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  1. oh pleaseeee say more than one submission is allowed. Not sure if I should be proud of this one; it was 5 in the morning when I made it and promptly dropped off to sleep before remembering to upload it.
  2. Am I the only one that remembers this from the re-introducing badges thread? ohoho it's a shame i can't draw BUT THAT'S NEVER STOPPED ME BEFORE
  3. I sold everything and my soul to equip my spy and am finally satisfied with his loadout. You dashing rogue, you.
  4. The whole idea of the watches and numbered doors is eerily similar to 999's premise, and the music definitely sounds like something straight out of 999. THIS IS NOT A BAD THING; I LOVED 999 TOO MUCH FOR WORDS. NOW I WANT TO PLAY THIS GAME TOO.
  5. Hey guys, who's ready for singles' awareness day?

  6. iTunes used to have issues with colors, but as far as I can tell, they've fixed that. Also, if my nearby Mickey D's is anything to go by, toys often cost around a dollar each, so it shouldn't set you back too much. I don't think I've been to a McDonald's since they gave out the Pokemon toys last year, but I think can put up with a couple of crappy burgers if it means ponies.
  7. Up until the year before last, I wasn't "with the times", if you will. My phone was a hand-me-down dumbphone, as was the basic, early 2000s (also hand-me-down) laptop I had for school research. My parents swore that they would never pay more then they had to for the very basics ("cell phones were just for emergencies, not for games/music on the go", they said). Suddenly my parents went crazy (that's the only way I can explain it) and I ended up with two new laptops, as well as an iPod Touch 4 and an iPhone 4. yay redundancy
  8. Welp. http://www.equestria...py-overall.html This is the stuff that's been confirmed thus far, since a lot of rumors were being spread around based off of the vagueness of previous statements.
  9. I've got no chance of going to BroNYcon, but there's a small hope that I'll be able to make it to Everfree, which is up in Seattle. Thankfully, it's not absurdly far from California. Also, birthday pony swag part 2: the Pinkie Pie toy and... (lol pink celestia) But they're still ponies and I love them all the same.
  10. Because nothing in the franchise ever alienated me in the first place. Despite panning by the critics, I've enjoyed pretty much every modern Sonic game (although I can't say I've played '06). There's that sheer sense of speed that nothing else can capture quite like Sonic does - even if he is wielding a sword or a board as he goes. And it doesn't hurt that Sonic tracks are definitely up there in terms of video game music quality.
  11. I'm using iOS5 with Safari, and the mobile site (and the option to change to the full site) load OK for me. After switching to the full version, though, there was no option to change themes again, so I went to Safari and cleared the cache. (When sites have glitched up in the past, I find that clearing the cache does help a bit, so maybe that could help, Jeff?.) After clearing the cache, I ended up back at the mobile site. This is why I jailbroke and use UserAgentFaker, though. I turn that on and it thinks I'm browsing from a desktop, so I have instant, easy access to the full site. Turn that off and the sites read my phone as a mobile device. It means I can switch between themes relatively easily without having to clear the cache.
  12. So many different characters here! You know what this calls fooooooor~... A PARTY!

    1. GLaDOS
    2. Ruby Havoc

      Ruby Havoc

      But no singing. :/

    3. Tornado
    4. Phantomime


      I am not above merriment.

    5. ovarloard


      Ooooof course! We're gonna have the biggest party anypony in Equestria has ever seen!

    6. Rusty Spy

      Rusty Spy

      I'm afraid not.

    7. Meow


      Just don't invite Prof. Theo, because he is surely going to get kidnapped again.

    8. KHCast


      I'm so there! Just as long as no villains come.

    9. Smock


      Hobbes, hand me the Transmogrifier.

    10. Mick


      Are you serious? :P

    11. Phantomime


      Let's play: guess who I've come to the party as!

    12. Crow the BOOLET

      Crow the BOOLET

      I don't "party." I have my duties in the Dreaming.

    13. Chibinuva


      Ooh, I'll bring the party cannon! :D

  13. I'm just popping in here to say that I really, really love my friends. This was (one of) the few pony-related gifts I received for my birthday. I have some pony clothing and some other things, but this is my very first actual pony. As if I weren't already convinced that friendship really is magic.
  14. Forever tied to Zecora? If my birthday were one day earlier, I'd have been tied to Pinkie instead. Why couldn't you push me out a little earlier, Mom? :V (so when do I go about doing this? Today is my birthday after all)
  15. I noticed that if a wall of text is long enough, there's a point where the indentation will seem to be reduced (e.g. lines will start closer to the left side of the screen without any modifications of the text through the reply editor). I'm guessing that's because while the board can move individual lines of text around a bit, it won't move certain parts of the image and instead moves the entire thing. So while it's more easily seen with images, the problem applies to text too. Just an observation.
  16. In honor of Martin Luther King Day, I think I'll sleep all day so I can have a dream too

  17. First game I ever played, hm? Yeah, a GBA was my first system. I wasn't allowed to so much as look at video games for most of my childhood. All throughout elementary, I envied my friends, talking about their favorite Pokemon, what they would do in battles, and about the cards and the TV show. (My parents were also of the firm belief that Pokemon was violent and therefore would be a bad influence, and that TV did nothing but rot your brain. So we didn't have TV. We still don't have TV now, although I do have the Internet for that. But that's besides the point.) This was a gift from a family member who somehow didn't know of my parents' extreme prejudice towards video games, and it hurt. It pained me to think about the fact that I had a perfectly good LeafGreen cartridge rotting away with nothing to play it on. So I did the unthinkable. I decided to do something without my parents' approval. Shocker, I know. I had been saving up for a while (despite the fact that I received no allowance, I never had anything to spend any birthday or Christmas money on), so I managed to hop on my bike, ride down to the nearest Target, and get myself a GBA SP. Oh, my parents found out a while later, and there was hell to pay, but after finding me playing it multiple times after they had confiscated it and attempted to break it (holy shit that thing was sturdy), they gave up on enforcing their rule. I have no idea how or why, but I'm not complaining. Oh, memories. It was only after that that I managed to get through the game. Even if LeafGreen had turned out to be a shitty game, I would've enjoyed it just to embrace the historical moment that my parents actually let me play. But it was magical. It was my very first trip through a world of Pokemon, and while it wasn't quite like starting with Red and Blue, it was Kanto, and I did get to see why people had raved about the series. I never completed the Pokedex, as the trading/collecting-em-all aspect never really hooked me, but the battles were just about the most intense thing I could imagine. Pokemon, you saved my childhood. Thank you.
  18. SONICQUEST Did I mention that I was sorry? Incidentally, "Sonic the Hedgehog" has the same number of syllables as "Adrien Brody".
  19. how have I not seen

    before, my body was not ready
    1. Noir


      No matter how many times I watch it, my body has never been ready

    2. Jeffhog




    3. Ming Ming Hatsune

      Ming Ming Hatsune

      "My body is ready" reference has died now. D=

      ---and wtf is that?

  20. LET THE TOLERANCE FLOW THROUGH YOU LOVE AND TOLERATE EVERYPONY EVERYPONY IS BEST PONY, NO ONE PONY IS BETTER THAN ANY OTHER PONY Oh yeah, the reason for my post. Using Snatcher's screenshot from earlier in the thread...
  21. nononononononono I told myself that I was all done with those horror fanfics, but now that another title's been brought to my attention I don't think I can keep myself away from it. Oh well. If I happen to need cheering (huehuehuehue cheerilee, cheering, geddit) up afterwards, this image never fails to make me laugh.
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