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  1. How can Good Sonic Games Be Real If Our Yuji Naka Isn't Real?

    1. #AR


      Most Sonic Teams Are Blue

    2. azoo


      Not real Sonic!!!!

    3. DJ FLiGHTS
  2. How Can Sonic Be Real If Our Chili Dogs Aren't Real?

    1. D-Metal X

      D-Metal X

      How Can Knuckles Be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Real

    2. DJ FLiGHTS
    3. azoo


      How Could Sonic be Real If Our Eyes Aren't Sonic?

    4. #AR


      How Can Chili Dogs Be Sonic If Our Real Aren't Knuckles

    5. azoo


      How Could Eyes Are Real???

  3. Pumped for dat Spring Break.

    1. Chaos Warp

      Chaos Warp

      Mine's ending on Monday....

  4. Neat. I guess I can save time and tuck my idea for later. That's a load off my back. I wanna see how this banner thing will turn out. If it gets too pricey, consider me in to pitch some cash at ya. :]
  5. Y'all should like... check back tomorrow or something. ;]
  6. School's gotten the best of him. Making vidja geams is rough work.


    Yo yo, sorry the server's been up and down so much this summer. With the recent migration though, it will be much more regular (and possibly faster too). School's starting soon, so where else to take a break then Minecraft, am I right? And who knows, some new large projects may be brewing...
  8. Gonna do that there Vanquish. Coming along just dandy, so join up, if it's not too much trouble~ http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast

  9. Playing more Vanquish. Sorta having a blast with things. http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast

  10. Last game of the summer. Vanquish. I'm definitely excited about this one. Hope it goes well. http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast

  11. http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast# Awww yeeeaaah, finishing MadWorld (hopefully).
  12. Just in time to start more MadWorld. Meeeeeh... http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast#

  13. Virtua Fighter enthusiasts, let me know how I do in VF5: Showdown (if it isn't too much trouble, that is...) http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast

  14. So dudes, who here likes MadWorld? I'm warming up to it a bit. So let's get playing. http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast

  15. Wicked Crush does in fact have a Tumblr. Which is where THIS update has just popped up from.
  16. Been having fun with Generations... I suppose? Let's see if can stack up in the end. http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast (Also, watch, I guess... *shrugs*)

    1. Soniman


      Not living up to the hype?

    2. Your Vest Friend

      Your Vest Friend

      How's that Vector mission for ya?

  17. I don't usually make topics about these sort of things... well, I usually don't make any topics... but this time, I felt it was important. This... is Wicked Crush. As you can see, this game is still in development, but that doesn't stop it from shaping up to be a pretty sweet game so far! http://www.kickstart...ks/wicked-crush This has interested me more than a lot of things I've seen. Plus, with this guy's experience, I have no doubt that it'll amaze me once it comes out! If you're interested, feel free to add your support!
  18. Gonna finish me some Bayonetta. Feel like it won't disappoint. http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast#

  19. There's been quite a few delays with some characters being dropped, and quickly picked up again by a very generous artist. So as they are getting the remaining few done (like 3), I'm getting all the pieces situated into place. (THERE IS A LOT, WHO'D A THUNK?) I pray these last few can come in this week, but before then, our background artist will be well underway with what they need to get done. It's late again this year, but we're definitely getting a larger turn-out. Trust me, it's a biggy. :]
  20. Playing some more Bayonetta. I think I'm almost done??? http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast#

  21. If ya ain't to busy with EVO, care to watch some more Bayonetta? (Tonight's probably the night it breaks me...) http://www.twitch.tv/sterlingversespodcast

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