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  1. I can see crossover with other SEGA properties if paramount wants to try a legit movie verse. But thematically the only sega property that I feel could work would be Nights. Get further than that and the genre starts bending in awkward ways. Edit: Thinking about it, maybe Ristar too
  2. So a question that's on my mind is how much this movie will change Knuckles role in the series. Will it decide to kill off his tribe or have them still alive? A big part of current Knuckle's backstory is his role of being a guardian as well as being the last of his kind, but since the first movie has already changed a lot of backstory, I feel like we need to reevaluate how much of Knuckles backstory is worth keeping. Would it be better to have his tribe still alive and play an active role in the story or just outright kill them all again? I'm leaning a bit more to the former, just because I think there's more potential for story in future movies if Knuckles wasn't the last of his kind.
  3. It would be cool if Ian was allowed to establish a backstory for the Zeti. It could go a long way towards developing them. It'd depend on SEGA though to say, "Yeah fine."
  4. At this point its just important to just go at a good pace for storytelling. If they expect to make more films past the second, then may as well not go wild anyways. As for Tails and Knuckle's niche, it feels self explanatory to me still at this point. Tails in the classic games was basically Sonic's hanger on little brother so that can easily be worked with as Sonic grows older and more developed. (It will also depend on when the sequel takes place.) Knuckles is a rival, and an intimate one for Sonic what with Longclaw's ambiguous state. That first scene alone sets up a good niche for Knuckles.
  5. The thing is, Avengers didn't debut until more than 5 movies were able to properly build up to the events and you don't get to that in just one sequel. Even Avengers needed build up to actually function, and it benefitted from that. TMNT dropped everything radical into the second movie to please the fans and while a better movie than the first, its also a more insular movie relying on already present fan knowledge in place of a balanced cast for the narrative. And it lost steam fast because of it. Just because Sonic has a lot in its lore to use doesn't mean it should sacrifice proper storytelling. All good things come in time. Tom and Maddie are still big factors of the first movie and play a significant role in Sonic's development, so they can't and probably won't ever be fully dumped. But that doesn't mean any of the good stuff isn't coming, the writers need to focus on tying up the story left hanging by the first movie. Fan service and such can be managed as the series goes on. And let's face it, this series isn't stopping at two movies if it keeps doing well.
  6. None of that is happening in the second movie thats for sure. The floodgates may be opening, but not that wide.
  7. Tom and Maddie are Sonic's adoptive parents. They are at least key to his own development, and like it or not they will have to play a big role for Sonic to have a continued development. They can't just be thrown to the side. Especially if we move to more Adventure mythos in the series.
  8. I'm thinking they'll just call it Mobius because Paramount isn't beholden to SOJ's stupid grudge.
  9. I mean, when it comes to plot, I still don't expect anything revolutionary. I still think they're going to pull some Hollywood schlock, but as long as the film retains strong action and fun characters, it can bounce through it.
  10. This one is probably getting a bigger budget considering the extra CG props necessary for this go around. Plus, an extra to the marketing budget if possible. Paramount would really like this to succeed where TMNT2 failed.
  11. Ugh... nostalgia. #136 was my first issue. I didn't understand a damn thing of what was going on.
  12. I recall in an interview his agent called him to tell him about this role he may be good for after the recast. Mike immediately realized the man was talking about Eggman, and reauditioned. But I can't remember where I saw this interview cause it was for some youtube channel I can't remember.
  13. I mean, he only got the role the second time just because he auditioned when everyone else missed the boat. Maybe some of the other 4kids actors would have still been around if they did the same. But Mike got lucky. By the 3rd time, he's too entrenched into the franchise to be removed.
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