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  1. I remember always getting lost in the levels and the hub worlds. Didn't really like it, it was weird too how Sonic accelerated so fast while jumping.
  2. Sonic 06.... I like the music in it. Even though it doesn't sound like Sonic music. And I like the Opening, even though it doesn't feel like Sonic.... fuck that game
  3. I hope the title is Just SEGA All Stars Something. Sonic and SEGA All Stars Something is too long. BTW Mario and Sonic at the winter olympic games is too long too. Especially when it's marketed for kids. Goddamnit.
  4. Guys.... hate to break it to you, but Emerald Hill is a carbon copy of Green Hill....
  5. I'm expecting maybe a few more characters and courses, but it's no big deal, the game is already fantastic.
  6. I never finished Super Metroid, Metroid Fusion, Mario Sunshine, Ocarina of Time or Okami. I got stuck somewhere and never touched them again. They must be horrible games fo sure
  7. "Classic" Sonic gameplay works only in 2D. Or 2.5D.
  8. Man, Game Gear games sure look better than I remember! "150 jogos YEAAAAH"
  9. Amy was as fast as anyone else in the Advance games. And she is awesome, just make her voice less annoying and make her even a bit important. "Bitch with hammer"
  10. American 2D animation is the best choice, good 3D animation will cost too much and it will age poorly. And animation in flash always sucks.
  11. Sonic 2, my friend had a MEGA DRIVE so I'd go there and play it pretty often. I always got stuck on Chemical Plant, because I couldn't backtrack a loop. Back then the levels were pretty confusing, so many places to go! Then my friend bought a Playstation and sold his Mega Drive. Sonic Heroes, I saw it in a store and was like "aw yeah sawnik" The game looked like Sonic 2, very colorful and stuff. I've never 100% Heroes, but I still have the timer maxed out, over 100 hours easily. The most I've spent on a single video game ever. Sonic 3, Soon after Heroes I started to notice all this Sonic stuff around me, like Sonic Mega Collection, I was so excited to play Sonic 2 again. I remember the first time I beat Sonic 2. The glorious ending music. Anyway, I was spoiled by Sonic 2, so it was hard for me to get into Sonic 1, so I started playing Sonic 3. I was amazed at the save feature. I had a wonderful time... Then I looked up on Gamefaqs on how to unlock more games, and I unlocked Ristar! Now that is a fantastic game!
  12. I always saw it as Eggman's machine was breaking down so the drill flew off. Maybe I might have overreacted a bit.
  13. Sonic 2 first boss. They weren't even trying. It must have been SO difficult to program too, "car goes left, then right". GENIUS
  14. Sonic 06 is the worst, even when it "works" it's clunky, twitchy and extremely forced. It's fun to break it though. Literally. The best one is Colors. You can play it slowly and explore with the wisps, or just gotta go fast. Wonderfully designed game.
  15. Wait, Knuckles Tails and Sonic run at different speeds? Everyone is pretty slow in Advance anyway, but I only noticed a speed difference with Amy...
  16. As long as they aren't complete retards I don't really care. "Who is the captain?"
  17. If they used the retro engine for EP2 the graphics would get a big downgrade.
  18. After 06 everyone has kinda stopped using Chaos powers. Which is good, because the powers are overpowered. And Hyper Sonic is redundant.
  19. Super Sonic is overrated. Hate that guy.
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