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  1. No, simply because he was built by Robotnik. There will always be some flaw in Eggman's creations, the story just hasn't focused on Metal in a long time.
  2. Do a lot of people dislike the fact that Flynn replaced Penders? I've not been following the community for a few years, but I thought the way Ian has been handling things would be greatly appreciated by fans, and I love it. Just imagine what would have happened if they let Penders continue the Evil Sonic Love saga.
  3. Oh, hello there Jay! I didn't know you still made The Sonic Show! (I know, I know, I've been out of the loop for so long.) This game actually looks... good. I would have never picked up the first two, but this one looks like Mario Party quality mini-games!
  4. The cartoons were a big part of my childhood, mostly AoSTH, but I really don't care for them at all now.. The OVA on the other hand... I deeply cherish that gem. The animation was great. The voices take time to get used to, but I actually do really like them. "You might know everything I'm going to do but that's not going to help you, since I know everything you're going to do! Strange isn't it?!" Just had to throw that in.
  5. The reason I don't read StCO is because does not come out often enough, and by the time a new issue is out, I've completely forgotten what I read in the previous issue! I know it is because this kind of thing takes time, and your artists don't get paid, but if the comic were drawn in simple black and white, would it be more likely to see an issue every other month? I guess what I'm asking is, what takes the most time in the comic creating process. I've always loved Fleetway's Evil Super Sonic, is he still evil in current stories? I've only read around 20 scattered issues here and there. Edit: I just checked the back issues... and they do come out pretty much every other month, 6 issues a year. I was basing off what I said above from the first few issues, as I have not checked in quite a few years. Well don't I feel stupid.
  6. I personally love the homing attack, aside from those slow homing-attack chains as you mentioned above. I thought it was used very well in Sonic 4 and in Generations. Oh, it was also used greatly in Sonic Colors DS!
  7. That just reminded me of one of my great childhood memories! I rented Sonic 3D Blast for Genesis, and I was playing it when suddenly the level select screen pops up. I left the Genesis on until the game was due back so I didn't lose the level select option. For YEARS I thought the game had just glitched up, I guess I was just pressing random buttons.
  8. Riku3008


    I'd not like a repeat of this . If done right, I'd honestly love some remakes.. done in classic Sonic style with cutscenes and all that jazz.
  9. That is the exact set which were my first Sonic games I owned! My first time playing was a year before I got that pack however. It was Sonic The Hedgehog, Sonic 3, and Sonic Spinball at my cousins house. I couldn't get enough of them.
  10. As great a job as Mr. Flynn did from saving the comic series from Ken Pender's ridiculous "Evil Sonic the Pimp" storyline, I'd rather the games focus more on gameplay and stick to having a light storyline, as it has been doing.
  11. My favorite version of Robotnik was when he could . But by far my favorite appearance of Robotnik was in issue 98 during the Sonic Adventure 2 adaptation drawn by Spaz. I just love the way everything was drawn in that story.
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