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  1. Okay, I never expected the music to be AMAZING! Seriously, Bowser Jr.'s theme was great!! Same with the music on cutscenes (That jazz vibre when Kresti got mad was great)
  2. So what we know about the rivals so far: -Heihashi vs Toro -Dante vs Nariko -Parappa vs Spike -Kratos vs SweetTooth -Sackboy vs Big Daddy My rivals wish list is: -Sly vs Drake -Ratchet vs Jak (face it, its gonna happen) -Radec vs Raiden -Cole vs Evil Cole -Sir Daniel vs Fat Princess? (run out of ideas) I wonder if any of this will become true...
  3. I like the idea of costumes. Something I was kind of disappointed in the first game was that most of the collectables were nothing but pins with no effects. Also the achievements reveal a lot of interesting things: Angel Falls/Devil Fall/Rainbow Falls seem to be a new area(s), you seem to be able to take pictures to places and enemies (that'd explain the photo signs in the disney gultch showings) and that about "Navigated both halves of Mean Street" sounds oddly intriguing. Also I find cute that Mickey can eventually get his own statue in Wasteland. Haha, I also love how there are so many disney title references in the names. "Oswald's New Groove" gotta be my favorite.
  4. I decided not spoil myself witht he song when it leaked long ago...it was worth it... this is now one of my favorite songs
  5. I don't know if it counts as "character" archetype, but you know what I hate? The archetype where everyone is a jerk to the protagonist and when that protagonist does soemthing good, nobody sees it or believes him. I hate overall when characters are jerks for no particular reason, specially when they are NOT the bully (because at elast they get away because they are bullies). Some other archetypes I hate are: 1) Idiot Hero: when done to extremes. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind if the hero is silly or not very bright, but when they act idiotic all the time it just chews on my nerves. 2) The bratty younger sister that gets away with everything she does: hoo boy do I hate this one. What can I say about it? Is usually played in a lot of kid's shows it just bothers me because no matter how much that character pisses you off you know it will never be redeemed or it will never lear the lesson.
  6. For what I have seen of this videos, this game seems to have the most eye-pleasing and interesting tracks of any mario kart game. They all so full of stuff.
  7. if that's true, thank god I'm not buying the wii version
  8. Thanks to sergiomonty from the Rayman Pirate-Community.
  9. I downloaded it. it suppsoe to be info extracted from the demo which ends up being a lot of the scrip (kidna like what happened with sonic generations). The thing is I have NO idea how to see it. It's in some weird type of file that I don't know and everything I try to sue to make it work ends up fdrozing by how heavy it is.
  10. Wait, Soleanna? Was Soleanna ever stated as canon in the comics before? And yeah, I'm totally missing the point by getting distracted with some minor detail, but still...
  11. My main problem is that, those seem like pretty decent personalities and voices, not counting some of those (except butt-ugly spyro) actually look decent. If it wasn't for the shove-in-your-face humor, the pathetic villian, the EXTREMLY straightfoward and simplistic plot, these characters would actually be...ya know...interesting...
  12. To be honest, There haven't been a Sonic cartoon that I could actually consider my favorite. Many of them just staying at the same level of favoritism... AoSTh was the first sonic show I ever watched, and I was completly unaware SatAM even existed (I can't rememebr if it ever aired in Chilean networks) and while it had it shares of problems (mostly weird and forgettable one-shot characters and some crazy off-modeling) it was still funny enough to do what it wanted to do: entretain. Stil, for some weird reason it never caught much of my attention, as hammy as Robotnik was. Again, never watched SatAM as a kid, and watching it as a grown-up didn't really gave me a good impression. Maybe it was good, for it's time, but considering many of the 90s timlesss cartoons, I just feel people tend to overrate this show. Sonic Underground...ugh...I cans ee the idea of trying to mix funny with a deeper storyline like a combination of the first 2 shows) but it failed miserably to deliver that, with boring characters, AWFUL musical numbers shoehorned in the middle of the show and overall just plain bad. Sonic X I really wanted to like it, I really really did. I remember hearing about the show coming soon back when I was beating SA2B, happy to see all the characters in a show mroe similar to the games. Sadly, what we got was an spoiled whinny brat that was supposed to be the character we had to relate to, butchered game plots, crude animations and the character's personalities being heavily flanderitized. Also, it may be a pet peeve but, am I the only one who hates how shamelesssly and badly they use the computer-generated effects? I know it's a way to make it look pretty and cheaper, but I don't know, seeing sonic's CGI spindash it didn't feel as satisfieing as when he does it in the OVA (not gonna include the other shows in this example because...well....I hated those spindashes too. Sure they were better than this, but sonic supposed to curl into a ball...not a freaky chainsaw!) or just that badly computer generated running animation against the good ol' infinity-shaped run. I find the OVA pretty entretaining, Eggman being goofy but at the same time beign able to build threatening robots. And a pretty good aniamtion heavily inspired on CD. I still felt that the word was pretty empty, as only big empty spaces were shown and considering the fact it was just an OVA, was never able to take it's scenery beyond just that...scenery. In a ironic twist, I really really REALLY like Night of the Werehog, the one short about the form that everyone hates.Werehog or not, it was a funny short that you could see effort oozing from every side. It made you feel the staff actually tryed to do soemthing both for them to have a blast as well as deliver soemthing ncie to the public. It also shows Sonic don't need over complicated plots to do soemthing good and heck, the fights were actually pretty well made. I'd love if SEGa could do more of these things.
  13. My user name is Mr_Viku, if anyone is interesed. Loving the game so far, the story is good, the characters full of personality, the dub incredible (I even admit, I like Val's vocie in english more. While the jap VA is also pretty good I love that the eng VA can shift between epicly over the top to calm in a flash) and the online features well implemented (thought it sometimes annoying to get foreing voters that screw your senate bills sometimes) Also i have a question: How can you double magichange? I'm at the 6th episode and it's getting annoying every enemy can do it while I can't...
  14. Viku

    Mega Man Legends 3

    What pisses me off the most is that they announced the new version of MVC3 not so long after. They KNEW people were going to rage, so they just used that as their ace in their sleeve. Capcom just treated us like dogs. We barked at them and they threw a stake at us so we could shut up. D: But you know what Capcom? I may not be able to hurt you, but that doesen't mean I'l give up on my opinions too. I'll just wait... That's right, wait. Wait and wait till Ulimte Marvel vs Capcom 3 starts to appear at the used games section of my local store. Funny thing, people tend to keep playing your fighting games waaaay after they appear, so I'll just buy it used... I'll be ale to enjoy it, still find people online, yet you are not gonna get a cent from me.
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