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    Oh yeah, there was that one other thing that this forum was about and I'm supposed to like in order to even be here in the first place... Sonic, if I'm not mistaken?
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  1. I might have a slight problem


  2. Since we are on about Disney parks I can't wait to wear this again. This time at Walt Disney World.



  3. I've gone off Overwatch now. Between them absolutely gutting Mercy, let alone the other tanks and support, and Jeff Kaplan's overall attitude recently.

  4. Might as well put Starfighter Assault from Battlefront 2 into a drip directly into my veins...

  5. Some risky flying from myself


  6. Well Blizzard have now ruined Mercy on Overwatch completely. Her ult is now essentially useless.

    And she no longer has any momentum in Guardian Angel.

    1. Strickerx5


      They're also fucking up Lucio with this PTR update too. Like... do they just not like healers or what?

      Though, the Lucio thing wasn't even noted in the patch notes so it may be a bug.

    2. Boomer


      Oh yeah I read about him no longer moving faster whilst wallriding. It's dumb.

      They just nerf the fuck out of tanks and healers because of DPS mains. God forbid they have to pick targets 

  7. People that play multiplayer games and don't do the objective always piss me off.

    Like I was just playing Battlefront 2015, no-one on my Rebels team were going to activate the points. We got about 2 Y-Wings all game. They probably thought you just shot the AT-AT without doing the objective....

  8. I quite like the new Mercy update

    @Ryannumber1gamer @Strickerx5


    Hate how moments like this are never PotG though. Yet I saw an enemy Mercy get it when she shot people who were in a Zarya ult...


    1. Polkadi


      Yeah, it's a pretty good rework.

    2. Strickerx5


      The game has always loved to rank damage done/ deaths over anything else.

      Anyways, nice play. I haven't played ow in a while (and I ain't dropping my ma(i)n Lucio) but the changes done to her do seem interesting. They seem to involve a lot more from the player and end up aiding the team as a whole better.

    3. Boomer


      Yeah the whole favouring damage thing can be a pain, instead of a pivotal play.

      Like without me there so many would have died, love that ult :lol:

    4. Ryannumber1Scarer


      It's been a pretty good buff yeah, as long as you don't act like an idiot and decided to constantly battle Mercy when using her ult. Her healing/power boost are so valuable that they should stay balanced with your weapon for picking off easy targets. 

    5. Boomer


      I barely ever use my pistol as it is. And it just seems like a waste of her ult.

  9. I went to the barbers today. Bit of a change.


  10. I just had a holy shit moment on Battlefield 1 - and I only just got the game


  11. There's disappointment and then there's that direct.

  12. Star Wars

    Can't say that this news excites me. TFA was very by the numbers and played it extremely safe. I can at least respect the prequels for trying something new.