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  1. ;_; so no singers on the SSMB lookin for collabs?

  2. Hey, does anyone here want to sing for a fairly accurate cover of the English theme from Sonic CD? o: I need temp vocals for an upcoming event that I'm using this cover at, and I'd love for it to be you! 

  3. So I recently met Ross from Steam Train, as well as JonTron formerly from Game Grumps. Super cool dudes, those two. I was also on Steam Train briefly, can't wait for those episodes to come out!

    1. Gregzilla


      Fuckin' sweet dude! I got to say hi to the Grumps (minus Jon) and NSP last year, awesome folks.

    2. Double Agent Motobug
    1. spinny



      Get Edgy as well.

    2. Double Agent Motobug
    3. spinny


      Sweet Soul Brother's opening chant is in the same pack.

    4. RosaRosaRosalina


      i knew this sounded familiar

    5. Double Agent Motobug

      Double Agent Motobug

      Among many other samples <3

    6. spinny


      It's weird, I swear the Funky Dealer sample was in there, but most notable I hear from JSR is Humming the Bassline's "wubble-treble-too". You heard the dealer sample in there or not?

    7. Double Agent Motobug

      Double Agent Motobug

      Naw. Also the sample says "One for the trouble TWO for the TIME!"

  4. Waah! I want to go into that Athiesm topic that was recently started and post "Just worship the great and powerful Atheismo!", but that'd be too spammy so I'll just say it here. XD

  5. Naganuma's work for Namco is so fantastic

  6. So, Danny and Ross from Steam Train should be in ASR:T. Their connection to SEGA? Gregzilla does awesome animations for the Grumps. Lul.

    1. Thigolf


      That's more connections than Simon has. xP

  7. Dead Heat Riders has a legendary soundtrack. So cool to know Hideki Naganuma (Sonic Rush/JSR fame) got to work with Namco on it. :D

  8. One of Naganuma's newest songs sounds like Sonic R on crack, DO LIKE.

  9. Wrapped in Black (SR) VS Big Swell (SRA), done with multitracks. https://app.box.com/s/0st1ors7q3m4fg7oa5px Mmmyep.

    1. Victoes


      Nice job, I like this. what did you use?

    2. Double Agent Motobug

      Double Agent Motobug

      REAPER, and the multitracks from the songs. =)

  10. Ooooooh, mucking about with the multitrack audio from Sonic Rush Adventure. Big Swell Allegro has so many awesome hidden layers of gold behind those orch hit leads. O_O;

  11. Double Agent Motobug finding all your Sonic OVA music clean.

    1. Double Agent Motobug

      Double Agent Motobug

      Double Agent Motobug still lives

    2. TheOcelot


      You may know everything I'm going to do! but that's not going to help you because I know everything YOU'RE going to do!!! STRANGE ISN'T IT?? GRRRRRRRRGH!

  12. c: hello u r my bes fren ermagerd hai lol.

  13. It's a secret to everyone.

    1. spinny



    2. Vec


      It's a secret to secrecy itself

    3. Double Agent Motobug

      Double Agent Motobug

      It's a secret that I posted OVA songs.

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