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  1. I'm guessing this is just something meant to exist as a sort of "Gaiden" between game adventures. Overall it will exist in its own space, and outside of maybe cameos the show will not have much impact on the direction of the games. But it still takes place in a continuity concurrent with the games ala IDW.
  2. Hell, you want a distinctly Japanese example of targeting their own cultural problems? Look at Golden Kamuy. A series that has a heavy focus on the mistreatment of the indigenous Japanese population and features prominent minority character as its secondary protagonist. Diversity takes many forms, and to say Japan doesn't care about that is just revolving the world around yourself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Kamuy So don't be surprised and blame, "Western SJWs" for having more diversity appear in anime. If anything, it just means they're addressing the issues as they come, but aren't blind to them.
  3. Beat the Ancient Cistern. Shit still slaps man. After all these years and everything about that dungeon (except the tablets that give away puzzles) slaps. Koloktos is still one of my favorite Zelda bosses. May not be difficult, but its such a satisfying fight.
  4. To add more to your point. The important thing to also note is "what" is the more pressing form of diversity for a culture to tackle that western focused cultures may not notice. For Japan, a very important issue is on the depicition of Chinese and Korean people in their works because of still very recent bad blood regarding cultural mistreatment and racism. So for an anime, having characters who are positive portrayals Chinese or Korean has a direct impact on the communities there, though the message may be lost on us in the Western hemisphere. Think of how Min Min was introduced in Smash Bros. The fact they chose her over Twintelle may be disappointing for some people in America, but for Chinese immigrants in Japan, it has its own huge impact. So just because you may not recognize attempts at diversity, doesn't mean they aren't happening. Nothing is in a vacuum.
  5. Of course they did. They've always deserved better. Between employee mistreatment back in the Universal days to this going on now. Of course they've always deserved better.
  6. I have no problem with Rogue these days. The idea of some mild fanservice and big boobs don't bug me as long as they don't literally take over everything about the character. While those are things about the character people will focus on, (and there's always the fan art) there's plenty more about Rouge as a character to engage with. And I don't think some cleavage is an immoral thing. I will say I did have a bit of an issue with it in the early 2000s when Rouge was basically our second female game character and her design was focused around those big boobs. But as time has gone on and more and more female characters of various designs continue to get introduced, Rouge stands out less as this blatant pandering element and more of just another character with her tastes. As for her being in Prime? I don't think she'll play any major role in the series, but I also wouldn't doubt she'd get redesigned with another outfit. I don't think they'd shrink her breasts though, since they are on a streaming service, and the rules of what you can get away with on those design wise are loose and confusing. Take the new Animaniacs for instance. Despite Hello Nurse being removed from the series, it hasn't stopped a variety of "sexy" design from still making an appearance.
  7. Frankly, I'm pretty happy with how the Sonic franchise has handled diversity as of recent. And SEGA has really surprised me especially recently with their LGBTQ+ friendly company policies. Of all companies that handle diversity, I'm definitely not pessimistic about more coming along the way. Like, there's plenty more that can be done with representation in their games and such, but I guess the difference between how I usually am with these companies and how I feel on SEGA is that I'm not pessimistic that they'll keep making good strides and be open for improvement.
  8. The way I see it, its a mix of bad writing and forced bragging. Diversity is never forced, but there are times when certain media does the bare minimum (or less) and then the marketing department pats themselves on the back, turning that diversity into a marketing stunt. (Looking at you Disney movies.)
  9. I am so confused where this topic has gone. Is this about diversity in Sonic or just venting about modern cartoons?
  10. On the anthro side, I'm game for more LGBTQ rep. I think the series as a whole has had a pretty diverse cast of females that has been evolving well over time so I'm happy there. Nothing has to be forced, and I'd say nothing has been forced.
  11. Well, comparing these to previous plushies, there's nothing in particular that's out of the ordinary. They are very tailored to the movie designs, like how Knuckles has a full mouth instead of a side mouth like Sonic. And comparing that Knuckles to the example I had, it seems like they reused the same gloves. So that does give some credence to them being real, or a very specific hoax.
  12. I have been playing purely motion all the way up to Lanaryu. It's honestly been a blast. Though to mitigate the pressure on my wrist, I just go at my whole arm. But since the joycon are so light compared to the Wiimote, it doesn't feel like such a pain to use my whole arm. I've become accustomed to just resetting gyro subconciously before using an item, so I have not minded that. I also really have been enjoying the sword combat. Figuring out the regular bokoblins makes slaying them just so smooth. But the thing I've enjoyed the most coming back to SS? It's been this overworld, and the way it all feels like just one long dungeon. I never feel like I'm doing nothing, because it's just one puzzle to the next back to back. I really do love it. But because of the small size of these areas, I've had a hell of a time just exploring, I don't even dowse. It's just easier for me to run around and find these things naturally. Still though, gotta see how it goes on.
  13. So, just beat Skyview Temple. I remember this whole part taking longer when I played back '11. I gotta say, coming back to motion controls, I'm surprised how much I love them. If only my Joycon weren't such hot messes, but I guess I'll just send them off to Nintendo for repair and do Eldin with button controls. It'll be an interesting experience. Overall, this focus on puzzles is just so... smooth to me, the fact the outside areas are mini-dungeons leading up to the larger ones feels so good. It's just puzzle after puzzle. Also since the areas are so small, I just don't douse anymore; there's only so much room compared to something like Breath of the Wild for me to get lost, and I'm inquisitive as is. I look forward to more. But yeah, it's like three menus to get to the motion control switching. I mean, yeah it's pretty quick, but still inconvenient.
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