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  1. Could it be? The producers of the Sonic movie, working on a product without understanding the source material?
  2. If the series's continuity was actually tightly-woven, had rock-solid links between each game - and, more importantly, if the power of the protagonists continued to scale upwards along with the power of the antagonists - then there might be a case for something like Solaris as the series's "upper limit". But none of those points are true. Sonic's strength lies in being a relative underdog, so even low-level threats are still as much of a threat to him as the various gods and demons the series should never have introduced in the first place.
  3. FFWF

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    There are two story mode Eggman images in the Famitsu batch, facing from opposite sides of the screen. I flipped one of them, compared it to the other, and I'm pretty sure the pose is absolutely identical. It seems unlikely that two screenshots on a model even with a default "breathing" animation (a.k.a. weirdly pulsating) would capture exactly the same frame, so I'm fairly confident they're still images. Somebody more technically proficient than me could probably prove it, though.
  4. FFWF

    Hollow Knight: Silksong

    There are fewer and fewer games these days which I can look at and know that I'll get it, without question - but this is one of them. I can't wait to understand nothing and get lost again.
  5. I've actually been running more comparisons between the reveal trailer and the original game map, and the tile placement really is literally 1:1, even down to weird floor decorations and the seams between the original screens. The dungeon screens have very obvious dark borders at the lateral edges, showing that the room proportions are the same even when it looks janky; I'm willing to bet that they're adapting the dungeons with a more stylised camera that does actually lock to the room you're in and obscures any rooms to the sides. (The only differences i've found are a couple of places where lines of two trees are now three trees; so I figure they must've stretched the proportions in some less obvious way.) It's actually really cool, almost like you're looking at the original game played with a free camera rather than the screen-locked one; and the wider screen actually means you can see between map cells which had no junctions in the original, like from the opening of the Mysterious Forest you can see the fishing pond in Mabe Village. It would've been so easy for them to skimp on it and make different map areas not really part of a single connected overworld, but it's all joined up! This is actually really helping to sell the game to me. I wonder how they're handling the world map. It's weird and archaic, but the tile-based world map, revealing itself one screen at a time, is a really important part of the game to me, as it does such a good job of displaying exactly how much of the island you've uncovered and where you've been. Being able to see your route plotted out, or observing that there are odd islands of untravelled territory which you've looped around... I hope it still does that.
  6. There was a period where Miyamoto repeatedly mentioned wanting to remake LttP using the 3D capabilities of the 3DS, and it's very obvious that they started making one but ended up turning it into ALBW instead - a game which is still indistinguishable from a LttP remake in quite a few areas. As far as I'm concerned, that remake's already happened. There was something completely unrelated to the graphics which I meant to bring up, though. So far the game looks like a very literal remake of LA, right down to the original tile placement - but there are a couple of things which I part-wonder and part-hope will be changed: Secret Seashells: Missable Content: Colour Dungeon: Cameos:
  7. FFWF

    Nintendo Direct Megathread

    Despite some disappointments, I actually thought this was a really good Direct overall. Messed up that my main takeaway is "more BoxBoy!", though.
  8. I'd actually be a lot less suspicious of the graphical style if this were a new game rather than a remake. I'm actually quite happy with Nintendo's more experimental tendencies with visual styles, but the toybox style they're going for here I think would fit more with something like Minish Cap, a game which I think never fully realised its gimmick's potential. Link's Awakening is more of a lonely, melancholy experience, and I'm not at all sure that the style here is going to capture that. As noted above, it looks like the spritework was interpreted literally, which was never the point; the beauty of abstract pixel renderings is that you can interpret them in any way you like, rather than the intention being for everyone to be seen as a bobblehead toy. Maybe I'll come around. I warmed up to A Link Between Worlds, too, despite never being happy with the fact that it made zero effort to disguise its origins as a LttP remake - though at least that did differentiate itself. (Incidentally, the "New Legend of Zelda" jabs against ALBW were on the mark; the game's Iwata Asks confirms that they genuinely considered calling it that.)
  9. FFWF

    Fire Emblem: Three Houses (July 26th, 2019)

    Fire Emblem is a franchise which I always want to like, and yet with every new game it seems to stray further from what I find appealing about it.
  10. Link's Awakening is one of the first games I owned, and without wishing to be sentimental, I think it holds a special place in my heart. I've always felt that the game's themes and story are inextricably linked to the abstract, washed-out visuals of the GameBoy Colour, and whenever the suggestion of remaking it has come up, I've never quite been able to suppress the qualm that maybe this is a game that shouldn't be remade, a game which is already more or less as perfect as it's ever going to be in the format of its original design. So it's with a bittersweet pang in my heart that I look upon the trailer for New Zelda: Link's Crafted World and finally understand that I was right all along.
  11. FFWF

    What's the beef with Cream the Rabbit?

    I'm aware it's not a Master Emerald thread, but they could probably handwave it by just saying that Tails helped Knuckles to install new traps and monitoring devices.
  12. Reads a bit like this is just TLSC back before he realised he could still gain access to his characters from the comic. He should've been making a non-Sonic reboot all along, and it turns out, he almost did.
  13. FFWF

    Team Sonic Racing - Upcoming Sonic Racing Game

    The music is easily the best-received part of the game so far (though I thought the new footage in the Making Of video actually managed to make the game look pretty good), so it makes sense that while Sega's stringing out the advertising over the delay then they'd emphasise that. If, for instance, it was concept art that everyone was going gaga for, I expect they'd have been dropping a lot more concept art instead. It seems as if the marketing might be kicking off again, with the Team Eggman reveal, the first of several promised Making Of The Music videos, and the JP site going up, so we might be on an upswing now.

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