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  1. There was a Bubbles chain, so homing attack is confirmed pretty much at this point I mean CMON guys
  2. It's probably laziness. But honestly, you'll be moving along pretty fast and you won't notice.
  3. The tutorial boxes show that you can fly with Tails and that you can do the combo thing.
  4. No way is this gonna lock-on to EP1. Not that I'm complaining.
  5. It's in 3D now? It looks WAY better. Holy shit, this is huge.
  6. The whole series should just focus on Eggman, he is the best character after all. Objectively
  7. SEGA could end up like CAPCOM if they don't step it up. Nostalgia is fine sometimes. I think Heroes did a fine job at being nostalgic, yet still pretty original.
  8. Man, they went with the Sonic 1 , 2 and 3 route by rehashing a fish badnik. Fuck this shit I'm quitting.
  9. I would get it, but I already have this kickin' rad Jimi Hendrix quitar. Maybe later though.
  10. They could do like a Casino type area? How cool would that be?
  11. The skills in Generations were done fine. You never had to use them, and they were fun to mess around with.
  12. It may be, but it's still the worst stage in the game.
  13. Sandopolis had shitty music too, not energetic at all.
  14. Super Sonic art is always cool. Always.....
  15. I just wanna hear some music from the game... when did we first hear S4EP1 music? The website?
  16. It's pretty useless, but the animation when you use it is cool.
  17. They look like classic badniks expect... you know, better drawn.
  18. I'm so hyped to see the new concept art o yeah
  19. "So, Sonic 2006 didn't do well. What now?" "We could do more games?" "Cause that went down so well before..." Sawnik deaded
  20. I want to see some level concept art.
  21. Sonic 4 didn't rehash everything, but it rehashed way more than a sequel is supposed to.
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