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  1. Sun/Moon were a little bit laggy during battles with a lot of Pokemon present, yes, but I see no grounds for believing that US/UM will be significantly worse in that regard. I'd also put forward the possibility that the game might even have seen engine improvements by this point which will lead it to run better. Without proof, either is possible. Without proof, it's not worth inventing doomsday scenarios to damage 3DS games for being put on the 3DS.
  2. If Classic Sonic is no longer Modern Sonic's younger self but rather a parallel Sonic from another dimension, Generations cannot be canon to Forces and vice-versa.
  3. Looking back, I can see it. The illusion is strangely convincing; the aesthetic just fits. I think I want a zone like this now.
  4. Are loops truly just for spectacle, though? Arguably, they give you a momentum boost off the end, and teach you about using momentum to deal with slopes. I would also suggest, based off some of the Mania trailers, that perhaps they give an opportunity for the camera to catch up with an especially speedy player by essentially locking the player in place for a couple of seconds. If loops are, in fact, functional, I would suggest that 3D loops should be altered in structure in order to perform an analogous role in 3D; obviously, the camera issue would be irrelevant, for instance, and a different form of structure might be better at teaching players about momentum in 3D. ...Personally, though, I'd just stick little fences around the edges. And if people jump over them, so what? I don't think everyone or even most people would cut that corner, they'd go for the more interesting option.
  5. It seems they may correspond to the new FNAF book that's coming out shortly, I say, as a person who has never consumed any FNAF media whatsoever.
  6. It's a real shame that this episode's two amazing twists were things which everybody already knew about going in, but I'm not sure what they could feasibly have done about that. Publicity and promotion don't sit easily with secret-keeping. Edit: With that said, while I recall previously exhibiting doubt as to whether the villains of this episode would stand up to modern-day scrutiny whilst still using their old-school visuals... they really did! The transitional forms were all fantastically creepy, which helped to set up the real thing.
  7. Well, that came out of nowhere. ...But sure, why not. (Other than for lots of reasons.) It strikes me (with respect) as a ridiculous twist, but it takes the characters and does something with them that forces them to have a reaction and an emotional investment, and that's what I want out of this game's story.
  8. Honestly? I'd quite like to see another Storybook game. Not for the gameplay, but because they provide an opportunity to provide a story-rich multi-character narrative, and particularly an opportunity to do something fresh and different with the characters which wouldn't fit in standard canon. I've had this pretty detailed plotline in my head for a Greek mythology Storybook game for a few years now, one which works by exploiting the tension between the Sonic characters and the mythological figures they would represent.
  9. I think it's really interesting that Super Mario Odyssey does have literally SMB-styled segments, but they're just short little cutaways, equal in weight to any number of other smaller gimmicks in the game. It makes it look like a fun little homage rather than something they really need; you could remove them from the game and the game wouldn't suffer in any significant measure. If you remove Classic Sonic from Forces and Generations, though, they collapse. Too much weight is being put on something they can't do well, and that's before you ask whether they should be trying to do it at all.
  10. Because Classic Sonic doesn't play as accurately to the classics as in Mania, because what we've seen of his level design is seriously inadequate, because Modern Sonic and the Custom Character both have their own 2D segments, because the writers appear to have retconned him so that he's no longer even Sonic's past. All of these features are sufficient to tentatively ask, "What's the point?"
  11. I'm still standing by my lower estimate of eleven as a safe figure. I think more than that is possible, but not more than fifteen.
  12. This is kind of a problem with every single Pokemon game from maybe Gen III onwards, really. It's pretty absurd that we have all these gods of immense cultural and indeed scientific significance to their home region, and the protagonist is just allowed to capture them in a ball and dump them in the PC forever. It was comparatively fine back in the first two generations, when legendaries were simply rare rather than integral to the world's wellbeing... Although it's not really an Ultra Sun/Moon wish, perhaps in future generations they should go back to merely rare rather than worshipped Pokemon, or maybe emphasise remarkable individuals of a particular Pokemon species in the same way that we can project Diancie as a particularly incredible Carbink. I do think Poké Pelago is approaching a more charitable interpretation of the "what happens to your boxed Pokemon" problem, though. So, to bring this around to the main topic: For US/UM, they could beef up Poké Pelago in some way?
  13. That would imply that they'd remade more or less every zone. Incredible feat though that would be, such a game would really be too long.
  14. My own view is that the TV show, being not unsuccessful and not offensive, should gradually be reintegrated into main canon with the designs (and to an extent setting) gradually getting closer to the mainline Modern designs. I don't have to claim that brand division is "confusing" in order to believe that brand unity is a good thing. With that said, mainline canon appears to be splintering at present, making this united prospect even less realistic.
  15. I'd be very interested to see the original footage for that "sixty-forty" ratio remark; it strikes me as being a bit off-the-cuff and not to be taken literally.