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  1. Smart move. The writing is already on the wall for Forces's sales, so bundling it up with something else might net them a few more purchases from people who were otherwise iffy.
  2. It's exactly what they did with Rise Of Lyric, isn't it? Gutted it with a last-minute change of platform, couldn't be bothered to give it the development time it needed, held back review copies, and threw it to the dogs.
  3. I honestly think it could work, with an actually careful attitude to the game's physics and a genuine passion for creating individualised worlds rich with the kind of secret nooks and crannies as the classics had. In fact, I actually pitched a very similar idea in a Forces thread somewhere before the game came out, so it's hard for me not to be on-side. I was thinking that the collectibles could be something more like Chaos Emerald Shards; seven zones, collect enough shards to draw Eggman's attention and activate a boss fight, if you get all the shards and restore each zone's Chaos Emerald then you unlock a true ending. But there are lots of approaches which could work. This idea is arguably the culmination of the more explorative and playful style of games like S3&K or Mania, brought perfectly into 3D. Instead of adventuring towards a single goal, you're adventuring in every direction. The linear direction of Sonic's speedy movement style is no longer problematised in 3D because of this; rather than every direction other than forwards being redundant, forwards is now everywhere. The best part is, other playable characters wouldn't be broken in this model. Tails's flight and Knuckles's climbing and gliding aren't easy shortcuts to the goal when your actual objective is more simply to explore; they just become what they originally were, alternative means of getting around certain challenges.
  4. Two Separate Worlds in the Sonic games

    I hate the moronic two-worlds idea. It's a blatant retcon and a limp cop-out to avoid having to do any actual world-building or set even the slightest feature of Sonic's world in stone, and the only redeeming feature it could possibly have is that they will never actually put it in the games as that would make it harder for them to then change their minds again for the next idiotic whim which floats across their brains. Two worlds is no more canon to me than Classic and Modern being separate timelines.
  5. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    Yes, this struck me as well. Omelette is right out, there's basically zero chance of it happening for business and copyright reasons alone - and that's before you even consider Sonic Team's opinion of what it would imply about the canon; she would have to turn out to be a robot or something. The most I'd hope for is another inverted Eggman boss just as a nod to the concept.
  6. That's actually very interesting information. Rivals independently conceiving of an Eggman descendant and Iizuka realising that Nega could be slotted into this role would explain the apparent retcon in the character's backstory in a stroke. Does anyone else know anything about this reported concept art?
  7. Added to which, Silver has always been from the future and Blaze has never been from the future. Point me to a line in '06 which states that she was born and raised in the future. I am quite sure there isn't one. She's just there, you can explain her any way you like, but there is nothing to prove that she didn't just hop over from the Rush dimension. With Knuckles I think the complaints are more legitimate - but less fundamental. You can handwave any number of explanations for why he isn't sticking to the Master Emerald like glue - Chaos is guarding it while Knuckles is away, or "Tails helped me install some new sensors and traps!" Should they put those explanations on-screen? Absolutely. But it's not hard to invent them yourself. The Classic Sonic thing is dumb and easy to ignore, which is exactly what I'm doing.
  8. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    I could live with the franchise having returning levels just a little more commonly, at not more than one or two at an extreme per game - but they would have to really sell us on a convincing need for the area to be returned to. A new gameplay idea which ties perfectly into that zone, or some plot idea from which an old zone is completely inextricable. It shouldn't just be for fanservice, no matter how much fun that would be.
  9. I don't see anything complicated about Silver's continued existence. It's standard fiction logic for the same characters to be around in a given historical period regardless of what changes are made to the timeline. Certainly there's nothing in '06 to imply that Silver's entire existence would have been destroyed by altering history, and it seems to be rather missing the point to make any appeal to genealogical probability when the series doesn't care about anyone's parents. So Silver still exists, and by the magic of historical parallels, the guy just keeps on getting caught up in stories where he has to travel back in time, but he's probably having all sorts of unseen adventures in the future as well. It would be good if they actually foregrounded an explanation of this - but you know, the Forces prequel comic in which he appeared (and Aaron's related Tumblr tags) kind of does. The guy has access to time-travel somehow, doesn't really matter how as you can invent any number of ways, and he makes a point of returning to the past any time there's a crisis too big for the people of that time to handle alone. It's pretty common in stories for former time-travellers to be sensitive of changes to the timeline, including alterations that would be caused only by their own presence in the past, so that's his signal to show up. Standard timecop cartoon logic, nothing difficult about it. You don't need to know anything about Rivals to infer any of this.
  10. Sonic Mania: Sequel Speculation (Spoilers)

    There'll probably never be a better time to introduce the Hooligans as actual characters in a mainline Sonic game than in a Mania sequel, and I'd honestly be all aboard assigning them the game's quirky miniboss squad role. They could make good foils for our protagonists, villainous animals who serve as both doubles and callbacks to Knuckles's role in S3&K (and of course Fang's spin-off appearances). In that regard, though, if the number of playable characters climbs to four, we may need a new Hooligan. Perhaps controversial, but I think pre-Modern Rouge would be an interesting choice.
  11. Why does Shadow have All Hail Shadow still.

    Added to which, although the game's story rewrote itself, numerous elements of its storyline continued to exist. Soleanna still exists, Elise still exists; all the non-villainous characters in the story still exist. Shadow still exists, and in a position and state of mind where it's perfectly appropriate for him to still be assigned this particular piece of music.
  12. There's a great deal about Forces which needs overhauling in a serious way, but the one thing I don't think I've seen suggested yet is the following: The whole plotline of Sonic's capture and subsequent rescue feels like a finale. Instead, it's just the beginning, and nothing which follows really ever convincingly feels like it has the same stakes. So I would shift that whole plot arc to the end and use it to lead directly into the final level. Like maybe the Death Egg was effectively guarding the Empire Fortress, threatening to blast down with overwhelming force any Resistance invasion.
  13. Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

    Oh, that's fantastic! I guess the sources I was looking at hadn't updated yet; I assumed people would be quicker off the mark in establishing this. I've done some digging around since, and everyone's been kicking this rumour back and forth for days, bickering over whether it was true or not; it sounds like Crabominable got promoted too, but it's still not clear if you can get Glaceon any earlier. Well, well, even though I'm sure it's a small thing to some, to me it actually shows that GameFreak are paying genuine attention to detail.
  14. What Happened to all the humans?

    Basically, Sonic Team made a mistake. Or several mistakes, really. The Classic series was set in a world rife with animals and naturalistic environments, and even in the few odd cities there was no sign of humanity - just Eggman. So in the face of Eggman then the existence of humans was guaranteed, but we never saw them, and the promotional art focussed on animals, too. (Someone once compared Eggman to an alien invader, which is an interesting comparison.) However, come Adventure and the series of games through to Unleashed, Sonic Team's aesthetic flipped completely - they put their focus on humans in a human-based world with numerous comparatively realistic cities instead, and outside of Sonic and his friends, animals were essentially nowhere to be seen; Adventure 2 in particular rooted its whole backstory in human drama. This created a number of fundamental conflicts. Because Sonic Team had changed tack so suddenly and completely, it seemed strange that there were so few humans in the Classic games, and that there were so few animals in the Modern games. Rather than handwave this away as coincidence or quirks of the particular locations in which each games were set, or even take steps to develop an integrated world where animals and humans lived either alongside each other or just in different parts of the world, Sonic Team decided that the "human world" and the "animal world," rather than mere design concepts, should instead be literal. They wrote into their series bible, to explain the contrast, that there were literally two worlds connected by a portal (and that detail confirms that the two worlds aren't just metaphorical, I'm afraid) - so as canon stands, you can never have a game where civilian humans and animal people can mix freely. ...Unless they retcon this stupid detail someday - which they probably will, as there is essentially nothing in the games whatsoever to confirm it. It's a background detail which Sonic Team probably actively do not want to set in stone in the games, as that would limit their ability to present the setting however they like. It's possible that we as fans take the idea too seriously; we aren't meant to even know about the series bible, let alone what's in it.
  15. Pokemon Sun/Moon PLUS ULTRA (Alola Region Games)

    Disappointingly, my understanding is that they haven't amended one of my biggest but easiest to fix complaints, which is how long you have to wait to evolve Vikavolt and Crabominable (and related magnetic/icy Pokemon).