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  1. 48415392_1000477766806395_8073521790346854400_n.jpg?_nc_cat=108&_nc_ht=scontent-lhr3-1.xx&oh=2b8660f03f566b46d3b6196eea90b503&oe=5C961490

    • Mickey Mouse 90th Birthday Plush
    • Old Spice deodorant and aftershave kit. I make a joke every year about getting at least one set... 
    • The Twilight Zone on Blu-Ray. Been after getting the full show for ages now, so glad to finally have it.
    • Beard grooming kit
    • Some chocolates.
    • Two hats. Really happy with the NY Jets one especially.
    • A slim wallet with a money clip in.

    And finally my main present they couldn't wrap. It's a guaranteed meet and greet with Billy Dee Williams, Lando himself, in London next year!

  2. Not really liking the new suits. 


    I feel we have way too many armoured suits already. And I'll never use Manga Spider-Man due to it clashing so much, same reason I never used the Vintage costume in the main game.

    I'd want some like Bombastic Bag Man, Captain Universe, Spider-Man Unlimited, Ben Reily's proper Spider-Man suit, and yes the Raimi one.


  3. 8 minutes ago, Strickerx5 said:

    Putting this in spoilers simply so that I don't have to look at it when scrolling through stuff.

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    That fucker right there. To this day I have yet to actually sit through this episode. The way they animated him is just so... unsettling and that fucking voice... I just can't. Seeing that shit when I was like 4 definitely did some damage. It's probably why I still can't fully appreciate the show in general even now.

    Woo boy this. I used to wake up at night terrified that he was stood outside my window. It wasn't even his appearance or voice that terrified me, it was how he doesn't move from that spot at ALL in the episode. He just stands there watching, waiting...


  4. 2 hours ago, Tylinos said:

    My thoughts are the same as they were when 12 was being chosen: As long as they audition everybody and then pick the best person for the job regardless of their gender, I'm happy.  None of this "the Doctor should only be a man" or "we should specifically make the Doctor a woman this time".  If she's the best person for the job, then that's all I need.

    About that

  5. 2 hours ago, Joy said:

    I'm in a very similar boat, having only really played around half of Crash 1 and never touched 2 and 3.

    Definitely super excited to get cracking with this tomorrow, it's amazing how the games have transitioned into modern day! It'll be a morning of camping at the window, waiting for the or the Amazon truck to pull up tomorrow! :lol:

    I'm in the same boat as you, even with ordering it from Amazon! Can't really complain though as with some discount I managed to snag it for £23.

  6. So we've got a bunch more info due to Dennis, the game's design director, joining in on a stream

    • Droidekas may not be at launch, but Dennis wants them in the game.

    • Same amount of prequel content as sequel content. (No FAVOURITES)

    • Phase 1 Troopers are planet specific. Kamino = Phase 1

    • Boba still has flamethrower its his melee

    • Darth maul choke controllable.

    • Darth maul side steps instead of blocking.


    • Not all troopers die in one slash with a lightsaber

    • HEAVY units have 200hp, Darth Maul has 700 (shows how quick they die and how beneficial the regen is)

    • Different squad everytime you spawn, to promote squadplay.

    • Info on playing with friends is coming later on, they arent sure yet.



    • Skirmish info later on, but its a lot bigger than BF2015, but still not a mirror of multiplayer.

    • Skirmish being treated as a bridge from single player to multiplayer

    • Anti cheat is getting improved.

    • Rolling is actually good now and not abusable like the current game. No dodging and shooting while rolling

    • Hutt contract system coming back but its changed.

    • You can roll backwards, sideways and forward.

    • white hitmarkers for hits and red for kills

    • Cooldown system, you can cool down manually whenever like reloading,

    • if you completely overheat your gun, a bar appears, if you click in yellow it is instant cooldown, if you click in the green you get a quick period of no overheating, (SKILL)

    • Officer battle command increases heavy HP from 200 to 250

    • 3 star cards and 1 passive card, similar to a trait.

    • Default heavy 4th card is defender, recieve battle points for taking damage.



    • Standing still INCREASES ACCURACY NOW!

    • For the sake of the demo, the MTT always blows up the palace doors. It will be balanced at launch.

    • Dennis agrees to add WATCH THOSE WRIST ROCKETS audio line.

    • Dennis doesnt confirm wether or not all unique units (B2, Jumptrooper) have 2 abilities

    • Different classes have different health regen times.

    • Han Solo has a proximity bomb ability

    • Emotes confirmed for everyone

    • MANUAL ROLLING of starfighters

    • Sometimes in galactic assault, more than 2 heroes per side (not all the time)

    • BACTA BOMB NOT RETURNING, but something similar in its place.

    • if you crash into another ship, you both die, no more bullshit.

    • Galactic assault UNIQUE FOR EACH PLANET. Always attack/Defend, but unique objectives per planet. Expands on walker assault, Galactic assault on Hoth IS walker assault from the 1st game.

    • Heroes have set abilities, the customisation comes in the form of upgrades

    • you can still switch shoulders


  7. Yeah, I'm really not surprised that they didn't use the original Ripper Roo laugh. It came from 101 Dalmations which was released in 1956, which means it was already 40 years old when Crash originally came out.

    Plus the audio quality would be far lower than is expected now as they wouldn't have access to the original recording of the laugh due to, well, it not belonging to them.

  8. I thought so. I got placed 700 ranks less than my friend even though we are about the same skill wise. It's why I've given up on competitive altogether now. Far too stressful for not enough gain.

  9. Ok so since the game has now officially been announced we have a bunch of new information!

    Here's a list of confirmed features

    • A campaign that takes place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens
    • All eras are being represented. Including their respective armies. Some maps confirmed are Kamino, Endor, Theed, Tatooine, Hoth, Starkiller Base
    • Split-screen co-op on consoles
    • Classes are back.
    • Space battles are in. Including boarding capital ships.
    • Customisable heroes, including abilities
    • Ships are also customisable and come in different roles such as bombers, starfighters, transport.
    • There is no season pass. Rumour is they're going for a Titanfall 2 situation.

    So all in all pretty fantastic news. They seem to have taken everyone's complaints into account.


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