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  1. The way the music quiets down when Sonic enters the water really underlines the tension of that part. I loved it.
  2. Fleetsy

    Toy Story

    Oh right I see, and yeah I know what you mean about the 3D glasses. They irritated my eyes a lot on the first 20 minutes of the film. Yesyesyes, I dug out my old Woody toy (Unfortunately I have no idea where the hat is) and he's sat on my bookshelf at the moment. Yeah I wrote Andy on his shoes too. xD I looked on eBay the other day and they're going for about 40 quid; the mint condition ones, mind you.
  3. Fleetsy

    Toy Story

    I went and saw it yesterday and it was one of the best films I've seen in quite a while. I rewatched Toy Story 2 a few days ago (It was on BBC1, so I recorded it with Sky+) twice to get me back in the swing with the films, but I didn't really need to. Toy Story 3 reminds you of all of the things you need to remember when watching it and is generally just an exceptional film. And yes, I almost cried at the end, but held back the tears because I was with a group of friends. >.< If you're asking for effects where it seems as if the characters and objects are coming out of the screen then apparently you're talking about 4D effects. I had the same moan to my friends about the lack of 3D in the movie, but apparently 3D just gives the screen a bit more depth.
  4. NONONONO. Everytime I'm reminded of these I become absolutely paranoid that they're hiding in every corner of every room I enter. UUUUGH.
  5. The amount of images in this topic is horrible. D: I can't stand most spiders. I don't mind the really small ones, because they're easily dealt with, but anything bigger than a 50p coin and I'm batting it with whatever I can get my hands on. They're just awful. >.< This topic has made me keep double checking everything around me incase there are spiders around now. D:
  6. Am I the only one who is wondering how you'd go about eating such a large burger? Nobody's mouth is THAT big. The KFC thing doesn't seem too bad. I suppose eating one every few months wouldn't hurt you, as long as you're leading a relatively healthy lifestyle.
  7. He actually has a recognizable head now, and limbs. ^^;
  8. I can understand the fight for internet piracy, but cutting people off because of it? Do we know if we'll be warned beforehand or just cut off straight away if you're caught on these 'naughty sites'?
  9. I can understand where you're coming from with the fourth gen. Most of the pokemon which aren't evolutions of pokemon who were created in the 3 generations before it didn't strike me as being a pokemon. If that makes any sense. I've gradually got used to it, and now some of my favourite pokemon are in the 3rd generation, but it just took longer to sink in.
  10. Fleetsy

    Post Your Desktop

    I don't even know what this is, but it's cute and colourful. <3
  11. Hi there, just thought I'd let you know that the three images on the top left are broken. They're not loading at all. This is only happening on the Sonical skin and it's just a little annoying. ^^;
  12. I've been pretty much near addicted to GTA 4 lately. I love the freedom, a nice way to let off some steam at the end of the day.
  13. Sounds like a Star Wars finale. Also, hi. (: We could countdown to the olympics! XD
  14. Resident Evil. I avoid scary stuff anyway. Not one for scares. D:
  15. I've wanted to visit Japan for ages. Although I think I'll wait until I have a job before I start saving. :B I've wanted to sit on a rooftop and watch the sun go down one night, and it come up the next morning with someone special too.
  16. The werehog has to be the best one out of them all at the moment, IMO. I really like it.
  17. Jesus, some people are really nasty. :/ I recently did a fresh install of my OS and updated accordingly, so I'm hoping I'll be fine. Might boycott the internet on April Fool's though. o_o
  18. Fleetsy

    Your Backpack

    Jeez, you peoples' bags are awesome. Mine's a boring Nike one I got just because it had what I needed; two compartments. One for my lunch (A sandwhich and a drink) and one for school books and the like. On a normal day I have; My pencil case. Homework diary. (For keeping homework in. ) Excercise books I need for the day. My art folder which has the sketches and final concept artworks I've done over the last 2 years. My iPod speakers depending where I'm off to after school. Pretty boring compared to other people on here. >_<
  19. Although the memberbase must be huge. The UK, USA and Germany are quite a big chunk of the world, so I'm not sure whether it'll hit them really hard, or just give the site a little dent in it's rep. :/
  20. The radio stations are good, but I don't think they're worth that 3 euros (Is that the Euro sign? :S) and if it's still free in the UK, USA and Germany, why?
  21. A classic one would be cooler.
  22. This is awesome! It's like a way better version of YouTube. <3
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