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    AND WOMEN of course
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  1. Bought Avengers Infinity War.

    So glad I can re-watch one of my top Marvel movies over and over and over again.

  2. A thunderbolts movie with Ghost, Crossbone, and hemult Zemo.  You could then connect the TV series with the MCU with Luke Cage and introduce Deadpool into the MCU


    @Balding Spider @Forte-Metallix @Failinhearts @The Tenth Doctor @Crow the BOOLET

    1. Blue Wisps

      Blue Wisps

      More Ghost. ALL the Ghost.

      I need Hannah John Kamen and her accent in my life.

  3. Just saw that VP Pence wants to create a new US military branch called the Space Force. 

    I guess he and Trump are afraid that Thanos is out there.

    @Patticus @Balding Spider

    1. Patticus


      It wasn't Pence's idea, it was Trump's. It's gonna be a farce.

    2. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      The only reason it's even a thing is to draw attention from that administration's shady business. They're going to need a lot more ideas for that to work.

  4. Finally some love for DK. 

    Glad my smash vote finally counted

  5. Tails spin

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Twenty years ago we were told that there was power in each of us in the power of one. Twenty years later we are told we cant do it alone. Kids these days have it so easy
  6. Just saw Ant-Man and the Wasp. I thought it was better than the first.

    I loved Hope as the Wasp, and I'll give Scott a little more credit.

  7. Taika waititi direct guardians vol.3 thoughts?

    @Balding Spider

    1. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      was this confirmed?

    2. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Nah. Just a pipe dream

  8. Well whoever takes over vol3. I hope they stay true to the characters, have an amazing soundtrack and debut Adam Warlock

  9. If anyone would like to know. I'm currently number 6 as ray in encore time attack mode studiopolis

  10. So Encore mode you choose either Ray or Mighty as your partner but along the way you can change your partner to either Tails, Knuckles or mighty himself.

    Can't tell if i like the idea or not.

    Cuz I chose ray and then immediately found a monitor that gave me Tails.

    While I love the idea of Tails being in the lead and Sonic following it defeats the purpose of choosing ray as my partner

  11. Tails spin

    Pokemon Anime General Discussion

    Those elderly gamefreak guys still giving themselves eye candy in a childrens game
  12. The Wasp featuring Ant-Man. 

    Havent seen the film but would this be a valid assumption?

    1. Failinhearts


      Not really. A lot of the movie still focuses on Scott. Hope is what I call a deuterogonist.

    2. Jovahexeon Megumin Academy

      Jovahexeon Megumin Academy

      I dare say, it's quite the opposite. Albeit, Hope does get billing on par with Scott.....for the most part.

    3. Ferno


      Yeah it's far from an Incredibles 2 situation, both Scott and Hope get equal ass-kicking through the film, though Hope is the more competent fighter throughout, but it fits her character.

  13. Gamefreak: let's give everyone a chance to get a free mew by buying a plastic ball when said mew was impossible to get when we first released red/blue/green more than 20 years ago unless you used a cheat code device.

    Kids theses days have everything given to them on a silver plate.

    1. Ernest-Panda


      Said plastic ball costs $50.

    2. Tails spin

      Tails spin

      Even if it cost 100 dollar kids and any adult playing the game will ultimately  get it. Does change the fact that you can have a mythical legendary right after you get your starter pokemon.

    3. PaddyFancy


      Micro transactioning your way to a Mew.

  14. So I got a Sony Blu ray dvd player as an early birthday present and guaridans of the galaxy vol 2.

    I've also come to learn that it can be a makeshift console. What games ya recommend

    1. Mr Loopone

      Mr Loopone

      Looking it up and it seems PlayStation Now might be discontinued on Blu-ray players.

      If it still works, then go for games that might be okay for a streaming service such as Red Dead Redemption,  Red Faction Guerilla, the Racthet & Clank games, Sly Cooper, possibly Split/Second (good game) , Hitman Blood Money, Saints Row 2, and my Seganess is saying Daytona.

  15. Not sure how I really feel about Cloak and Dagger

    @Balding Spider

    1. Balding Spider

      Balding Spider

      The show or the comic?

    2. Tails spin

      Tails spin


      Especially watching today's episode.

      First episode I saw after getting extended cable back


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