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  1. That was such a bizarre reveal trailer to watch, and Sakurai seemed to agree. The whole thing looked like somebody's janky meme edit. Fair play to them for going all-in, though; for something so simple, the amount of effort looks (and, from what Sakurai said, sounds) quite phenomenal.
  2. Re: Digimon, I agree that Digivolution is a must, but I have a feeling that multicharacter is probably more than we can expect if we're in DLC fighter territory - which is a shame, as Galarian Trainer would easily be the best new Pokemon pick, if there is to be one. I don't think there's any single sufficiently compelling candidate from Sword/Shield; Cinderace and Urshifu, the most obvious choices, just aren't that exciting, and I say that as somebody with them on my team. The closest thing the games had to a breakout character was the female trainer. Maybe Sirfetch'd. I also Thumbs Upped for Isaac, though presumably it would have to be Felix - and no issues there, he's the real hero.
  3. I've no idea who it will be and don't even really have skin in the game - but it's always fun to watch the reveals, and then the fallout. Given how short the presentation is, I'm guessing this is a pure reveal, with Sakurai announcing the extended breakdown video for a later date. Actually, given the odd brevity of the format, I wonder if they're going to tell us it's releasing later than they would otherwise have liked.
  4. It's really quite amazing how revealing the project's true nature managed to just slam the brakes on the hype. The new graphics appear to be a product of the idea that 3D graphics are automatically superior to 2D; they aren't bad, exactly, but the main improvement appears to be the UI - and the rest is more of a step sideways at best.
  5. The iteration of N. Verted Mode involving spinning colour into a blank white environment reminds me a lot of a background plot element of Sonic Generations - that all the levels started out as blank white spaces, and colour was restored to them by Sonic's speed. It never made it to gameplay, but I wonder if it would be possible now. (Whether it would be playable is a different matter.)
  6. Consider this my own review of Curse Of The Moon 2, which is great; it deepens the careful, multi-layered level design of the original, your allies' abilities are confidently remixed, the bosses are absolute showstoppers - and the way the story weaves together different variations on your ally set-up in mimicry of the original game's choices really feels revelatory (with the Final Episode in particular almost functioning like a Metroidvania). I do feel that it's a more difficult game, though; the first four stages are fairly easy, but the second half of the game spikes hard and further loops increase all forms of difficulty, and the game starts to feel frankly punishing. (There is also one fairly unnecessary route split which I would not personally have included.) I relish the challenge, but sometimes it doesn't feel appropriate; there are some rooms and bosses which feel like they really need a particular character to be winnable, and while repeat attempts at bosses give them an HP handicap based on your prior performance, it's not enough, and if you do worse and lose another character then the boss's health might actually increase again! Boss HP handicaps really need to be cumulative - or perhaps not there at all. I also feel that the character Robert feels too limited in strength compared to the others; he's nerfed too much for his infinite-range attack, and his unique mobility moves are the least useful. But above all, I wish there was a difficulty option which let me just play without lives, but no other concessions; or a customisable difficulty. I never actually got a game over (save on one (delightful!) late-game genre change), but the threat of it was enough for me to play the hidden Zangetsu-only final boss in Casual, which I regret; but I just couldn't stomach the idea of starting over repeatedly. The fact that Zangetsu-only feels like such a daunting prospect is probably not helped by the fact that there is no canon solo Zangetsu route - which I would have liked, but it scarcely feels doable. Of course, there are some real CotM2 aces out there who snort in the face of such challenges, and who've just gotten an added super-hard difficulty mode update which I'm not going to touch; but still, just a little more flexibility in the difficulty would be enough for me, I think. But overall, an excellent retro-style game which I absolutely enjoyed, and would happily recommend to anyone on the lookout for a tough-but-mostly-fair Classicvania-like. I can't see exactly how they can top this game or go further, but a hypothetical Curse Of The Moon 3 would be an easy buy for me, just as this game was.
  7. Maybe so. I do think that the M&L remakes were probably Nintendo's idea to keep the 3DS going, but I do also think it probably had something to do with creating stopgap titles while AlphaDream tried to scale up to HD development. The failure of the BiS remake in particular probably didn't rebound on AlphaDream too badly - it will have been made on commission - but the asset recycling, maybe the need to do stopgap titles at all, does point to a company that's working under serious constraints... and lo and behold, they went bankrupt. A real shame... but if I'm honest, I don't think they ever quite managed to make anything that lived up to Superstar Saga. People talk a big game about Bowser's Inside Story, but that's 95% nostalgia and 5% a great final boss, the rest is honestly just a mess which I think they probably rushed. In any case, broadly in agreement with the case that Paper Mario should really drop all pretence of being an RPG at this point. Call a spade a spade, it's an adventure game. I remember thinking when I played Sticker Star that it seemed better-suited to being an Action RPG...
  8. While I sympathise, this interview doesn't actually appear to mention 64 and TTYD at all. The oldest reference point given is Super Paper Mario, which I recall being discussed in I think the Iwata Asks for Sticker Star as a game which Japanese Club Nintendo fans rated poorly for its story. The shift occurred there. Still, I do hope that one of these days the voices of old-school Paper Mario fans will secure remakes or at least remasters of the earlier games in order to test the waters with a serious sales comparison (I understand that the newer games have vastly outsold the classic titles - but they were a long time ago). Conversely, I do raise my eyebrows slightly at Tanabe's discussion of what kinds of original characters they're allowed to make, since Origami King does feature traditional Mario characters with non-standard designs or unique characterisation. The Mario & Luigi remakes didn't crack down on the old original designs and characters, either (with a handful of exceptions which are almost certainly related to asset recycling more than mandates). Frankly, I think part of the sense of staleness comes from the way mainline Mario seems to have considerable freedom to experiment, but very little of that ever seems to show up in the "stock", if you like, of what the spin-offs are allowed to touch. So there's something odd going on which I'm not sure is actually what's being openly admitted; it's almost like a Classic versus Modern Sonic thing. A curious business. I've played basically none of the Paper Mario games (except Sticker Star, which really was a waste of time), but from my point of view it looks like the new game nails everything I'm interested in except combat. Unfortunately, that's the bread-and-butter of the gameplay loop...
  9. Yep, I was right to lower my expectations. Admittedly I was still expecting a franchise I might actually have heard of.
  10. Looks pretty early - apparently development only just got started - but I'm interested to see what they do with the new playable character, and how they incorporate swordplay and parrying into the series. Honestly, I felt that Luminous Avenger iX was a massive let-down, soulless and by-the-numbers and almost explicitly made just to have a Gunvolt game on the market whilst they were figuring out what to do for GV3, so I'm hoping the main series will see a return to their usual form.
  11. Out of the blue, a sequel just got announced! No, not for the main game, but for the retro spin-off, Curse Of The Moon! Put me down as surprisingly hyped for this. Curse Of The Moon the first was excellent and transcended its nostalgic roots, and I am very much looking forward to playing a further iteration with new levels, mostly new bosses, and new allies including A DOG IN A MECH SUIT.
  12. On the one hand, Evening Star and the Mania team more widely are in no way obliged to make another Sonic game or even to want to, and if they would prefer to go and do their own thing then I can only support that. On the other hand, it is completely plausible to me that Sega aren't interested in pursuing their success with Mania. I have absolutely no trust in them at all to know a good thing when they see it, the company's management of the Sonic brand is beyond incompetent. I seem to recall it was this sort of situation with Sumo Digital after Racing Transformed - excellent product, willing team, and Sega mishandled them all the way and dropped them afterwards (until it was too late).
  13. Golden Sun ruined all other RPG dungeons for me. They're so interactive and puzzly.
  14. They do seem to be struggling to come up with content which wasn't already in the original reveal trailer. Today's update is almost entirely made up of expanded details for things we already know about; which, okay, very welcome, but there's not really anything fresh to grab us - and a lot of it only applies to the subsequent Crown Tundra in any case, not even the upcoming Isle of Armor! Still, it beats that one extra trailer they stuck at the end of a Direct which I don't recall revealing even a single new detail whatsoever.
  15. La-Mulana 2 (Switch) - I like puzzles; and, for my sins, I like video game, exploration, dungeon puzzles. So naturally I was aware of La-Mulana; but also, necessarily, of its reputation. Eventually, I saw an LP of that game, and as much as I enjoyed it, some of the puzzles there seemed deeply dubious. But La-Mulana 2, on the other hand, was reputed to be fairer; and, if true, it would be right up my alley. I decided to give it a shot. And let me say, no regrets! It's been too long since I've played a properly explorey Metroidvania, with so many options for where to go at all times, so many secrets. Tricky platforming, challenging multi-option combat that didn't go on too long - these alone would have won me over. But nobody can talk about La-Mulana without mentioning the puzzles, and I was determined to tackle them right - even keeping an Excel file in which I recorded my own annotated maps, and a Word file transcribing just about every single tablet and line of dialogue. And the result paid off! The game has a good mix of trivial per-room puzzles and high-level puzzles requiring synthesising information from across a dizzying variety of locations; and by and large, they're all legitimate, fair to the player who's paying attention. There are still a few wrinkles, though; a few things I looked up, because I wasn't sure if I was missing something or if the game wasn't telling me something - and there were instances of the latter (some I suspect of being down to questionable localisation - but what a hard game to localise at all, though!). But overall, I'm really happy to have played this and to have given it my all. Here's hopefully to the Hell-plus bonus dungeon arriving one day, and to any future efforts along these lines!
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