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  1. Coming to Switch March 20, 2020. Edit: Had no idea a topic was already made. Feel free to delete this one.
  2. Yooka-Laylee & the Possible Lair doesn't look very good.

  3. Cream, Espio, and Charmy would be enough to fill out the roster. Adding those characters as extras would remove the oddness of the current roster and fill it out.
  4. I know it's unlikely but it wasn't a short delay. They could add additional characters outside of the main story.
  5. I was surprised to see both Green Hill Zone and Windy Hill make it in.
  6. I really enjoyed this. I was hoping there was a new full-length cartoon with voice acting in the works but this is still great.
  7. I really hope they add more characters to the roster with the delay. It's one of the main criticisms.
  8. My interview with Johnny Gioeli has just been posted http://soahcity.com/2019/03/01/exclusive-interview-with-johnny-gioeli/

  9. Perhaps they will reveal fully 3D levels at a later date to give the game a push.
  10. A local game store by me is selling the Sonic 3D Blast LCD game new and sealed. Is it worth buying? Is it rare?

  11. Then why bother responding just to be ignorant. Smaller details such as hair and Nathan Drake's scarf lack the physics found in the original. There are also some missing shadows. It's not a big deal. However, I ran into a number of game breaking glitches in my playthrough. I don't know if these glitches were in the original or not. I just finished Uncharted 3 and overall, I'm really impressed. I think Naughty Dog topped themselves with each new installment in the franchise. I'm just disappointed they decided to end Nathan Drake's story. Debating on picking up Uncharted: The Lost Legacy next.
  12. This isn't true. They had access to the source code so they could've made improvements to the movement without remaking anything. However, I can understand them wanting to stay true to the original. I suppose I just don't think the original has aged well. The improvements they made to the graphics are minor. I'm currently playing Uncharted 3 and it looks almost as good as Uncharted 4. The improvement in graphics compared to Uncharted 2 is really impressive. I'm actually enjoying everything about Uncharted 3 much more than Uncharted 2. I honestly think it's really underrated. I feel like they should've delayed it, added a few more chapters, then released it as a PS4 launch title. Unfortunately, Uncharted 3 remastered is missing some graphical effects from the PS3 version. I guess Bluepoint dropped the ball when it came to remastering Uncharted 3.
  13. Sorry for the bump. Didn't want to post a new topic for this. I recently played through Uncharted 4 and it was so good I had to go back and play the older titles in the franchise. I had a difficult time trying to find a new copy of this collection. I had been looking for several weeks and finally managed to get hold of a copy. I had briefly played Uncharted 2 for about 20 minutes many years ago and that's it. I also had Golden Abyss for the Vita back in 2012. I decided to skip the first Uncharted and just watch the cutscenes on Youtube. I'm currently at the end of Uncharted 2. I'm somewhat mixed on it. I can see it being impressive for its time but I don't think it holds up quite well today. Especially compared to Uncharted 4. The story is quite poorly paced and seems to jump from point to point with little reaction from the characters. There's hardly any realism to the story and it just seems a little too over the top. The first Uncharted had similar issues with its story. Uncharted 4 had an excellent story with believable tight writing, so this is quite disappointing. Gameplay wise, it's pretty enjoyable. It's just more of the same. I did run into some issues with the stealth mechanics being a little glitchy. The graphics look decent but haven't aged too well. This remaster could've had more effort put into preserving the graphics. New character models and lighting would have been nice. Improvements to movement would have been nice as well. Perhaps that's asking a little too much. I'm looking forward to playing Uncharted 3. I'm expecting it to be far more modernized and closer to the experience I had with Uncharted 4. I understand it won't be quite up there but still. I suppose I feel that the series has really hit a huge peak with Uncharted 4. I'm not the only one either, since Uncharted 4 has broken records and become the highest selling entry in the franchise. It's just a shame that the series is most likely over now. They wrapped up Nathan Drake's story in a way which showed they were finished with it. I suppose they could continue the series with another character but frankly I have no interest in playing as any other character. Nathan Drake is Uncharted, similar to how Lara Croft is Tomb Raider, or how Link is The Legend of Zelda, etc. The Nathan Drake Collection is bittersweet for me overall. I doubt Sony is finished with the series after its recent success but I guess we'll see.
  14. Does anyone still play Sonic Runners Adventure?

  15. I think I'm going to skip this new Sonic racing game. It looks like low-budget garbage. Especially compared to the first two.
    1. MegasonicZX


      I'm still going to pick it up because i'm starved for a kart racer I can possibly sink my teeth into but it's a darn shame that it's looking like I still don't have anything better than ASRT to play.

  16. I run http://soahcity.com/ which has been around since 1999. It's a Sonic music site. It was regularly updated from 2015-2017, however I have been finding it hard to find time to keep writing news articles. I'm currently on the lookout for new writers, so if anyone's interested send me a PM. There's http://sonicretro.org/ which has a ton of information on the Sonic series. It's regularly updated with news articles and other features. http://sonicresearch.org/community/index.php is another site which is pretty impressive.
  17. I can see the game being titled Sonic Racers, similar to Sonic Runners. It's generic but more streamlined than Sonic Racing or Super Sonic Racing.
  18. I don't like Sticks as a character. Her design is uninteresting and her character is one dimensional. "Sticks" is also a ridiculous name. The series is known for unusual names such as "Tails" and "Knuckles" but "Sticks" just comes off as lame in comparison. Might as well call another character "Chair" the Hedgehog or something.
  19. Character animations are often frozen as if they only have one frame. It's quite unusual. For example: the duo drift and falling animations. There's a few more. Can't tell if it's laziness or a deliberate style choice.
  20. As much as I love SSMB, I really miss the pre-IPS4 design. It felt like home. I'm considering remaking it in IPS4 and offering it for download for Chrome's CSS plugin for others who miss it.

  21. Had no idea you were still around. It has been a while. How have you been?

    1. Corviknight


      Yeah I can't seem to leave.

      But I've been fine. Just been trying to keep myself busy.

    2. Stritix


      @Crow the BOOLET

      I somewhat left for a while out of lack of interest. I'm mostly back now. Gone back to visiting daily. Feel free to add me if you want to talk sometime. My new Skype is officialstritix and my Discord is Stritix#2494

    3. Corviknight


      Alrighty. I'll keep that in mind. Its nice to see you again.

  22. Is there any way to play Sonic Runners on Android besides through a custom server (which isn't even up any more)?
  23. Good evening. Today I'd like to discuss Sonic Runners and its awful sequel. Information on Sonic Runners leaked at the end of December 2014 with the game being officially announced in February 2015 with a soft launch a few weeks later. Sonic Runners was seen as the best mobile Sonic game to date with a refreshing art style which cel-shaded the characters. Sonic Runners used stages from Sonic Lost World but made small changes to improve the aesthetics and colors which looked great. Gameplay was fun yet challenging with pretty good depth for a mobile title. Most of us weren't expecting Sonic Runners to be this good. Sonic Runners was finally released worldwide in June 2015. Unfortunately, a new version dubbed 2.0 was released which made a number of awful changes to the game. The huge sudden focus on pushing players to make in-app purchasing was greedy, unnecessary, and ultimately led the game to its demise. Sonic Runners constantly requiring an internet connection also made the game incredibly difficult to play. Sonic Runners servers eventually shut down in July 2016 after how badly the game had failed. Sonic Runners Adventure was announced in April 2017. Gameloft was announced to be the developer. Sonic Runners Adventure was soft launched in June 2017 and was released worldwide just a month ago. I expected Sonic Runners Adventure to be a refined version of Sonic Runners but it most certainly isn't. They fixed the biggest issues at least. They got rid of the in-app purchases by allowing players to buy characters and buddies with rings earned through gameplay. Sonic Runners Adventure isn't free to play but has been set at a fixed price for purchase. Sonic Runners Adventure is also completely offline with no need for an internet connection at all. Unfortunately, despite fixing the biggest issues a number of unnecessary and awful choices were made. Gameplay is much simpler than the first with a ton of gimmicks removed and even more automation. There are random 10-15 second scenes during gameplay which completely take control away from the player for what seems to be a flashy springs or rail scene. The amount of playable characters and buddies has been drastically reduced. Graphics also took a huge hit. The cel-shaded style is completely gone. They didn't bother to adjust the character models for this change either and they look quite off as a result. Stages are also incredibly drab and lifeless with limited colors, limited detail, and frankly atrocious backgrounds. Windy Hill and Sky Road have been replaced with Green Hill and Sky Sanctuary respectively, yet Desert Ruins and Lava Mountain remain. Baffling. Even the menus use limited colors and look quite ugly. The presentation of this game is horrific. Sonic Runners Adventure has a mix of Sonic Runners and Sonic Generations tracks. I cannot understand why they didn't just stick with Sonic Runners OST instead of doing an unusual mix of two games I feel like Sonic Runners is a huge missed opportunity for what could have been a hit mobile Sonic title possibly reaching the heights of Sonic Dash. The original Sonic Runners had all the right traits for a successful mobile title. Sonic Runners Adventure fixes the biggest issues but has made everything else much worse and ruined the appeal. I feel like they should have just made an offline version of the first either available to purchase with the rings system or free to play but with less greed. Frankly, I don't understand why any of these changes were made in Sonic Runners Adventure. Completely unnecessary. What's your thoughts on Sonic Runners and its sequel?
  24. Is Sonic Runners Adventure a bad game?

    1. Bobnik


      Nope unless you outright hated Runners. It's pretty much Runners, just without the roulette wheel (good) and only has limited amount of stages (not so good). Also characters look inferior compared to the original.

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