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  1. Oh believe me, I'm sure there are plenty of people who want her to come back and I do too! It depends who's doing the soundtrack. If it's Richard Jacques, then maybe.
  2. oh yeah I completely forgot haha okay well how about something like that then. That'd be neato.
  3. How would people feel about a potential Adventure mode similar to Diddy Kong Racing/Crash Team Racing? Kind of eases off the sting of this being Sonic only doesn't it?
  4. That all seems good to me dunno if they'd have both Gamma and Omega though. One robot's enough.
  5. yeh I wouldn't worry too much. Let's just hope they only add the good SEGA characters in. such as: Toejam & Earl VectorMan That guy from Comix Zone whose name escapes me Danica Patrick
  6. Sonic R 2...? SONIC ARTOO BAYBEEE
  7. yes sonic heroes that's the big game that we all wanted a remake of. not adventure or anything (you know, the one that's guaranteed to make a boat load of money). yeah it makes perfect sense for SEGA to remake heroes.
  8. I don't know why I do this Everytime the phrase "the next Sonic" rears its head, I get a strange feeling of hype. Even after Forces left me so antipathetic, I'm still here like "what if this is the game where sonic team finally get it right??!!". Gotta keep my expectations in check this time. It's probably just movie news or Mania DLC, not a new Sonic Team game. Even if it does end up being a new Sonic Team, they'll have to do a lot to impress me. Basically, I've set my bar of expectations so low that this is gonna have to be Sonic Team if they wanna win me over:
  9. The Possibility of Sonic Adventure HD

    If they do decide to remake Adventure 1 & 2, I'll give the biggest eye-roll ever. They probably would considering how creatively bankrupt Sonic Team seem to be. Please no. Why don't we learn from what worked and what didn't work and use this to create a fresh new experience? Something that stands up on its own two feet and doesn't come across as the most blatant form of nostalgia pandering. That'd be good.
  10. The State of Sonic Team

    I agree here, I don't think it's right to call for someone to genuinely get fired. People love to point fingers to a specific person, but really it's a mix of all sorts of things. I think the bigger problem here is that Sonic Team just aren't given enough creative freedom that they deserve. Maybe the current Sonic Team are capable of making a good Sonic game? They just need the training.
  11. The State of Sonic Team

    So I came upon this thread on ResetEra titled "Anyone feel as though the past few 3D Sonic games have lost their soul?". Within this thread I saw a post by a user called 'Nintex' who basically goes to state that the reason Sonic Team have lost their mojo is due to the simple fact that most of the talent that worked on Unleashed and Generations have simply just moved on to greener pastures: I'm just left feeling really disheartened by this. How does everyone else feel about this information? Do you think the current Sonic Team still have it in them to make a good game, or is the Sonic Team we knew from Unleashed-Generations kind of dead in the ground?
  12. I guess if Shadow is destroying all of those Eggmans robots then he's probably not really on Eggman's side. He's either working as an undercover cop, or it's mind control (although, mind control is kind of a boring way to handle it).
  13. See, I wouldn't say this is a bad thing at all. Personally I prefer the Lost World aesthetic; it just has more charm than Generations' style, which just looks kind of sterile now. It's not straight up Lost World style, but I think they're going for a mix between both and I think it looks pretty good. It's just a shame to see people look at a simpler art style and mark it down as being technically inferior. That's not the case at all...😔 The lighting engine does suck though. Real bad downgrade from Unleashed's. Was really hoping that Project 2017 would've been the one that surpassed it.
  14. Tails' role in Forces.

    I feel as though a lot of people are forgetting that Tails is just a kid. He's probably scared, especially considering that Sonic (who is basically like his older brother) has been defeated by Infinite.
  15. Tails' role in Forces.

    Tails got trolled

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