from the Massive snowball that gets bigger and bigger as it goes down the hill. Eventually it goes to an underground cavern hidden under it and quickly keep moving to prevent Sonic from freezing to death. Fire shields will protect you from that and it can melt a lot of hidden ice passages to numerous goodies. Also these dark ice covered caverns hidden under the peaks is dark, and a fire shield will play as a lantern to guide you, since act 1 takes place at night. The act ends with a snowman robot that is mad and throws a machine gun worth of snowballs at you. It will run out, and only 4 hits of the spin attack will defeat it. Act 2 starts outside with the sun rising, and despite being daylight, you still have to go through a mini blizzard that pushes you back and slows down the speeding. A Spin Dash will do the trick. Act 2 ends with the beginning of the boss fight, with Eggman back turned against Sonic and Tails. He is typing something about certain plans of.....and then he pushes the computer that has the plans away, to start fighting with the Eggmobile shooting icicles and floating the sky with a sword looking icicle that Sonic has to dodge. After the boss fight and free yet another egg prison....Eggman abruptly dashes off to the right, but Nat the Weasel appears with the jetpack again. He doesn't do anything, but he flies away. Suddenly, the warship from Angel Beach and Roman Gardens appears again and Sonic with Tails run to the right. The problem is, the area they are running to, is the edge of the peak and nothing but a long drop off the Peaks is closeby. Out of desperation, Sonic and Tails knew that they had to board that warship; so they jumped on the ledge and grabbed a piece of the ship, but they had no idea that the ship itself was a revamped zone they boarded a long time ago...on the screen it displays: WARNING! SONIC AS BREACHED THE FLYING BATTERY! WARNING! SONIC HAS BREACHED THE FLYING BATTERY! WARNING! WARNING!!!!
  3. I like when these stages come up as the sixth zone and beyond in most Sonic games. Its almost a taste of the upcoming finale.
  4. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  5. The Spin Dash should be a move that should be used for destroying powerful obstacles and powerful enemies. Also make it as fast as the boost so that it isn't 100% useless.
  6. I know its from Mario Kart, but Sonic would fit in with a Rainbow Road kind of level. With the levels of Donkey Kong Country 2 like inside a beehive, a swamp, under a well, and a skyward garden/ bush.
  7. More levels is what I say. But Sonic Team needs to add more vaired levels with tons of secrets and over a dozen powerups to keep the gameplay fresh.
  8. Donkey Kong Country 2 levels would work beautifully for Sonic. Like The Canyon level or that bramble bush in the sky or a deep jungle level.
  9. What I love about Sonic 2 is the gradual difficulty level. Sonic 1 went from east to hard in no time, but Sonic 2 guided you like a parent guided a child: went from easiest (Emerald Hill and Chemical Plant), to easier (ARZ and CNZ) to challenging (Hill top) to hard (MCZ and OOZ) to downright insane (Metropolis). That and the pacing of the levels. Sonic 1 ended rather abruptly, but Sonic 2 had a complete feel to the ending.
  10. Is it me, or I want to see Rob O the Hedge's Echidna son, Jon. That freaks me out that in the Archie Sonic Universe, a male hedgehog can have a biological son that is an echidna when his mother is an echidna. I used to think that what the gender/ species is, will be the same for the offspring.
  11. Yeah, I wish they could have pushed this massive crossover back to #251. Sonic needs to have a spectacular celebration issue. *Still wishes that Eggman roboticize half of Mobius in this storyline*
  12. Dang, on Sonic's #250th issue. Better have Mobius completely roboticized as the big shocker. Want to see character interactions as good as the Ducktales/ Darkwing Duck comic crossover.
  13. Another video game industry crash of 1984 is bound to come soon.
  14. to expand on that, Make the first 5 zones on the same order as Sonic 3, but in a slight variation. Like a tropical beach on the first zone, an underwater stage with a twist in the 2nd zone, an ancient ruins that is raining in the 3rd zone, a carnival in the sunset in the fourth zone, a snow weather w/ snowboarding at night at the 5th. When the 6th zone comes in, bring in even more surprises that expands on the Sonic franchise and add original elements in it. Like an entire zone (zone 6) that is similar to the Gumball bonus stage, but with gimmicks like shields not being in monitors, but in spheres in the sky. And the first zone to have 2 major bosses back to back at the end of act 2. And on the shield/ powerups portion, make a level up slelection. Like when you get a flame shield, that can protect you from weaker fire attacks. Get another one when you already have one, you get a level 2 flame shield, that grants you more powers such as to break stronger walls for hidden routes, melt ice and burn bushes for hidden powerups. Level 3 (maximum level) flame shield can grant you the ability to burn badniks simply by approaching them and the strongest flame fireball attack for Sonic. Same for lightning shield, and same for water as well as the wind shield. On the level selection, have a "branching" zone for alternative routes being taken and alternative bosses for that as well. Like for example, on Zone 15 (in E2) you can go to Zone 16a or Zone 16b. After you finish Zone 16a or b, you can go to Zone 17. Not too many branching zones, but a few for variety. Zone themselves, of course for the Sonic fans, should not have too many loops or springs, especially in the later levels. Need special level gimmicks to keep it different and exciting. I come back with a list of zones soon....
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