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  1. Back from the never ending abyss—faster, more streamlined, and Bukkit-powered—is the Unofficial Official SSMB Servers!


    Yes, yes, with rocky up and down times a few months ago and then an abrupt end, I think with new found vigor I should bring these bad boys back better than before!


    So if you still have crafting in your veins come along for the ride and seek out new venture. Keep an eye out for hidden structures tucked away to appeal to your Sonic-y palette along with plenty of other goodies. Make sure to share what you find!


    If you're white-listed, just log in with the old info, but if not, just drop me a line. (Both servers have different white-lists. I'll add you to both.)


    Servers (just copy-paste between quotes):

    "sterlingminecrafts.servegame.com:25563" (Survival)

    "sterlingminecrafts.servegame.com:25564" (Creative)


    Important New Notes:

    -Boundary limit of 5000 in any direction. (10000x10000 sized world.) This is to put more ease on the server load. It's plenty to work with, so don't worry.

    -Because this is a pretty old world, going through so many updates without dying has made for some interesting land formations. These are normal, and will be more apparent as movement is made more outward into new lands.

    -Since we're on Bukkit, feel free to suggest plugins that may be of use to the server. We'll determine how to implement these if we choose to do so.

    -There are some old mods still listed on the OP list, but that's not to say we won't add new ones. I'll see as time goes by who'll fit the bill. It's a generally small bunch that comes on, so I hope it won't be unnecessary to need too many.

    -PM or Skype is the best way to reach me. Otherwise, contact another moderator with grievances.

    -Down-times will be announced ahead of time. Up times are still 10 a.m.10 p.m. EST everyday.


    Have fun, and be crafty! (And pardon my tardiness.)

  2. Since no one seems to be responding to this, do you think we should just look at the sites linked on their profiles and just put them here? I wouldn't mind volunteering to do this. Just would like to see this done before 2013 XD

    You may if we need to fill in missing ones by the time I'm done with the final piece. Of course, I tried that last time and ended up with about half, so who knows what you can find.

  3. Alright, thought I'd pop in to let you guys know how it's going.

    To start off, thank goodness you lot are so patient with us. It's really appreciated. Second, we're on the last leg of getting things finished, and we're definitely making this work. So I'd like to get somethings out of the way so that when I put the complete piece up, it's quick and clean.

    Going to need a credits list, so if no one minds, please find yourself in the list below, use the name you'd like to be credited as, and provide a link to your dA, FA, Pixiv, etc. First person, please quote the whole spoiler with your edits, and the next should quote theirs, not mine. Think of it as passing around a sign-in sheet, adding your name as it goes from one poster to the next.

    C. Sonic - Rawrdom

    M. Sonic - Briaaaah

    C. Tails - The Kid

    M. Tails - Nemain

    C. Knuckles - Hybrid

    M. Knuckles - Emerald Lance

    C. Amy - Rabid Noodles

    M. Amy - Quacku

    C. Eggman - Swiss

    M. Eggman - Azukara

    C. Metal Sonic - Rabid-Noodles

    M. Metal Sonic - Samus Aran

    C. Vector - Katzii

    M. Vector - Venice

    C. Espio - KKM

    M. Espio - redhellc

    C. Charmy - Dan-imeJ86

    M. Charmy - Nemain

    Mighty/Shadow - SonHOG/Briaaaah

    Bean/Jet - debug ring/Kamicciolo

    Bark/Big - Venice/Rabid-Noodles

    Nack/Rouge - Noku_Crocodile/Mimi

    Honey/Blaze - Voy-Boy/Samus Aran

    Gamma/Omega - Quacku/D-Metal X

    Bomb & Heavy/Orbot & Cubot - Dan-imeJ86/Pixel Brain

    Eggrobo/Eggpawn - SegaDogTagz/SegaDogTagz

    C. Motobug/M. Motobug - Dan-imeJ86/ProfessorZolo

    C. Crabmeat/M. Crabmeat - sandwichbars/debug ring

    Next off, I'd like to talk about a few things about next year's collaboration. See, doing this a second time, I've learned quite a bit. So, I'm making plenty of changes that I believe will streamline the process and create a more fair project.

    -Starting the collab process in January, rather than in March.

    -No reservations. First come first serve, only.

    -Collab process will end on May 1st.

    -Extensions are given under "extraneous circumstances." (If you don't think you'll have time to do it, don't bother picking a character.)

    -Partner to help put it together was originally chosen because I didn't have time to do it myself. Now, I'm picking one no matter what, as well as picking them well ahead of time rather than waiting until the end. Looking for someone I can have well established contact with, has proficiency in organization, layout, and design, has loads of patience, and owns the latest tools to work. (Adobe CS series or the like.) Please let me know if you're interested, and I'll pick based on what you prove.

    -If this is done early enough, we might work something out so we can have a poster/banner hung at SoS '13. (Done through donations, because I'd imagine it to be quite costly. Especially if it's made here in the US, and sent there.) Nothing is set in stone, but we can discuss that more later.

    -Theme of collab will be publicly chosen ahead of time, and will be most likely be based on suggestions posted. So feel free to give ideas!

    -Holy Crabmeat, we're kicking up quality a bit, so I will put together more stricter guidelines for submissions. (Will discuss with new partner well before collab begins.)

    That's all for now. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving, and here's to a great Winter Holiday!

  4. Okay, so I know this looks bad, and I wanted to get it out before school starts since I knew I'd not have much time to pop in. But didn't know it'd get THIS bad. So I can only apologize for my misjudgment. I appreciate your patience, and glad we've had a chance to work on this. I'd like to also thank those offering to save this project. I have what I need, so I'm shipping this to my good pal helping me with it, and we can finally put this to rest. This isn't dying on anyone's watch.

  5. Yo yo, sorry the server's been up and down so much this summer. With the recent migration though, it will be much more regular (and possibly faster too). School's starting soon, so where else to take a break then Minecraft, am I right?

    And who knows, some new large projects may be brewing...

  6. Wicked Crush does in fact have a Tumblr. Which is where THIS update has just popped up from.

    Concept Art, Editor, Music Update!

    Hi again everyone! It’s been an exciting week working on Wicked Crush. Please excuse me if I make typos due to sleep deprivation! The whole team has been crunching the past few days. Ryan’s made some cool concept art for three of the Beastmen races.


    As of now, the top, left and right races are Liluma, Cerati and Avian, respectively. Most of the town of Rosachelia is made up of these three races. What do you think of them?

    I’ve been crunching the past few days to put together a prototype of the new level editor. Right now it’s still a work in progress, but works and it’s fun and easy to use with a mouse or a gamepad.



    I tried to borrow a bit from the look of a blueprint. In the full game, everything in the editor will also be drawn by Ryan, so please don’t mind my programmer art. When you’re finished and save your level, your design is automatically textured according to what tier you’re building for, turned into polygons for the 3D world, and decorated with scenery. As you unlock and build for new tiers, your selection of enemies and traps will change, so you can expect an ever-changing toolbox, and constantly evolving challenges.


    The left and right triggers (or mouse wheel if you’d rather use the mouse) let you zoom in and out for easier editing. When using the mouse and keyboard, all of the sidebars are clickable, and mapped to hotkeys for your convenience.

    That number floating around at the top is the level’s danger rating. Each enemy and trap has a certain rating, and each tier has a max total, to keep the levels balanced.

    I hope to release a video of this in action in a few days, and the first beta in a few months (if funding is successful).

    Finally, I’d like to share one last thing for now. This is one of the songs Kevin’s made for the game’s soundtrack, for your enjoyment. Check it out~

    Thank you so much for the support of our project. We’re a ways off from our goal, but we haven’t given up yet! Please continue to support us, and talk about the game with your friends. Every drop of buzz if crucial to our success.

  7. I don't usually make topics about these sort of things... well, I usually don't make any topics... but this time, I felt it was important. This... is Wicked Crush.

    As you can see, this game is still in development, but that doesn't stop it from shaping up to be a pretty sweet game so far!


    A World of Danger and Mystery

    Enter the world of Wicked Crush, where a centuries-spanning war between humans and beastmen dictates life. But in the isolated beastmen town of Rosachelia, where you (as either a dude or a chick) fall from the sky, it's the almighty dollar that reigns.

    The town's entire economy revolves around profiting from the lives of adventurers foolish enough to enter Dynidar, the seemingly endless, constantly changing dungeon that borders the town. The townspeople provide the sales of items, services in forging equipment and even renovate the dungeon to make it deadlier. Despite this seemingly grim lifestyle, the townsfolk are actually quite friendly. Sharing a common interest in getting that paper, you are quickly welcomed among the Rosachelian people. It is then that you decide to be the first to reach the bottom depths of Dynidar and discover the endless riches and dark secrets that await.


    About the Game

    Wicked Crush is a PC game designed around the concept of an online game where you play alone, but everything you do has a direct effect on other players.

    Taking inspiration from classic action games like Castlevania and Mega Man, along with modern games like Demon's Souls, Little Big Planet, Persona 4 and Ys, the game promises to meld the responsive controls and compact movesets of old with unique online functionality, player-generated content, and beautiful, high definition, frame-by-frame 2D animation.

    The player's ultimate goal is to reach the deepest levels of Dynidar, each floor is actually made by another player pulled from an online server. If you complete the floor without dying, you will find gold or valuables at the end, and the creator of the floor will receive a small amount of gold. However, if you die, the floor's creator earns a much larger sum. What this ultimately means is that players are rewarded for making crafty levels that rake in the deaths.

    This use of player-generated content creates the unique challenge to giving the game a fair learning curve, slowly increasing difficulty while adding mechanics, and ensuring that the aesthetics remain cohesive. This is being achieved by grouping floors together into “tiers”, each of which has a specific amount and types of enemies and traps that may be employed, combined with a constantly updating ratio of successful and failed runs to determine how easy or difficult a floor is, where in Dynidar it should be placed, and how big the payout for completing it should be.

    Between dungeon runs, the player will return to the town of Rosachelia. In town, players can rest, talk to the townsfolk, purchase items (such as potions, temporary strength supplements, and signs to leave behind for other players), upgrade their equipment, and build floors for Dynidar.

    The current dungeon editor is very fast and powerful, but is not yet easy enough to use to my satisfaction. I am currently working on a new editor that can be controlled with either keyboard+mouse or a gamepad, and will be as intuitive and easy to use as Kid Pix, by procedurally generating the level's aesthetics to the player's design.

    Those who would prefer to not interact with others need not worry. There will be at least 100 floors included with the final game to ensure a full game experience with or without an internet connection.


    Music and Sound

    Because Wicked Crush has such a varied structure, the game aims to have a varied soundtrack to match. The game's music is being composed by different musicians with different backgrounds, to suit the different modes of play, whether it's building, fighting or decompressing. We hope for the game to have a soundtrack that's unique in style from other games.

    Sound effects are also incredibly important to providing a rich experience, so we're taking sound design very seriously, and making sure that what you hear brings you deeper into the game world. We intend to mostly use sounds from Freesound.


    Back of the Box Bullshit

    • Beautiful art that won't melt your eyes.
    • Music that doesn't make your ears bleed.
    • Gameplay mechanics inspired by punishing-but-fair platformers of the 90s.
    • Unique online functionality to ensure there's always another challenge to conquer.
    • Play as a dude or a chick!
    • A fully-functional dungeon editor that rewards players for using it.
    • An eyes-wettingly moving story with pants-wettingly humorous jokes.


    Our Team

    Billy Monks (Me) – I am the game's Designer and Programmer. I love making games and want to make games until I die.

    Ryan Miller – Ryan, known online as rtil, is a multifaceted digital artist, animator, videographer and designer with a BFA in Production Animation from Digipen and over 5 years of industry experience, including work on the multiplatform title Skullgirls. He is working on all aspects of the game's Art and Animation. Rumored to carry a manpurse. (?)

    Kevin Studevant – Known online as SHADOWFOX2, Kevin specializes in upbeat electronic and hip-hop music. His music has been featured in many games and animations. (All of the lovely music in the trailer has been graciously prepared by Kevin)

    TJ Turqman – An incredible bassist and Jazz musician who can be found working on the popular U Street in D.C.. TJ is providing high quality recordings for the game, featuring some of the other local artists he works with.

    StrawberryCreme26 – Known for mixing and producing the Hiimdaisy Persona 4 comic dubs, she is providing the game's voice direction, as well as sound mixing.

    GeneralIvan – A popular and talented voice actor, Ivan is best known on Youtube and Tumblr. As well as with lending his vocal talents, he is working on filling out the game's dialog and lore.

    What's the Kickstarter For?

    The money we (fingers crossed) receive from this Kickstarter will let us work full-time on all aspects of the game, particularly on the art assets, music and programming, as well as pay for server fees to keep the online functionality running.

    Any extra funding will give us extra time and resources, which will go directly toward the game, allowing us to provide a fuller experience with local co-op, more environments, more enemies, more traps, more character customization, and more items.

    Shortly after the game is finished, I plan to work on Mac and Linux conversions, provided people are interested. Adding other languages to the game is also a possibility, but getting the game done in English is the team's priority for now.

    I will run a blog for the game, and make sure it's updated at least once a week so that backers can see how the game is progressing and provide feedback, as well as get an inside look at the development team's gradual slip into insanity. I will also be very accessible through my twitter.

    Finally, in order to test the server and network, we will put out a beta test some time in 2012. This test will be exclusive to backers, and any well-designed levels made in the beta will be likely to make it into the full game as an offline level (with your name attached, of course).

    We are incredibly psyched to make the game, but we really need your help to make our dream a reality.

    This has interested me more than a lot of things I've seen. Plus, with this guy's experience, I have no doubt that it'll amaze me once it comes out! If you're interested, feel free to add your support!

  8. There's been quite a few delays with some characters being dropped, and quickly picked up again by a very generous artist. So as they are getting the remaining few done (like 3), I'm getting all the pieces situated into place. (THERE IS A LOT, WHO'D A THUNK?) I pray these last few can come in this week, but before then, our background artist will be well underway with what they need to get done. It's late again this year, but we're definitely getting a larger turn-out. Trust me, it's a biggy. :]

  9. SILVA i've finished Metal Sonic, it turns out i had to start it from scratch due to a corrupt PSD file for fuck sake.

    so there's no shading/highlighting/Sonic Adventure colouring style since i'm pressed for time on various other projects too, so it looks like shit but it'll have to do

    you got an e-mail or some shit i can e-mail this to? its a big picture...

    Blaze & Honey will be joining the list shortly, after i whack some colour onto them.

    :Edit: Cola, get modern finished now, you have the main character for this piece and it won't be complete without him.

    Heh, thanks for going through all the trouble. I felt I could count of ya. You can email me at c2silvarymes[at]gmail[dot]com.

    Keep being awesome.

  10. Just a little update, I've chosen my duo to help get the backing of this whole thing done. Things are a bit behind for reasons (you know who you are), but I'm not delaying the rest any longer. Hopefully the pieces will fall into place and I won't have to end up redoing anything. Time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping... into the futurrrrrre~

  11. Remember how Doc Scratch said that to know LE's true name would be to know fear like no other?

    That's because saying it lets you meet the other guy.

    Nah, but really...

    "Still, it might come in handy down the road. Lord English is supposedly indestructible. He's rumored to be killable only through a number of glitches and exploits in spacetime. The doll may ultimately help you work the system if it comes to that."

    >glitches and exploits

    >calliope, spoken against the rules

    >the doll may ultimately help you work the system if it comes to that

    It's not Die's doll.

    It's Lil' Cal.

    A clue towards Calliope, his only weakness.


    EDIT: *rummages for more interesting tidbits*

    >TG: wait dont tell me youre ACUTALLY from urnanus??

    >UU: heehee. no.

    >UU: that jUst happened to be a planet from yoUr system i thoUght was lovely.

    >UU: i was particUlarly strUck by its UniqUe rotation.

    >UU: it has very nice...

    >UU: bollocks, what's the word.

    >UU: the term that refers to a ball's topspin?



    >The Uranian system has a unique configuration among the planets because its axis of rotation is tilted sideways



    >glossary of billiard terms

    >ENGLISH. (General) Side spin applied to the cue ball by striking it off center; used to alter the natural roll of the cue ball and/or the object ball.

    >Cherubism is a rare genetic disorder that causes prominence in the lower portion in the face

    >Early Semitic tradition conceived the cherubim as guardians, being devoid of human feelings, and holding a duty both to represent the gods and to guard sanctuaries from intruders

    >Calliope is universally depicted as carrying a tablet




  12. Despite not having all the characters, I'm going to go ahead and move onto the next stage. If you haven't already, please send me your Skype name, and at my discretion, add to the roster of those who wish to help with the background piece for all the characters. From there, we'll discuss how it will go. Sorry we're shifting gears so quickly, but I need to make due with the time remaining.

  13. Nobodies taken Classic Motobug yet?!

    C'mon people!!

    If I hadn't already done two characters I'd do it myself. But to do more would be unfair, although ironically, I have already sketched the classic Motobug for a picture I was going to create, but I canceled the idea and no longer have a use for it. lol

    Anyway, c'mon people!! tongue.png

    Be my guest, Dan. We're short on time as it is. ;]

  14. Silva

    Don't worry, I won't let last year happen again.

    I WOULD appreciate it if you moved the deadline back a day or two. The 15th is my last day of school, and studying for finals is taking up a lot of my time now.

    If you can't, I'm sure I can fit it in somewhere.

    Have something to me by Sunday.

    Remaining peeps who need to get their stuff in:

    M. Sonic - Cola

    C. Amy - Blazing Tails

    M. Eggman - Azukara

    M. Metal Sonic - Samus Aran (Peacock)

    M. Charmy - Venice

    (Then suddenly, preview get!)

    Mighty - SonHOG

    Big - Chris Redfield

    Honey/Blaze - Voy-Boy/Samus Aran (Peacock)

    Gamma/Omega - The KMM/D-Metal X

    Orbot & Cubot - Pixel Brain

    C. Motobug/M. Motobug - ?????/ProfessorZolo

    Those in green, I've heard from this week. The rest... who knows. I suppose I'll get in contact with them so their work is not wasted. (Will be updating as I hear from them.)

    I need to start getting this thing together soon, dudes. The longer we wait, the less time I have to put this together. I don't feel like rushing something together. These last remaining weeks were for those who snagged from those who couldn't finish, and will be able to do it within the three weeks. Also, for the background to be started on and finished. This needs to be all done by the 15th. Are we clear, team?

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