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  1. So how often does stuff like this happen?

    1. SkyLlama


      That's pretty random. Or at least in the little time I've been here.

    2. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      PRESIDENT CROW would said once in a blue moon but a Smurf mooned us soooooo....

    3. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      With Vamp, you mean? He's not *usually* this harsh, but he's always kinda had this disposition. He doesn't post in the statuses often, though.

    4. Komodin


      Not a lot, but still more often than it should be.

  2. Thoughts on Deadly Premonition? I've got it but I haven't been on it yet, I've heard both good and bad things about it.

    1. Sixth-Rate Soma

      Sixth-Rate Soma

      Go into it thinking "B-Movie Twin Peaks," and you're good. Also, the combat is terrible, but everything else is worth it.

  3. If a Left 4 Dead 3 did come out I'd prefer it to have an atmosphere like the first instead of the second's.
  4. Boomer

    Doctor Who

    I feel it would've been better if he had regenerated during the 50th instead of the Christmas special, it'd have been a way to go that's for sure. Anyway I hope he does well after the show.
  5. Anyone watch Classic Game Room? He's pretty much my go to reviewer even if he is hardly ever serious. He just says if a game is fun or not, that'll do me.

    1. Urban Flow

      Urban Flow

      yes! Mark is awesome and his humor is great.

    2. Boomer


      Aha yeah, he also has an amazing voice.

    3. Dropdash Waffle
  6. Boomer

    Doctor Who

    I've never really listened to any of the audio stories, I am thinking of getting the 50th anniversary one this year due to being a bit put off the TV special (due to it having no classic series Doctors.) And Christopher Eccleston was actually my first Doctor, I actually liked him and I wished he stuck around longer. Are there any audio stories that you'd recommend? They don't just have to be Colin Baker.
  7. Boomer

    Doctor Who

    Who would each of you class as your favourite Doctor? Mine would have to be the third due to his morality and how well he gets on with The Master (due to Jon Pertwee and Roger Delgado being friends.) Although I do also love Tom Baker and how his behaviour can change from being eccentric to sombre in an instant. My least favourite would have to be Colin Baker (although I believe it wasn't his fault, it was more John Nathan Turner's)
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  9. Well mine finally arrived The box it came in was battered though D: Ring number 2115 btw
  10. Allright it's official, I AM going to be the last one to get mine D:
  11. They said that it might be here by 7pm... I paid for Expedited ffs. Thanks btw
  12. I just rung up Amazon to ask if they could ring up the courier and ask where he is (I live 2 miles away from the depot) They got through to him and he hung up on them
  13. I'm jealous Mine still hasn't arrived after 5 hours nearly
  14. Don't get your hope's up mine's been in the van for 4 hours
  15. Well a white van just appeared outside my house, parked for a minute and then drove off..... STOP TEASING ME D:
  16. I just got another e-mail off them "Thank you for contacting us at Amazon.co.uk about your order status. I understand you have pre ordered the item in the month of September. I've checked your order details in our records and confirm your order is about to complete the shipping process. I've contacted our shipping department about the order status and understood the package is ready to ship out from our shipping department in short time. However I can assure there is no issues with the order and it is about to complete shipping process. You will receive the shipment confirmation email by early hours of 4 November 2011 or before that. I see you have selected Priority shipping method as shipping method and your order will be delivered by the end of the day of 4 November 2011." Hopefully it is here by the end of the day, going to my relative's on Saturday D:
  17. Yeah I've ordered from ShopTo before and had no problems with them. I only ordered from Amazon because it was on nowhere else at the time and I wanted to be sure that I'd actually get a copy
  18. Even if my game does arrive tomorrow, I'm afraid Amazon have lost another customer. Their customer service has been ridiculous (it's been conflicting stories left right and centre) I'm gonna order somewhere else in the future
  19. September 12th, I know it's not as soon as you guys but it was still close-ish. It just seems weird that it's been like that for so long :/ Hope you guys get your copies tomorrow
  20. Mine still says Dispatching Soon It's been like that for 17 hours or so now
  21. Mine has also changed to "Dispatching Soon" and it's due for the 4th (it's the 360 version btw)
  22. Yeah I paid for Expedited, sorry for forgetting to mention that.
  23. I just got of the phone to an "extremely nice" lady who at first told me that it would be dispatched on Friday. Then when I pointed out to her that that was the release date she had to check and then stated that they would be picked up by couriers from Amazon tomorrow for delivery on Friday morning, they've offered to ring on friday to check if it's got here.... here's hoping
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