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  1. I don't think you'll have to worry about that. The details we've heard about what is almost certainly the Green Hill Zone boss make it sound quite different - a "giant walking contraption" in a boss room with "handy undulations" in the floor - and while the miniboss is clearly referencing the original boss, the execution has evolved considerably. So it's quite possible for reimagined zones that they're reworking the original boss concepts into new minibosses, while the new bosses have license to do something even more radical.
  2. I think Marble Garden Zone and Sky Sanctuary were the only zones where Knuckles had a completely different boss entirely - both arguably by necessity as the story more or less ruled out the originals. There are a number of other interesting differences between Knuckles's story and the Sonic & Tails route, but I suspect it's not really relevant to dwell on them here. I have a feeling that Mania will probably smooth it out a little - with either less, or possibly more variation between characters in boss battles. But that's also because I'm expecting all three characters to have essentially the same story, just with different routes created by their particular abilities.
  3. I outlined my thoughts on how I'd have approached them farther up the page (was Lost World really over three years ago?), but the short version is: They need more context, and they need to be even more exaggerated. Otherwise, they're just generic stereotypes out of nowhere. On balance, though, I hope they don't return. In fact, I'm sure they won't.
  4. After a couple of months, I've finally wrapped up Shin Megami Tensei IV: Apocalypse. It's a curious expansion-reworking of the original, riding more or less roughshod over the major plot points of IV standard to tell a story that's very different - and, despite taking place in exactly the same setting, it even feels like a different place, with a much less brutal edge as humans have started to take back control. I think I preferred the sheer hostility of the setting as it was presented in the original IV - but I enjoyed the less... prosaic plot of IV Apocalypse, too, and the supremely ambitious scope it reached by the end. Even if that end had to be walled behind an hours-long final dungeon of apparently deliberately poor design... As with the original, I'm at least happy with the ending I got, at least. Such a shame that I had to have that nasty philosophical disagreement with my allies and everyone who ever believed in me, though - but, well, they're not complaining any more... Next up: I halted my playthrough of Dragon Quest VII 3D midway through to play SMTIVA, so it's back to that. And I still have DQVIII3D waiting in the wings, too... So many RPGs, so little time...
  5. Quite frankly, I don't think the characters should have ages at all; it's difficult to say that they're relevant, and certainly not relateable.
  6. I really enjoyed Resident Evil: Revelations back in the early days of the 3DS; I'd be more than happy to play something like that on the Switch (and am still rather bitter that the platform with the highest Revelations sales never got the sequel).
  7. The joke was that you mistook Shadow for Sonic...
  8. A bit of teasing or flirting is probably about as far as the games should go. Enough to provide that little bit of depth without actually having to spend much time on it, which I suspect a lot of Sonic fans would have little patience for.
  9. Probably Doctor Zachary from the Fleetway comic, though I don't know that he'd fit particularly well into the present Eggman-only villain structure. All the intrigue of echidna backstory with the tragedy of the only other echidna being a villain... and also without there being millions of them or having Ken Penders's hands anywhere near it. I think he'd make a good secondary villain in a story sometime. Other than that... Nack the Weasel? (Come on, he's more or less a comic-source character by n ow.) I think he'd make a good foil to Rouge - a thief with no heart of gold whatsoever. Somebody Eggman could hire to get some piece of dirty work done while Sonic's distracted.
  10. Approaching the games with a platformer mentality would be fine if people only understood that one of their platforming tools in a Sonic game is speed. Perhaps this is why we've subsequently seen so much in the way of speed boosters and automation? People won't play the game the way they're supposed to, so the game has to be played for them... Of course, there has to be a better way of doing this; a way of showing people how to play the game without just giving it to them. I'm not a fan of the idea of forced tutorials or tutorial levels or on-screen button prompts in a - well, in a classic-style Sonic game, at least, though in a modern game it's a different story; with that said, if it were in the start-screen demo reel I'd see no harm in it. But if we're looking to teach players the benefits of rolling in a classic-style game, it seems to me that a few of those tunnels you occasionally see in levels could be employed to great effect; force players to roll to go in, have it send them flying down a slope, let them see how much faster they're going than they did if they ran down the last slope they came across? Of course, this also requires that the players be able to trust the level designers - to not throw them straight into a pit, or spikes, or a spiked badnik, say. And players have not always been given reasons to trust. I never recall having difficulty understanding the principles of rolling in the classic games myself, but I have sometimes found that the games can transition from a speed section to a treacherous platforming section without an appropriate signal, and one can become overcautious in that environment...
  11. I just think that the way Knuckles has been written since S3&K has consistently betrayed his first appearance. I find myself a lot more intrigued by Knuckles as a trickster who knows his entire island home and all its secrets like the back of his hand, who's neither knowledgeable nor apparently all that interested in the world beyond his island, who has a duty he's single-mindedly committed to despite having nobody to live up to and never having even had to defend his island from anyone before - all features you can infer from S3&K, even if the writers never thought about it that deeply themselves - than I'm intrigued by a Knuckles who is just Sonic's idiot sidekick. I've never really recognised him as the same character from Adventure onwards; what they've had to do to keep him relevant seems to have taken him pretty far from his origins, and in a way that looks less like character development and more like character ignorance. Tangential meme or otherwise, the whole "I don't chuckle" business, when Knuckles chuckled in literally his first appearance in the series, to me exemplifies this abandonment of his original characterisation. We're getting into serious spin-off comic territory here, but S3&K from Knuckles's point of view sounds to me like an interesting story (and in that light perhaps it's a shame that that's not what the Knuckles story is). I think it's easy to project a version of S3&K where Knuckles isn't dumb as rocks. Call Knuckles gullible for believing Eggman's line if you like, but how much did Eggman actually lie to him? Say, for instance, Eggman tells him that he just wants to get his giant flying contraption off the island - which is true; that the trouble which is coming to his island is this mischievous hedgehog who always gives Eggman a hard time and who's the reason that that flying machine has crashed on the island in the first place - which is true; Eggman tells him that Sonic has his sacred Chaos Emeralds - which is true; that all of Eggman's robots and machines are just there to get rid of Sonic - which is (mostly) true. Sure, if you don't take it as gameplay and story segregation, Knuckles maybe had to overlook a lot that Eggman did, but who's to say the story didn't wear thin as events progressed? That's not any reason to trust Sonic, either. Now, there's character development for you - after S3&K, Knuckles could've gotten less gullible and more cynical instead, distrusting rather than trusting by default. There were possibilities for evolution there that could've been used dramatically. I guess what I'm saying here is that Knuckles was retconned hard, and I'd be very tempted to just retcon him right back. ...Now hold on while I check why we were talking about Knuckles again. Oh yeah, American vs. Japanese writers, who knows the franchise best, that sort of thing. My position in that regard is that the best writers are always the ones who are going to be able to work closest with the developers, and that's definitely going to be internal stff writers rather than outsourced writers living in a different country. You'll never be able to integrate the story into the game very well like that, and it's precisely why the cutscenes in Colours, Generations, and Lost World feel inconsequential to the actual gameplay, just "dropped in." I've definitely felt that there's been something different about the story for the last few years, and the difference is that the story doesn't feel like it needs to be there - no, doesn't even feel like it belongs there.
  12. The KKM was almost certainly referring to Doctor Who, but I find that a little strange. Doctor Who invents new characters on an almost weekly basis, new enemies and allies, and has always made a policy of revisiting the most popular ones. (Even the main cast is refreshed every couple of years.) Doctor Who actually strikes me as a pretty decent analogy for Archie Sonic right now. If it was suddenly required to use only a set list of characters and to never change or add to them except when a separate canon authority arbitrarily decided to, it would be a completely different show and I'm not sure how it could continue to tell fresh and original stories without the ability to expand the cast or develop the characters.
  13. If it's from "white" and "rolling," and it's an Alolan Vulpix, then surely the only answer is "Snowball."
  14. I actually never knew that you could rev up the spindash with multiple presses of A until I heard it mentioned on this forum sometime in the past few months; I've never played the classics with that in mind. I'm not sure how you're meant to learn this; do the manuals mention it? The standard down + A combination produces the right visual effect and speed, so there was never any reason to assume that there was more to it.
  15. There's been discussion about how they might approach time travel in the CD levels. My own inkling is that, while it's possible that they'll reimplement the full time-travel gimmick as it was in CD for just those zones, I still think it's unlikely. Actually, the S3K format of acts flowing directly into each other and with no third act exclusively for the boss means that they'd have to tweak the CD formula anyway, to force you back into the present for Act 2 and force you into the future for the boss encounter. So I think something more like the Mushroom Hill approach seems likely, whether as sudden shifts or even as a gradual organic transition across the course of both acts. If there were two CD zones, actually, they could even approach time travel differently for each of them. For that matter I wouldn't be wholly surprised if the proposed Final Fever boss gimmick ended up being used somewhere. No matter what zones they pick from Sonic 3, I'm sure it will add to the debate around that game and its music. It'll be very interesting to see what they do.