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  1. It must suck to live in Germany (not a putdown). Most of my IP copyrighted-tagged videos have a "this video is banned in Germany" note on them.
  2. I'm back, and I've brought Lady Gaga with me again. It's a mash-up of Lady Gaga's Bad Romance and the Stage Select (Beta) theme from the Rockman 8 Beta. No one did anything with latter tune, so I did something with it. Like I always do, I make cover art for this sort of thing. Enjoy. If you like Lady Gaga, hopefully you won't go wrong with this.
  3. Heh, thanks for the compliment. I integrated the beginning to possibly bypass the blocking audio crap that YouTube pulled last time. I thought to experiment. Then I realized that by just changing the category from "Music" to "Gaming", that I got away with uploading my new version. Seemed to do the trick. Sometimes, I wonder how I could get away with uploading these mashs when others (MixerProduction, Yuzoboy) don't seem to. I mean, look:
  4. This is a musical mash-up of Evening Star from Knuckles' Chaotix and Nothin' on You by B.o.B. Personally, I'm mighty impressed of how this turned out. Originally uploaded on December 2010 on YouTube, it was blocked worldwide months later (damn you, YouTube). I've fixed a few features in this 2011 video "re-upload." Equalized and inverted the songs and lyrics. Artwork edited for improvement. New visual effects added. Re-timed the "Nintendo 64" and "Pause" moments. Even though the original got taken down, at the very least I'd be optimistic enough to find ways to improve the original in more ways then one. Hope you guys enjoy this. =) I also did some "cover art" for the video as well. I hold no rights to this. This was made as a fan-tribute to two music pieces that I like.
  5. RUMOR: Mega Man Legends 3 is still possible And you still can make it happen. "David" of the 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 Campaign has reported that a Facebook user by the name of "Zeri P Bishop," had supposedly received information from a source within Capcom of possibly reviving the MML3 project. According to Zeri P Bishop, fans may actually still bring back Mega Man Legends 3 into development. The message posted here has been edited by me, for it is essentially instructions to help get the game back in development, and clarity and understanding is essential. For the Zeri's original post, see here. Before you all explode with excitement or scoff it if, this Zeri person's post should be taken with a grain of salt, as he does not explain who told him the prerequisites. However, taking Zeri's suggestion would result nothing lost, other than two-to-three minutes of your time. =) For those of you wondering, The 100,000 Strong for Bringing Back Mega Man Legends 3 Campaign, otherwise known as Get Me Off The Moon, is not a petition but a campaign hub aiming for one hundred thousand individuals to join them in an effort to convince Capcom to resume development of the 3DS game. It has already achieved 1/3 of it's goal so far. You can just click on the URL, log into Facebook, click on "Like" on the lower left side of the page.
  6. I've been in a Sonic mood lately. So I'm kicking off July for myself by uploading an old short Japanese preview of Sonic R for all Sonic fans -- nay, everyone -- to see, with annotations explaining what's up. This preview features some rudimentary details, most notable is a scratch version of the famous Sonic R theme "Super Sonic Racing" (though you would have to listen closely as the obnoxious Japanese announcer guy keeps blabbing over it. =P)! This segment originated from a Sega promotional VHS tape titled "セガサターンビデオマガジン 1997年12月号" (or Sega Saturn Video Magazine - December 1997). The complete video that I found the Sonic R footage from, actually originated from Nico Nico Douga. Original URL source: http://www.nicovideo...atch/sm12904944 I hope you enjoy this footage! EDIT: Added a topic icon.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 50 posts to view.
  8. Because this game is serious business and important. Originally found on Nico Nico Douga titled, ファミマガVideo創刊9月号 (Famimaga Video September), I stumbled upon this while searching for media on Mother 3 for my Shat-Canned Legends Documentary. The video shows the various differences of this early version to the final that my annotations go over. For one, none of the levels are recognizable (except perhaps one particular part), and the HUD is different. Very interesting stuff, especially upon seeing that these 80s Japanese game videos are from a completely different, and simpler era. Original URL: http://www.nicovideo...atch/sm13196307. Because I don't want to take all glory credit for this, as the video was originally uploaded and found on Nico Nico Douga. I just wanted to spread this video to the western hemisphere. Enjoy.
  9. At long last, here's my take on Sonic music! Well Knuckles, actually. What you see here is a mash-mix of from Knuckles' Chaotix and from B.o.B., you know, that song that is still in the Top 20 charts today. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUX4uHn50fk You won't believe how much trouble it was putting this mix up. It may not sound like, but I inverted the original song (Nothing on You) specifically for this video, that's how I dodged the audio disabled crap. For now, anyways. I highly advise, no I insist of downloading the untainted version here for the best experience, MP3 link. Enjoy the art-mash too, and Merry Christmas! I know my content is not totally original, but damn I think this is the best mashup I've made since Macbeth Be Startin' Somethin'.
  10. You asked for it. Welcome to my ninth PEMNAS Playthrough. IN HIGH DEFINITION! For the month of February 2010 (it's about seven months old here), is another Nintendo game from 64-Bit era, and THIS game is Star Fox 64 game for the Nintendo 64! This game was what Star Fox 2 could have been on the SNES. Except this time, it's in a much more detailed world then the original ever was before. Several new things to point out here. I really love how tight the controls are in this game. You can almost seamlessly move your Arwing around the screen with no problem, and you always feel like you're in control. Also new this time around, is the ability to take alternate paths in levels that can take you to different planets, which can result in a totally different story direction and progression. Hope you enjoy. =) Also, PEMNAS stands for "PLEASE EXCUSE MY NOOB ASS SKILLS". I invented the term myself.
  11. twitter.com/PG_kamiya/status/24820780249 protodudesrockmancorner.blogspot.com/201... Hideki Kamiya is a former employee of Capcom, responsible for Resident Evil 2, Devil May Cry (The first one), Viewtiful Joe, Okami, Bayonetta (he was one of the Clover Studios members that left). He posted this on his Twitter recently. It's known that he still is in touch with some of his old co-workers at Capcom, including Mega Man Legends series, Mega Man Zero series, and Dead Rising director Yoshinori Kawano. When I got my reply back from Kamiya-san (I am OKeijiDragon BTW, the one who asked him about Rockman DASH), I was perplexed. I was like "HOLY ****". Plus around that same time, he posted a picture of him and Kawano san at the TGS that's happening right now. I thought the timing was interesting too. He also said to believe in Kawano-san. Wonder what all this means?
  12. I found some Anime at a 99¢ store. I bought two Inuyasha DVDs. Details in the video.
  13. This is a video I've published about an English prototype version of Sonic Adventure that was shown at an E3 convention in 1999. I hadn't had seen any competent videos of the SA E3 Trial, so I thought I could be the one to do it justice. This was recorded and played on a real Sega Dreamcast, for the record. =P This prototype was dated June 8, 1999, several months before the game's (and the Dreamcast's) launch date, which dates after the Japanese version's release in December 23, 1998, don't expect to see anything massively different in this video. Actually, this prototype overall is not very different from the final English release except for one notable, yet cosmetic difference: Knuckles sounds different in this version. He's apparently still voiced by the same VA, but his voice just sounds gruffer and deeper. Details are explained in depth on the video. In the form of annotations. If you aren't the patient type, then just skip to for the alternate dialog already. In the later half of this video, I've included Knuckles' prototype voice samples that exist inside the contents of the disc. These were ripped and discovered by a Sonic Retro forum goer named evilhamwizard, who posted them in ADX file format here. For the record, this trial release was part of drx's release thread on Retro, which can be found here. Overall, this E3 Trial or subject isn't particularly special by any means, but I still thought I should share this to any Sonic Adventure prototype fans here. =)
  14. JULY 24, 2010 - SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I am pleased to announce that the entire Claire A scenario is complete! I'd like to thank you all for watching me play the first half scenario of RE2, but I would like to take a break from Resident Evil. Hopefully, I'll get around to doing the Leon B scenario in the coming months whenever I get to recording and have time to do the commentary. I look forward to doing "Leon B", but I'd also like to other stuff too. Please look forward to the Leon B segments of this topic and my YouTube channel, from me, soon. Thanks, OKeijiDragon --------------------------------- So about three months ago, I got Resident Evil 2 - N64 version for dirt cheap at eBay for $4.25, and so far I feel that I've got my money's worth. Recently, I thought that I might as well record myself playing through it and offer my commentary on ii just for the heck of it in the best possible quality presented, with the Expansion Pak and recorded through S-Video! In this playthrough, I went though the game on the Claire A / Leon B scenario with both A ranking, no spray-cans, no saving, with a time of "03:03:30" & "03:43:57", respectfully, with some of the N64 options turned on. In this same run, I happened to unlock 4th Survivor. There is however, a chance that I'll redo the entire Leon B scenario again from the ground up for time, integrity, and quality purposes. I understand that there exist a LOT of Resident Evil 2 playthroughs and videos, but at the same time there's not a lot of good quality videos of the N64 version. I'm adding commentary to this video run. Not vocal commentary (thank god for us all), but more like annotations that will consist of nerd trivia, jokes, personal reflection on certain parts, pointing out oddities, opinions, and more! If you are interested, rate my vids and subscribe! Also, PEMNAS stands for "PLEASE EXCUSE MY NOOB ASS SKILLS". I invented the term myself. So far I've already completed the Claire A scenario of my run, but I have plans to start the Leon B scenario. For now, I'd like to present parts starting from Part 0 through Part 19! Claire A Finished: COMPLETE! Leon B: Coming Soon! REAL SOON. --Now about the N64 version-- The Nintendo 64 version is known for, at the time, its technological breakthrough in inserting two 600+MB PlayStation CDs worth of (redundant) data in a 512Mbit/64MB cartridge. This port, done by Angel Studios, also features some additional exclusive content, including a new control scheme (dubbed "First Person Controls") an "Item Randomizer", a Violence Adjuster, and Blood Color Adjuster. But of course, for the last two you would always want the maximum amount of violence and pure red blood in any horror game, right? Other features include new costumes made by Angel Studios, the developer that ported RE2 to N64 alongside Capcom, and the new, detailed EX Files. The graphics actually look somewhat better than the PS version, there is very little clipping on the character models and they're smooth and feature no blocky-ness. Unlike the Saturn port of RE1, Capcom didn't sacrifice the character models much to work with Nintendo 64. The SAT version had some ugly models, IMO. Anyone have a copy of this game? I think this is overall the best port of the game I've played yet. I wanted to get the GameCube port, but 1) It's overpriced a bit 2) It doesn't have the features that the N64 version has 3) The controls for that port kinda suck from what I read. Anyways, I will be updating this thread whenever I get more videos and commentary done. Stay Tuned!
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