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  1. Let's take a look at all of the previous final bosses before we go into this discussion.s Sonic the Hedgehog (Genesis): No rings, no badnicks, just Sonic and Robotnik... And some kind of plasma ball emitter. Awesome. Sonic 2: STILL no rings, and this time you have to beat Silver Sonic before chasing the questionably speedy Robotnik into his Death Egg Robot. Awesome but DIFFICULT. Sonic 3: UNFAIR. Robotnik had an instant-kill pile-driving move REGARDLESS of how many rings you had, not to mention he LEARNED from previous mistakes and placed Spikes where Sonic would usually have to spin against to cause damage. Sonic & Knuckles: Super Sonic vs Robotnik in outer space. Instant win. Sonic 3 & Knuckles: Knuckles vs Super Mecha Sonic... I don't understand how Mecha Sonic's PAINTED body could turn gold, but I NEVER COMPLAIN ABOUT SUPER FORMS. It was magic paint. Shut up. The fight was epic. Sonic 4: Okay, so we've got some rings and a lovely homing attack, but then Eggman does his "Watch out!! He's up to something!" Move again. It's like the Death Egg Robot mk. 2. Sweet Sonic 4 Episode 2: ??? I would like to see a robot that is prepared for the attack of the invincible Super Sonic. I want this final boss to show that Eggman has learned about Super Sonic, that he's prepared to squeeze the Super form out of Sonic or smash it out of him or whatever it takes to stop him. Something that you have to fly INSIDE of in order for you to cause some serious damage... Maybe they could get creative and make some kind of mini-stage for Super Sonic that takes place inside Eggman's robot... And it's full of CRUSHERS, all you have to do is dodge them all and then smash into, uh, something that robots need in order to work. Yeah, I know nothing about robots. ANYWAY, what are your predictions/ideas for this game's final boss?
  2. Super Tails. You won't agree with me, so instead of trying to argue, let me state my personal opinion on why I think it would/should happen. Yuji Naka specifically stated that Tails needed the Super Emeralds in order to transform because of his age, but that was such a long time ago that most new Sonic fans won't know about it, OR understand it. Do you think they'll tell us directly that Tails can't turn Super? Or should they, for everyone's sake, include some kind of Seven Emerald power-up for Tails? Maybe they'll give him his yellow shiney orb from Sonic Heroes, or maybe they'll ditch the age limit and make our dreams come true, albeit with an excuse like "He's older now" or something. Then again, it's still questionable whether they'll even add Super Sonic back in or not this time, right? Or maybe, just maybe... They'll bring back the Super Emeralds... *sigh*, but of course, dreams are not meant to become a reality...
  3. So today, I was... Oh screw it, here it is. This is NOT a showcase of my singing voice! I know I can't sing XD What do you think, anyway?
  4. When the graphics look intense, the detail stands out like a sore thumb, when you wish the actual game's graphics could compare... My favorite CG Sonic cutscene has got to be the intro movie for Sonic Riders. Look at Tails' gloves, look at the shine on certain things, and look at Sonic's... Chibi eyes when he says "All right! NOW we're talkin'!" Also, what happened to the CG movies for Generations? The Time Eater CG scene looked insane!!
  5. Firstly, I apologize sincerely. I'm certain this has been covered many times before, but I've finally found a way to express my thoughts on it and I just need to get it out of my system. So, here goes. Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 are outdated, they happened in the past. Everything you know about them, everything you remember about them is also outdated. Sadly, the people who worked on those two games no longer work for Sonic Team. But neither I nor Sonic Team have officially stated that there won't be an Adventure 3, so it's still a possibility. Now, as I said, the previous Adventure titles are outdated. If you're expecting Sonic Adventure 3 to be like Adventure and Adventure 2, you're only going to end up disappointed when you play it BECAUSE There were specific differences between Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 that made them unique in the sense that... There are two of them, but they're almost completely different from each other. Sonic Adventure had hub worlds that you could freely move back and forth from, and within those hub worlds you'd find the levels. Sonic Adventure 2 had levels that were designed to fit the different characters you would play as. Now... What would Sonic Adventure 3 do? That's the question that Sonic Team will probably NOT be asking themselves if and when they make the game, but rather they will try to make it like the previous two. The Sonic series has come too far for an Adventure 3 to work, so if it does come out and if it DOESN'T turn out the way you want it to, remember that it was you who asked for it, Sonic Team only delivered it how they think it would appeal. The only way it would work is by taking EVERYTHING that both games had in common and then adding something new that doesn't strongly impact the way you progress through the game (Werehog did exactly that, which is one of the reasons why many people dislike Unleashed overall - it forced you to do something different against your will. Mario on the other hand has HIS differences made into a spinoff title, you've never ridden a Kart in a main Mario series title). There are only two adventure titles, so that's not much to follow up from. Chao Gardens, other characters playable, upgrades - it would all have to be there in order for Adventure 3 to successfully be itself. I'm not saying Sonic Adventure 3 is an impossibility, but I can almost promise you that it won't be what it's meant to be. P.S. It's no good getting upset at me for comparing Sonic to Mario. I believe Sonic's original intention was to counter Mario's popularity in the first place.
  6. When I first heard Darkspine let out that scream, I felt as if Sonic's frustration and anger became my own - I could see and hear that Sonic was furious at Erazor for killing Shara. That's how seriously I take a Sonic game
  7. Looking back, I'd say the most memorable Sonic moment (for me) was when he had to destroy Emerl with his bare hands (Sonic Battle). I think that was a moment that really proved Sonic's raw strength, not only physically but mentally as well. Emerl was a good friend to everyone, and Sonic had to fight through their memories in order to beat him. I never noticed that at the time, but when you think about it, Sonic is probably the strongest character out of all of them! So what about you? What do you think is the most memorable thing Sonic has done? Other than Spin dash, turn Super and run really fast XD
  8. Sonic the Hedgehog on the Master System! Me and my Brother would play it all the time X3 The first true Sonic game, for me ~
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