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  1. Hello, good sir! :D

  2. That's quite unfortunate! D:

  3. Well lookie here, it's good 'ol Mr. Eclipse. Welcome to the boards! :D

  4. Thank you, thank you. I'd love to see this on a shirt, as well. I'll look into it. :]

  5. Great, can't wait to meet up on WFC! :D

  6. Great to hear I'm not the only one with ASR for the DS. Wanna ever go for a little one-on-one on WFC sometime? That'd be awesome. :]

  7. Yep, glad to be back after just making an account and abandoning it so long ago. XD

    I've been around helping with Sonic Relief, as well as trying reading up on a lot of threads for the peeps' insight on things. All this with conjunction with my podcast, so I've been quite busy! :D

  8. Two words: Gaia and deviantART. Remember me now?

  9. Why, hello there! Remember me?

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