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    Video games, Science Fiction, Huge Star Wars and Star Trek fan, firely nut and just huge nerd in general. I love Sonic and have since I was about 10 years old with SA2 Battle being my first Sonic game. I love discussing interests with media and meeting new nice friends. Please anyone feel free to pm me or add one of my messengers I love meeting new people.
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    Happy birthday!

  3. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  4. Asked them on facebook about the Wii U DLC and they said more info to come on specifics, and by the way they said it sounds like soon. Now we just need a patch for friend lobbies and the Wii U version will be golden.
  5. Sent my gamepad in for a screen issue where a wierd blotch started showing up and was all done fast and free, got it back in less than a week. Phone rep was very friendly and nice too. Nintendo rocks with repairs and customer service.
  6. I'd say the best rival to Sonic so far has been Jet or Shadow. Shadow even though hes progressed more from a anti hero to almost a full fledged hero in the game continuity essentially he is still Sonics Rival.
  7. Hmm allright well I did a google search and someone else had the same problem actually they even beat all the cups on expert and it didn't unlock but I can try at least then. http://www.chaptercheats.com/qna/wii-u/105230/Sonic-And-AllStars-Racing-Transformed-Answers.htm?qid=31055 Soniko what console do you play? However it really shouldn't be any different I imagine.
  8. Okay yeah A class for all and "won" just means getting a podium spot right? Doesn't have to be first? So any idea why I can't unlock the last mirror cup?
  9. I have a question anyone else have trouble unlocking the last mirror cup in grand prix? I have gold colored trophies on each one to that point(im not sure what the exactly mean) and the damn thing just still wont unlock. Any advice I need to beat the cup to get eggman thanks.
  10. With my Wii I had used the standard AV cable on a SDTV for the first 3 years I had it. Then I switched to component with a HDTV and noticed a pretty significant difference for even just SD like the Wii was. I also agree.
  11. I think its just something to do with racing AI in general Mario Kart was often criticized for rubber band AI as well that were cheap and actually outside of the players limits of the game(speeding up faster than the player able to go faster than the player etc). Its just the way that difficulty is kept up but often ends up having a negative and rather cheap effect.
  12. Anyone know why Metal Sonic on at least the Wii U version has a crown and is max level from the start? Also why he has a "console mod" or whatever its called? I was curious thanks. Also what are the mods and what do they do and why are they called console mods and dreamcast mods lol.
  13. No problems here either luckily actually surprised me to see a significant amount of probs was going on with people, hope Nintendo can address them. I was curious does anyone know the resolution the Wii component cable will output at on the Wii U? I am just curious in case I ever needed it as a backup because my TV only has 2 HDMI ports or if whatever else happened. I am guessing 1080i but i've read component can support 1080p not sure if its in the Wii component cables case. Anyone know for sure? Thanks will be interesting to find out.
  14. Looking for friends to add on the Wii U version of the game, community seems a bit scarce online PM me or post thanks, I play with Blue and Tidal Gamer, and Autosaver so far from SSMB. Great game just got for xmas, I was amazed by it honestly and has been the game to play with others online with Wii U since I don't have anyone locally. Awsome graphics I know they are the same on all HD consoles but being a Wii guy I appreciate the upgrade. As far as the negative of the game I only have a few minor complaints. One is even though a lot of people in the Wii U community in the Mii verse and in general seem interested in the game its hard to find many people to play online. The public matchmaking is really scarce for some reason and takes forever even just to find 1 person to play with. Whats up with that? Another thing is with people you've friended you can only play in private lobbies and you can't public play with friends which is sorta a letdown because that could be usefull. And lastly setting up a game with friends is somewhat of a pain because you can't tell what someone is doing very easily. The friend list in the game shows ALL your Wii U friends online not just your friends who are online with Sonic all stars which is kind of strange. Also to even know a lobby is up you have to prearrange with them or just get lucky and happen to join them on the friends list no easy way of telling. Otherwise is a great game to kickoff my Wii U just wish more people really cared about the Wii U version.
  15. I feel the same way thats why I feel the whole "graphics and hardware" debate is stupid with consoles when essentially if really thats all you care about then buy a high performance PC. And yeah I also cross soem 360 games with PC hence partly why I never shelled for a 360 and other reasons. Yes so the Wii U will be outdone tech wise with the other gen, but for now it brought Nintendo up to par and all the Wii haters because of its lessor hardware and graphics can shutup for the moment. Was one of the things that pissed me off as a hardcore Wii fan the most was the hate because it didn't have the power and graphics of the other consoles and being non HD though I had a open mind and didn't care myself. Now Wii U is just as good as the other two in most aspects.
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