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  1. How can Good Sonic Games Be Real If Our Yuji Naka Isn't Real?

    1. #AR


      Most Sonic Teams Are Blue

    2. azoo


      Not real Sonic!!!!

    3. DJ FLiGHTS
  2. How Can Sonic Be Real If Our Chili Dogs Aren't Real?

    1. D-Metal X

      D-Metal X

      How Can Knuckles Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

    2. DJ FLiGHTS
    3. azoo


      How Could Sonic be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Sonic?

    4. #AR


      How Can Chili Dogs Be Sonic If Our Real Aren't Knuckles

    5. azoo


      How Could Eyes Are Real???


  4. Pumped for dat Spring Break.

    1. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      Mine's ending on Monday....



    Back from the never ending abyss—faster, more streamlined, and Bukkit-powered—is the Unofficial Official SSMB Servers! Yes, yes, with rocky up and down times a few months ago and then an abrupt end, I think with new found vigor I should bring these bad boys back better than before! So if you still have crafting in your veins come along for the ride and seek out new venture. Keep an eye out for hidden structures tucked away to appeal to your Sonic-y palette along with plenty of other goodies. Make sure to share what you find! If you're white-listed, just log in with the old info, but if not, just drop me a line. (Both servers have different white-lists. I'll add you to both.) Servers (just copy-paste between quotes): "sterlingminecrafts.servegame.com:25563" (Survival) "sterlingminecrafts.servegame.com:25564" (Creative) Important New Notes: -Boundary limit of 5000 in any direction. (10000x10000 sized world.) This is to put more ease on the server load. It's plenty to work with, so don't worry. -Because this is a pretty old world, going through so many updates without dying has made for some interesting land formations. These are normal, and will be more apparent as movement is made more outward into new lands. -Since we're on Bukkit, feel free to suggest plugins that may be of use to the server. We'll determine how to implement these if we choose to do so. -There are some old mods still listed on the OP list, but that's not to say we won't add new ones. I'll see as time goes by who'll fit the bill. It's a generally small bunch that comes on, so I hope it won't be unnecessary to need too many. -PM or Skype is the best way to reach me. Otherwise, contact another moderator with grievances. -Down-times will be announced ahead of time. Up times are still 10 a.m.—10 p.m. EST everyday. Have fun, and be crafty! (And pardon my tardiness.)
  6. Neat. I guess I can save time and tuck my idea for later. That's a load off my back. I wanna see how this banner thing will turn out. If it gets too pricey, consider me in to pitch some cash at ya. :]
  7. Y'all should like... check back tomorrow or something. ;]
  8. You may if we need to fill in missing ones by the time I'm done with the final piece. Of course, I tried that last time and ended up with about half, so who knows what you can find.
  9. Alright, thought I'd pop in to let you guys know how it's going. To start off, thank goodness you lot are so patient with us. It's really appreciated. Second, we're on the last leg of getting things finished, and we're definitely making this work. So I'd like to get somethings out of the way so that when I put the complete piece up, it's quick and clean. Going to need a credits list, so if no one minds, please find yourself in the list below, use the name you'd like to be credited as, and provide a link to your dA, FA, Pixiv, etc. First person, please quote the whole spoiler with your edits, and the next should quote theirs, not mine. Think of it as passing around a sign-in sheet, adding your name as it goes from one poster to the next. Next off, I'd like to talk about a few things about next year's collaboration. See, doing this a second time, I've learned quite a bit. So, I'm making plenty of changes that I believe will streamline the process and create a more fair project. -Starting the collab process in January, rather than in March. -No reservations. First come first serve, only. -Collab process will end on May 1st. -Extensions are given under "extraneous circumstances." (If you don't think you'll have time to do it, don't bother picking a character.) -Partner to help put it together was originally chosen because I didn't have time to do it myself. Now, I'm picking one no matter what, as well as picking them well ahead of time rather than waiting until the end. Looking for someone I can have well established contact with, has proficiency in organization, layout, and design, has loads of patience, and owns the latest tools to work. (Adobe CS series or the like.) Please let me know if you're interested, and I'll pick based on what you prove. -If this is done early enough, we might work something out so we can have a poster/banner hung at SoS '13. (Done through donations, because I'd imagine it to be quite costly. Especially if it's made here in the US, and sent there.) Nothing is set in stone, but we can discuss that more later. -Theme of collab will be publicly chosen ahead of time, and will be most likely be based on suggestions posted. So feel free to give ideas! -Holy Crabmeat, we're kicking up quality a bit, so I will put together more stricter guidelines for submissions. (Will discuss with new partner well before collab begins.) That's all for now. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and here's to a great Winter Holiday!
  10. School's gotten the best of him. Making vidja geams is rough work.
  11. Okay, so I know this looks bad, and I wanted to get it out before school starts since I knew I'd not have much time to pop in. But didn't know it'd get THIS bad. So I can only apologize for my misjudgment. I appreciate your patience, and glad we've had a chance to work on this. I'd like to also thank those offering to save this project. I have what I need, so I'm shipping this to my good pal helping me with it, and we can finally put this to rest. This isn't dying on anyone's watch.
  12. DJ FLiGHTS


    Yo yo, sorry the server's been up and down so much this summer. With the recent migration though, it will be much more regular (and possibly faster too). School's starting soon, so where else to take a break then Minecraft, am I right? And who knows, some new large projects may be brewing...
  13. Gonna do that there Vanquish. Coming along just dandy, so join up, if it's not too much trouble~ http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast

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