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  1. NCFC 2019 will be taking place October 30th - November 3rd. Each day will be packed full of activities, including interviews, streams, and contests. NCFC is an annual event showcasing Nintendo fan games, similar to SAGE. NCFC has been running since 2007. NCFC is primarily focused on Nintendo fan games such as Mario, Zelda, and Metriod. However, in recent years NCFC started accepting Sonic fan games, indie projects, and misc. projects. Due to the increased submissions of Sonic fan games, Sonic fan games have received their own category. Booth registrations are open for those interested in submitting their projects. There has been a lot of great fan games featured at the event in recent years, such as Super Mario Flashback, Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos, etc.
  2. This is the best Mario game to date. Easily surpasses Mario 64 and Galaxy. After the bland and mediocre 3D Land and 3D World titles, I was concerned. I hope they stick to this direction while continuing to evolve the style. This was a system seller for me. Might try to 100% the game
  3. Debating on getting this. I would need to buy it for console since my laptop won’t be able to run it. A little concerned about missing the extra content. However, I bought Mario Odyssey not long ago, so I don’t know if getting this would be redundant. Does this game hold up in its own right?
  4. These layouts are much better than the final layouts.
  5. Yooka-Laylee & the Possible Lair doesn't look very good.

  6. Cream, Espio, and Charmy would be enough to fill out the roster. Adding those characters as extras would remove the oddness of the current roster and fill it out.
  7. I know it's unlikely but it wasn't a short delay. They could add additional characters outside of the main story.
  8. I was surprised to see both Green Hill Zone and Windy Hill make it in.
  9. I really enjoyed this. I was hoping there was a new full-length cartoon with voice acting in the works but this is still great.
  10. I really hope they add more characters to the roster with the delay. It's one of the main criticisms.
  11. My interview with Johnny Gioeli has just been posted http://soahcity.com/2019/03/01/exclusive-interview-with-johnny-gioeli/

  12. Perhaps they will reveal fully 3D levels at a later date to give the game a push.
  13. A local game store by me is selling the Sonic 3D Blast LCD game new and sealed. Is it worth buying? Is it rare?

  14. Then why bother responding just to be ignorant. Smaller details such as hair and Nathan Drake's scarf lack the physics found in the original. There are also some missing shadows. It's not a big deal. However, I ran into a number of game breaking glitches in my playthrough. I don't know if these glitches were in the original or not. I just finished Uncharted 3 and overall, I'm really impressed. I think Naughty Dog topped themselves with each new installment in the franchise. I'm just disappointed they decided to end Nathan Drake's story. Debating on picking up Uncharted: The Lost Legacy next.
  15. This isn't true. They had access to the source code so they could've made improvements to the movement without remaking anything. However, I can understand them wanting to stay true to the original. I suppose I just don't think the original has aged well. The improvements they made to the graphics are minor. I'm currently playing Uncharted 3 and it looks almost as good as Uncharted 4. The improvement in graphics compared to Uncharted 2 is really impressive. I'm actually enjoying everything about Uncharted 3 much more than Uncharted 2. I honestly think it's really underrated. I feel like they should've delayed it, added a few more chapters, then released it as a PS4 launch title. Unfortunately, Uncharted 3 remastered is missing some graphical effects from the PS3 version. I guess Bluepoint dropped the ball when it came to remastering Uncharted 3.
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