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  1. ;_; so no singers on the SSMB lookin for collabs?

  2. Hey, does anyone here want to sing for a fairly accurate cover of the English theme from Sonic CD? o: I need temp vocals for an upcoming event that I'm using this cover at, and I'd love for it to be you! 

  3. So I recently met Ross from Steam Train, as well as JonTron formerly from Game Grumps. Super cool dudes, those two. I was also on Steam Train briefly, can't wait for those episodes to come out!

    1. Gregzilla


      Fuckin' sweet dude! I got to say hi to the Grumps (minus Jon) and NSP last year, awesome folks.

    2. Double Agent Motobug
  4. I'd like to go, but I doubt I'll be able to. There's a chance I may be able to bunk with friends and split a hotel though. Hype, but alas, it all really depends on what happens this summer, for me.
  5. Yeah, I feel the same way. Felt like they nailed it with the Boost gameplay, polished it up to really handle well and abide by some of the same standards that I feel some of the classics do (Flow being important as all get-out), then they just went "OOPS" and threw it aside. It feels like they should really get a solid base for whatever it is they want to do, polish it up as best they can, and expand upon it accordingly, instead of trying to throw it under a new bus every time. It almost feels like there are two forces within SEGA/Sonic Team, There's people in there that are super talented and have a clear vision for what they feel Sonic should be and are genuinely inspired people, the team that started in with Unleashed, and then there are the less... caring folk, that just focus on all the wrong things, misread fans, and undo the work of the people that are working so hard to get Sonic back on track (For how many years now?) Example, wasn't the Unleashed Sonic design chosen to unify the Sonic brand? Isn't that the excuse they used for why Modern Sonic was in Sonic 4? Then who had the great idea of "You know what Sonic needs? WESTERNIZING! Let's throw him at some American dev team and hope everything goes well!", Now we have "Games Sonic", "Boom Sonic", and possibly an unrelated "Movie Sonic", those universes won't likely interconnect, some (younger?) fans will be confused as to why Knuckles isn't ripped in "Sonic the Last Wispbender", but he was in "Sonic Boom 2: They're Chaos Emeralds This Time!", and in "Sonic the Hedgehog: The Movie (2015)" (not to be confused with the English title for the OVA), Knuckles was a sloth, and was pinkish. It's infuriating to think about how possibly simple a great Sonic game concept could be to come up with, and how far off Sonic Team (and others) have been for so long.
  6. Yo yo yo Azoo in da hood, nuggioooos. (Rise to power, Bananas the Echidna, RISE...)
  7. Dude that's so crazy! And here I've been trying to get a hold of you to talk about something but now I see where you've been! Gosh darnit! XD Congrats!!
  8. Waah! I want to go into that Athiesm topic that was recently started and post "Just worship the great and powerful Atheismo!", but that'd be too spammy so I'll just say it here. XD

  9. So... You say that 85% of people in the communities that you're posting on and actively involved in would ... and yet you're still posting here, saying these things straight to the people that make up that 'statistic'? That's pretty mean spirited, dude. Part of me wonders if this is all an elaborate test of the communities you've posted this across, to see which ones actively follow your opinions because you're well-enough known, or if they'd have the guts to not be part of that '85%' and call you out for just being mean spirited for the sake of it in these. If so, well done. XD Project Chaos is pretty sweet. I wouldn't personally agree that anyone should 'never be heard from ever again' though; I think there's always potential for growth. Everyone is entitled to their opinions I guess, including yourself. Let's agree to disagree! (PS, Nerdy white guys rapping totally can work.)
  10. Naganuma's work for Namco is so fantastic

  11. Hmm, Personally I hope Marza has something to do with it, and that it's similar to the intro to Sonic Unleashed. That'd be pretty sweet. It'd be really really awesome if Wreck-it Ralph could somehow cameo in the movie too, (Fix-it Felix Jr in the background of a scene?) For reals though, I wouldn't mind at all if they borrowed the Unleashed/Colours/Generations (Pixar) style. If they write it as though it was the plot to one of the more cohesive games, I figure it'd be fine. Wouldn't it be hilarious if the 3'rd Nintendo-exclusive Sonic game was based on this movie (or vice versa), by Sony pictures? XD lolol. What I'd want to know, is who would be scoring the movie? I'd hope it'd be Sega's usual culprits. I'd die if someone like Naofumi Hataya could score the film and have it all epic and Sonic CD'ish. Gaaaah. Sonic and hip hop beats and funk music.... gskgfdsgdsgfds It works so well. I just wish Naganuma was still over there hanging out with SEGA! (They had better release a soundtrack) (....PS, if they use the game actors (likely), oh lord Amy's voice... XD)
  12. So, Danny and Ross from Steam Train should be in ASR:T. Their connection to SEGA? Gregzilla does awesome animations for the Grumps. Lul.

    1. Thigolf


      That's more connections than Simon has. xP

  13. So like, I'm still waiting for Danny and Arin from Game Grumps. (EDIT: Or I guess Danny and Ross, since Steam Train.)
  14. Dead Heat Riders has a legendary soundtrack. So cool to know Hideki Naganuma (Sonic Rush/JSR fame) got to work with Namco on it. :D

  15. One of Naganuma's newest songs sounds like Sonic R on crack, DO LIKE.

  16. Oh my gosh, there's that guide panel that pops up to the left of anything you do on Google now, to access your subs/favorites/uploads/etc, and in Opera (I haven't tried in anything else as it's my main/favorite browser) the stupid guide thing opens automatically partway through videos and covers a portion of everything, and I have to manually close it. every. time. It's on every page of the website, but is only covers things when I'm watching videos, otherwise it just shifts everything over to the right a bit, and makes everything lag a bit. Lame.I really am disliking the recent changes on "Youtube+" lul. Grumble grumble Newtube is lame let's use YouTube classic.
  17. I definitely sent feedback. Told 'em things worked just fine before, and while the endless changes every month were disorienting and stupid in a lot of cases, things were more or less functional. I hope they get flooded with hundreds of thousands of "Uhh make this connection optional" messages. :/ I don't personally dig this. I'd be fine if it was optional, but it's barely optional if it keeps harassing you to change it and limits features that worked JUST FINE before. *Shrugs*
  18. Wrapped in Black (SR) VS Big Swell (SRA), done with multitracks. https://app.box.com/s/0st1ors7q3m4fg7oa5px Mmmyep.

    1. Victoes


      Nice job, I like this. what did you use?

    2. Double Agent Motobug

      Double Agent Motobug

      REAPER, and the multitracks from the songs. =)

  19. Ooooooh, mucking about with the multitrack audio from Sonic Rush Adventure. Big Swell Allegro has so many awesome hidden layers of gold behind those orch hit leads. O_O;

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