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    OlenJimi reacted to Velotix von Skruviktorrius in Why does Super Sonic suck so much?   
    Seems to be that in Generations they want you to actually mix and match your skills, and if Super Sonic was as broken as he's always been, everyone would always use him - and that's especially true when he's so easy to unlock in this game. In fact I was going to stick purely to perma-Super all the time but after giving it a try I'm willing to use the other 20+ skills in the game, and that's a good thing.

    The ring drain also seems deliberate, not just to prevent spamming the ability, but also to consistently drop your score below a rank threshold - and that's perfectly fair to me because it's a lot easier to play so long as Super's active.
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    OlenJimi reacted to Speederino in Potential crossover games/ideas   
    Yeah, I miss when Rare was allowed to make multi-platform games. Heck, I miss the times when Rare actually made games.

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    OlenJimi got a reaction from Chaos Warp in Thoughts about Knuckles the Echidna?   
    Knuckles is the man. He used to chuckle, but not anymore, now he flexes his muscles.
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