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  1. The game has some very notable problems but I would rather see them fixed for a future Sonic fighting game rather than having it be a cheap knock-off of some other fighting game.
  2. The only thing that promotes that is the bad AI, not the game mechanics by themselves. Personally I would rather have another Sonic fighting game along the lines of StF with a few tweeks than some smash bros rip off.
  3. I think the colors and atmosphere that the backgrounds and stages have don't get enough credit. It really capture the essence that made Sonic games great in the early-mid 90s. I wouldn't say the game was too repetitive or a button masher, unless you are just playing single player. In which case, mash away.
  4. The game is extremely campy, especially with items on. The game has what some call "backwards progression." Basically, the more you know about the game, the slower and more simplistic the game will become. And just to make sure a certain conversation doesn't start from this, I am not saying it can't be competitive or anything of that sort. Sure, Brawl had a lot of content but a lot of it was poorly constructed. Some of the characters didn't have working kits or have any sort of style to their gameplay. What is the point of there being more characters if some of them are nearly unplayable or a complete bore to use? A lot of the items didn't have a lot of diversity in their use and often slowed down the gameplay even more. There were a ton of glitches that came up that made the game look like a poorly constructed fan-made game. The single player had a lot of problems as well, and it might have been because I expected more, but it didn't seem to take advantage of the fact that this is a smash bros game. It didn't give me any nostalgic feelings or that awesome sense that the characters were actually going through each other's worlds to make an ultimate fan service experience. And isn't that what Smash bros is supposed to be? A fighting/party game with a ton of fan service and nostalgic dream fulfillment. Also, the 2nd player aspect of the Subspace mode just seemed like it was tacked on last minute which made some areas way too mindless to get through thanks to the call back button. I think brawl really dropped the ball, both mechanically and stylistically. I admit I may have been over-hyped for the game, but I really have never felt so disappointed with any game. I tried to like it, I really did. I played it for months just hoping I was missing something about it that would make it fun. I never found that missing element of fun that I searched so desperately for. It would be great if this game turns out better. I have a little bit of hope due to some of the statements about Sakurai being disappointed about aspects of Brawl. I'm not going to get my hopes high though. Definitely not as high as my hopes for project M. You might enjoy what was done to him in project M if you haven't seen it. This demonstration was made before the current demo so there have been more changes. Also his jab during grab knocks a coin out of them, which I felt was a wonderful addition.
  5. I suppose, but it would have to compete with Project M in my mind since the final version of that should be coming out at around the same time. I doubt that the next official game will hold up to a fan made one.
  6. After the disappointment that was Brawl, I just can't get hyped for this game.
  7. Does anyone own this game on PS3? I've been looking for opponents for quite awhile. I really love this game. PS3 name: Giza-Ru
  8. You can only play as them in unranked matched games.
  9. I finally got the game for the ps3. Account: Giza-Ru
  10. You could always crouch and jump a lot haha
  11. The double tongue slam always did a ton of damage. I haven't seen it in the HD port but it always did a lot.
  12. Sonic the Fighters also got top billing on Sonic Gems Collection. I am most definitely in the minority on it here but I think Sonic the Fighters deserves the position and the higher cost.
  13. You can control all those things on the Gem collection version as well...
  14. I wish I could find video of people playing Honey that show off her moveset fairly well.
  15. I can't wait to get it. Glad to hear that Metal and Eggman can't be played in ranked matches. After watching part of one of those matches Shadzter U linked to I started feeling bad about how I can never seem to airtech into wall jump.
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