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  1. Just got back from seeing Infinity War. Solid 7/10 but it was pretty forgettable imo. I found it to have a lot of pacing issues too.

  2. I ordered some clear joy cons for my Switch. Could have got them cheaper and done it myself but I'd fuck it up...


  3. n6sARyV.png

    1. Failinhearts


      I had a feeling Sam Raimi was trying to sneak back into the Spidey series somehow.

    2. Boomer


      I'd be ok with that...

  4. Honestly call me crazy but I'm more excited for this than I am for Homecoming 2. I found Homecoming pretty dull and disappointing and I wasn't a fan of any of the supporting cast, especially Ned.
  5. Ok, he looks cool


  6. RIP Verne Troyer

    1. Blue Wisp
    2. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      Wow, and he wasn't even 50.

  7. Thought you might like a figure I got today


  8. Ash vs Evil Dead has been cancelled. The one show I actively followed. But I'm not surprised as Starz is only available in the US and Puerto Rico...

    Kind've annoying that this only got 30 episodes in 3 seasons and yet shows like TWD are neverending...


    And boring


  9. Just watched TLJ for the first time since it was released.

    My opinions on it have changed. It's a solid 7 now, I still intensely dislike what they did with Luke, Holdo is still as annoying as tons more could have been saved if she just said how they HAD a plan at all and Canto Bight is a huge waste of time but eh overall I enjoyed it. And at least it was original unlike 7.

    That and Daisy Ridley's acting improved a lot too.

  10. I had my first set of driving lessons today. The instructor was cool and he said I did well. I stalled twice but I mean considering I'd never driven before...

    1. Kiah


      Remember that mistakes/errors are part of the learning process. And pretty much if you don’t have an accident or any kind then I’d say getting behind the wheel in each instance is a success. 

      Keep it up and I’m sure you will be on the roads with your license soon.

  11. I just watched Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness at the cinema. So much fun to do.

  12. Spyro sounds a lot like Tom Kenny here. I imagine they got him back.
  13. Here's hoping Gateway to Glimmer keeps its name in the UK. Never liked Ripto's Rage.

  14. I went to a 10th Anniversary Tower of Terror event at Disneyland Paris last night. I went as a Bellhop.


    You'd almost think I worked there...

  15. Nothing like being accused of hacking for doing good in a game :lol:

    1. Strickerx5


      Everyone when a card shows up at the end of the game saying I got the most eliminations as Lucio. XD

    2. Forte-Metallix


      Just respond with this:


    3. Boomer


      I just said something like if "If I was hacking I'd be doing even better."

      This was on Battlefront 2 in Heroes vs Villains. I was Luke and I was taking down people everywhere. Even when it was Vader and Kylo against me :lol:

  16. This looks amazing


  17. Finally finished building an alternate build of the Venator. It's much more accurate.


    And this is the normal set for comparison.


  18. This scene is still my favourite by far in any superhero film.


    1. Biggs


      whole film is a gem <3

    2. Boomer


      Mhmm, it has so much passion in it. It has so much creativity and the character development rocks.

    3. Misty Milo

      Misty Milo

      it's the best comic book movie because of the scene that one guy thinks spiderman stole that guy's pizzas

    4. Boomer


      "Woah Spider-Man stole that guy's pizzas!"

      Never forget.

  19. This panel was amazing, so glad people have posted some of it online


  20. This is still surreal to me



  21. I got a photo with my favourite actor.



    1. Dejimon11


      Wow you look like Bruce Campbell. Who's the guy on the left I dont know this actor 

    2. Boomer


      I wish I looked like Bruce... I would become batman

  22. This is definitely being framed. I couldn't fit in all in one photo!



  23. I am finally meeting my favourite actor tomorrow.

    bruce campbell kiss GIF

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