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  1. That is pretty accurate. Then again, why would you want to play the game like this?
  2. I have no idea what you said expect the last part which I agree with.
  3. Oh man, I was just about to make a dick edition of Retro! Damn
  5. SoRR was around for like 8 years wasn't it? Then shut down like 2 days before final release or something. Same thing will happen to this if it even gets that far. (it wont)
  6. Original fan game remake thing! DO NOT STEAL
  7. Eggman looks really bad. Straight from a flash game. Everything else looks fine I guess.
  8. All the gamegear games are really bad, so I'm surprised.
  9. Well actually Wario isn't Marios brother so technically Mario has no brother.
  10. OlenJimi

    Power Stone

    I had them both at some point. I remember liking 2 better because it had 4 players at the same time. I could try them again.
  11. He keeps missing all the hidden routes.... Well at least he could jump.
  12. "Back in 1991, the blue blur didn't need attitude." Ok, they don't know what they are talking about.
  13. But if Jose or whatever doesn't get offended neither should anyone else.
  14. Okay, now I'm gonna buy the game at full prize. It's awesome that you can call Tails to save you from a bottomless pit. I hope the level design gets better as you go on. Because there are seriously too many boosters.
  15. Modern. It's fast, exiting and rewarding.
  16. The music sounds overly cheery, and I was dissapointed that Snowy didn't growl. Oh well.
  17. Well damn, I though they tapped the Y button. Now I feel just silly!
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