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  1. All hail Satan 

  2. Law

    God bless almighty

  3. Happy Vaginal Exit Day!

  4. I'd wish you happy birthday but you're Satan so..... nope :P

  5. lol I was bored. If you didn't know or wondering... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iumEGAUceDg

    I might switch back to Hetalia's Germany. But he's also a nazi so I heard. >.>

  6. I think I can definitely say I'm a fan of Coroner, yeah. :D

  7. I remember loving Battlecry when it was new, and then getting it after I got a gamecube a couple years ago, and it was fucking so much harder than I remember. Also, I still have my copy of Virtual-On on saturn, that shit ruled so hard and still does. As for what I regret buying, I don't know. I can only think of something I regret renting. And I could write a damn novel about it. I paid like eight bucks split two or three ways for 5 days of Resident Evil: Homecoming. I didn't expect anything good, I knew it would suck. I could tell it would suck just because it was visually based on a movie visually based on the second installment of the series. Don't get me wrong, SH2 was great, and it still is. But anything resembling it out of the context of that game makes no sense, since all the metaphors pertain to James. It wasn't just because it was a lame installment of a series I want to decorate my house like. The gameplay was like a shittier version of RE4. But shitty as it was, I felt at no point that I could ever die because of that. It was like, "Oh man, this sucks, I'm not going to enjoy the next few hours". Not like my introduction to the first game when it was new, and I was just flabergasted the entire time because I was ten. The only time I had to reload was when the power went out during a cutscene, unless you count that time a monster was still alive when a cutscene started, and then he just walked over and killed me when I couldn't do anything about it. Smart AI, I'll give you that. And I won't lie, I loved that part where you kill your mother. But, joking around, months before the game was released, I mentioned how I hated that pg-13 horror bullshit uses children because children are creepy, and not weak and always getting molested. That shitty looking blue kid pissed me right off, and I said I wished he'd drown because he sucks, then bam, end of the game, he fucking drowned. What a surprise. To be concise, after my friend and I finished the game, we were absolutely silent. We felt terrible. I mentioned how it felt like I just raped and killed someone I love, and he (speaking for both of us without realising it) said "I feel...like...I need to drink myself into a stupor."
  8. somebody tell me why every fucking body has changed their names to countries

  9. Sweet avatar, I love it when Nazis show up in cartoons or films, or anywhere unexpected (that one episode of star trek and everything on the history channel included).

  10. Isn't the Vatican just sort of...pissed off that they're about five hundred years behind the rest of the world and can't keep up the old ways in a contemporary figurative climate? The media is certainly a large factor in that due to the whole, telling people about every pin that drops, ever (and how it could be in YOUR HOME KILLING YOUR CHILDREN), but I thought it was mostly the former.
  11. Switzerland eh? Thrash fan eh? You like coroner?

  12. Satan


  13. Dude G-Force ruled!

  14. You guys hear about Pier Solar? Supposed to be a huge RPG coming out "when it's finished". You can pre-order it, which kind of implies it's going to actually happen, but at the bottom of the page it says "not licensed sponsored, produced, or endorsed by SEGA Corporation", so I don't know how that's going to work out. Doesn't look like the best thing ever, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy it on the grounds that I still won't buy a next-gen console.
  15. Satan

    Ah I totally don't, I tried listening to some of it but I really hated what they did to Empty Nothingness (my favorite track on the 2005 demo) and couldn't bring myself to get the album.

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