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  1. We are getting FED. But this new opening cutscene seems to shed a different perspective on Wario and Waluigi's motives with the racquet.
  2. Honestly I have been waiting for a decade for characters outside of the girls to have outfits. Having everyone swim in just regular things (outside of Sonic,) while the female characters got new swimming outfits was so jarring. But this? Everyone gets a new full closet of athletic gear. Another thing? Maybe we can get custom outfits finally. They can also improve on the weaknesses of the previous games by offering more and newer Dream Events, co-op online play and more. (oh yeah and I am totally not here for Team Tricksters. Nope. Not at all. )
  3. Considering what I saw in the preview, I am not surprised the dialogue will be atrocious in this.
  4. I love the dynamism of Eggman's pose because I am really tired of seeing him always having one hand on hip, one fist raised. They need to do more with those crazy long legs of his.
  5. Oh man, the character that I have routinely studied for character traits and have devoted the last two decades of my life to in that form. What makes THE definitive Eggman? Well, not Forces, that's for damn sure. Eggman may have been slowly crawling into insanity (as that is the only excuse I COULD take over that whole ending,) but there he happens through the sheer force of lazy writing to betray a key trait of his persona and that was an old phrase he said "What good is to destroy the world if I have nothing to rule over?" In Forces he was bland, dull and lacked any of the charm and delight that he usually brings to a game - I would recommend if you want to know Eggman is to ignore mostly what Forces brought to the table (Eggman is not a creature of simplicity, of black and whites, he is as complex as his genius.) My advice about knowing if you have a well written Eggman is if he steals the show from the rest of the characters, even if the game or thing he is in happens to be subpar - he's always a shimmering keystone that holds up a wall. Ivo does differ from incarnation to incarnation with his temperament and goals, but there have been a few cut terms you can plaster on him to make sure that you have the proper skeleton of the good doctor: Arrogant, Egotistical, Scheming, Eccentric, Brilliant, Flamboyant, Ostentatious, Skillful, Mischievous, Childish. Chances are if you have these key amino acids in his genome your Eggman will turn out well developed, and from there you can build on that. Figure A: A grouping of schemers party hardy. Also this team is probably a reference to Trickster's bonus episode where Metal Sonic trains with Waluigi to get his traits. After all that games takes place before this one. If you WANT an excellent portrayal comparison to Eggman, I (and apparently Sega and Nintendo) have always compared and contrasted him to his Mushroom Kingdom doppelgangers of Wario and Waluigi in the Olympic series (Bowser may have the haughty arrogance and egotism down but he's been far too brutish and short tempered in contrast, and in most cases a little...slow.) Outside of the egotism, brash tomfoolery and attention hogging Wario seems to have a bit of Eggman's rare crude humor (farts, farts and ass smacking) and ambitious drive while Waluigi seems to wiggle in as Eggman's equal and occasional foil in the series (both have a penchant for mechanics, both are adverse to overcome obstacles and stubborn, and considered the brainy ones of their series. P.S. Waluigi is the only character to have a higher skillset than Eggman in the Olympic series BTW.) All three characters can be dastardly dangerous in their own right with that goofiness as a deceptive cover, something to let your guard down over; Eggman being a bit more of a historically darker villain in comparison to the anti-villains of the other two (though Waluigi has been suspect as having far more sinister motives from Wario time to time.) Seen above: Team Tricksters. No that is the legitimate title for them in this series. It seems Sega cannot decide between Shadow or Metal Sonic for this team as they always seem the odd man out. Outside of that series, Eggman may just be the skeleton of the mad scientist archetype with theatricality BUT he is far beyond that as well being perhaps one of the most relatable characters in the series due to his perseverance over adversity and grey morals. In some incarnations and I have noticed, he has this evil humanitarian streak as well like a eccentric, more goofy Lex Luthor. Eggman WANTS to uncover the answers of the mysteries of life and still has that drive influenced by his grandfather but instead of using that to benefit humanity 100% he selfishly utilizes most of it to his own goals, he wants to be rebellious but also establish an empire to produce order in his life (possibly the order that was missing from the government who gunned down his grandfather.) He wants to create a utopia of equality but only under his heel - Eggman is full of these little delicate grey morals, these contrasts that provide a blurry duality and that's why he is so damn good as a character when you get down to the underbelly. Yes he can be cruel, but he has limits to that nefariousness; Eggman is as in his own terms a very complicated man wrapped up in the threads of his own self-appointed loftiness of godhood. Poor attempts to characterize Robotnik as this fully iron fisted dictator do not tend to pay nary an attention to any of the positive quirks which make him more human, instead morphing him into something cold and foreboding as one of his many creations - that's what the polite eeriness of Eggman-Nega is for, hence the term Eggman NEGATIVE. The scary thing about him is not a lazy predictable monster of Grimdark like the gorilla Robotnik of SatAM, but the man who we can chug beers and play video games with; a person whom we can hold a mirror up to ourselves and want to relate to. A level of deception where it seems that this ingenious man tends to build buffoonish war machines into designs of adorable animals but somehow they work - on one hand we expect this pretty villainous package from him wrapped nicely in a bow relying too much on conditioning through tropes, but on the other we feel deceived that someone who has this delightful and humorous yet relatable nature could establish something so wicked. That is a good Robotnik; the man who makes us self-reflect in our own hidden darkness and question our motives. He is humanity and the human attempt to fly too close to the sun in entitlement, striving to be a god. When his wings melt, he gets burned but devises another plan to shoot to the stars again and again. If anything, Eggman perfects and represents the negative and positive aspects of the cunning ambition of the human spirit, humanity's aspirations and its delusions of loftiness.
  6. I have been in this fandom for 20+ years and this came out of left field for me. Maybe I have been out of the loop, but I've never recalled discussion about this vaporware title for the past decade or so and then suddenly seeing this dropped on my Twitter dash was like finding a long lost Christmas present. I just cannot get over the quality of those Eggman sprites. He looks absolutely animated, and yet poor thing keeps getting shocked. I wonder if we will get any marketing information released about this title.
  7. Riddler's current VA plays Cubot. Another former Riddler will play as Dr. Eggman. The Eggman Empire sure loves hiring itself some Riddlers.

  8. Ok so this is my take in some bizarre meta commentary for Carrey being Robotnik. I am torn between knowing this will be a bizarre fever dream of a movie before it's released due on the details we have already. The other half of me is totally psyched for Carrey AS Robotnik because of how he played Riddler in Forever (and that total Batcave scene may be screaming Waluigi moment, but the overall sheer hamminess and flamboyancy of him in the rest of the movie is also pure Dr. Eggman.) My brain however just cannot move past that THE RIDDLER will be DR. EGGMAN. Riddler and Penguin were totally the two characters that leaded me into loving Robotnik as a character and there is this...strange phantasmagorical series to these events wherein how everything came ritualistically full circle like a cosmic joke I was onto since childhood. Another detail to add onto this is HOW will they pull this off? Carrey has the physical profile fitting more of Waluigi than a Robotnik (which is why he got picked for Riddler - elongated chin, flexibility and wiriness mostly) and while we know a fat suit will be used, I am just wondering how they will use prosthetics to offset his long chin for this to make his face appear more squat? Aside from that in a sense, I hate that it will be live action but I am just stoked BEYOND curiosity. Now if they got Danny DeVito and Jim Carrey to play Wario and Waluigi in another live action Mario movie, my meta commentary will collapse on itself and I could die an amused person.
  9. I want to think the Egg Pawns are placeholders for other characters like Metal Sonic or Eggman, but my guess is that they tie into as obstacles to each course for the characters to fight against.
  10. It's been decades since I have been here. Man has the place changed.

    1. Failinhearts
    2. SchemingMinor


      Who threw confetti on the walls. It smells weird in here. Do you remember when we used to have downvote and upvote buttons? I remember when he was called HOGFATHER.

      It's good to be back.

    3. Failinhearts


      ...i joined in 2014, dude, im not that old


    4. Ferno


      SSMB in the 70s was wild

    5. SchemingMinor


      In my day we had THREE buttons on the Genesis controller and a D pad. AND WE MADE GOOD BY IT.

    6. Ferno


      "we had 3 buttons, and they all did the same thing"

    7. Kiah


      I was about to say who is this posing as if they are old. When it comes to SSMB you are "up there" but I still got you beat lol.

      Seriously though welcome back!

    8. SchemingMinor


      I remember this place in 2005, then there was a giant restructuring around 2010-ish, something went ka-blooey and most of the forum data was lost. And then we rebuilt. Well the mods rebuilt; I rebuilt my theories about how Eggman-Nega was greater than sliced bread and why Knuckles' socks kept changing colors.

      Glad to meet you all.


  11. The whole new series is stunningly charming - quite enthralled that Ray has made it into an actual official Sonic animation for the first time. I am really loving the direction that they have taken the characters in because body language and slapstick is the universal language here, no need for voice acting.
  12. Ah no. Smithers is leaving Mr. Burns for Julio? I suspect that there is more to this episode than the vagueness in the article, but man it feels like my heart has been ripped from my chest.


    1. Boomer


      "... Homer and Marge's separation, Smithers' new love, and Spider-Pig's return"

      These all sound awful... 

    2. The Tenth Doctor

      The Tenth Doctor

      Wasn't Homer and Marge's separation disproved?

    3. Celestia


      Smithers deserves better, anyway

  13. Despite it being a one-shot that art style though, the characters look confused and lifeless for most of the panels. I dunno, IDW is pretty iffy it seems. Maybe I have been spoiled with more expressive fan art and what-not but ehhhhh. But hey. First time we have had a Mario character in a comic in a long time. That's something, right?
  14. Now...who will be the brave soul to Tweet Anthony Mackie that picture of himself traced from the new Lara-Su page?

  15. Probably on an alternative quest annoying the hell out of his friendly assistants then giving some cock and bull story about how he was the hero - only to make a lucrative book deal out of it later ala A Million Little Pieces.
  16. Last crossover's tandem bike is one cover I was sure would never be beat, but I have been proven wrong. Ah, what a time to be alive.
  17. I'm expecting a 20 minute presentation of Iwata staring at a banana. 15 minutes in Reggie walks in with another banana. Then in the last 5 minutes, he pulls out an orange. Both stare contemplating their life. Hideo Kojima walks in and announces that he is now working for Nintendo.
  18. Do you ever get that one new character that you draw obsessively? I have been doing that a lot lately again.

    1. Emperor Robrainiac

      Emperor Robrainiac

      Oh yeah, definately. It happens regularly with me.

    2. Briraka


      For me, that used to be Sonic.

    3. Ferno


      I have so many oc's that sometimes I can go a whole year or longer without drawing one of my favorites even once.

    4. CottonCandy
    5. Little T

      Little T

      I keep drawing Roll on everything lately. Heck, there's a whiteboard in the flat that now has her on it :P

  19. Nice. I like that he plans to bring back the Armada, since the synergy between them and the Eggman Empire complimented each other. They would make excellent rivals and traitors eventually. I would love to see a fisticuffs battle between Eggman and Battle Kukku. And Eggman's currency is called EggBucks though nobody uses it? Sounds to me like it's the Mobian version of BitCoins. (And Ian totally missed the opportunity to call them Sheggkels.)
  20. Does anyone know how to get After Dark screensavers to run on a Windows 7? I have tried searching, flipping through blogs, and I am trying to get the Simpsons AD screensaver package working. I know it does work because I have seen people with the same specifications posting images up. Is there like a technical help forum on here?

    1. -Mark-


      ...being more familiar with the Twitter use of the term 'After Dark', this is a bit.... whut. =|

  21. Welcome back, lemmings. Now once more onto the breech dear friends! *cackles maniacally*

  22. Part of me wants to say Wave on that next one.
  23. Marches to the altar of Wario. Kneels and places garlic on talisman. WARIO WE SUMMON YOUR PRESENCE.

  24. Oh man. Rayman?! That was extremely left field! What if Sakurai is revealing a whole mess of characters both new and old? You know how he likes to troll people.
  25. I just bag and board mine and put them in a D-ring binder.
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