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    Oh yeah, there was that one other thing that this forum was about and I'm supposed to like in order to even be here in the first place... Sonic, if I'm not mistaken?
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  1. Just bought Kingdom Hearts 3 digitally on my Xbox One X. It'll feel weird playing it on an Xbox but the 60fps performance mode will be worth it.

    About two and a half hours until it unlocks :D

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Not to be that guy, but the 60fps mode is present on both versions. Xbox One X will be slightly more consistent, but that's about it in terms of a difference. It's already been said by reviewers that both versions are stable with the high performance mode.

    2. Boomer


      Oh I understand it's in both. I'd just rather play it on the console that hits the frame rate more consistently no matter how much.

      Wouldn't be surprised if it was also native 4k vs checkerboard.

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