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  1. Sonic Forces: The War Of Wasted Opportunities.

    I really like this idea. The PA announcements in Colors were very amusing and added a lot of character to the game (really helped sell the fact that you're in Eggman's amusement park). I think that would have gone a long way in making Forces actually feel like Eggman has a global presence. Because as it stands, he feels about as relevant as he does in literally any other Sonic game
  2. It's weird how the entirety of Europe is grouped together in one category yet USA is divided into five different geographical regions.
  3. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Famitsu doesn't represent Japan though I bet Japanese gamers as a whole won't really like Forces
  4. Sonic Forces SPOILER Thread

    Well that explains a lot!
  5. Not to mention it's not a convincing defense anyway. No stage should be that basic, not even the first. Look at Mania's Green Hill...
  6. It's good that Mania got them to sit down and assess why it was so well-liked and how elements of it could perhaps be transferred to other games, but I don't have faith that they'll take home the right message from the game. Knowing Sonic Team, it seems like they'll probably take a superficial overly-simplistic view of what it did right rather than looking into the nuanced aspects of its great design.
  7. Are You Going to Buy Sonic Forces?

    I never ever buy games day 1 so that was never going to happen regardless. But beyond that, I've been just as disappointed as many others with what we've seen, to the extent that I think the game may have gone through some development hell (4 years for this seems absurd). I'll probably pick it up at some point, at a discount or perhaps pre-owned.
  8. Sonic Forces - Chemical Plant is back

    How I feel about Sonic Forces right now: https://imgur.com/a/zTIbA
  9. New Sonic Forces Zone revealed: Casino Forest

    We've coincidentally only seen the very worst parts of the game somehow. The rest of the game will all be a trillion times better than what we've seen. /s
  10. Showing the good stuff when marketing your game is better than showing all the worst parts
  11. I don't understand why the levels are so short... This is by no means a new problem to Forces but they were never THIS short. Are they working with a tiny budget now? Seems that way.
  12. Mania Glitch Thread

    Now there's a plot twist I would never have predicted
  13. Mania Glitch Thread

    What happened next?
  14. Sonic Mania Reviews/Impressions Thread

    I suspect there'll also be (mild) criticism at the short length since the game clearly won't be anywhere near as meaty and content-rich as other modern platformers. Of course, that's forgivable given how quality trumps quantity and Mania looks to bring spades of quality.
  15. I am conflicted about which platform to get Sonic Forces for

    Aren't you interested in any of PS4's exclusives? Your complaint about it is more applicable to Xbox One since that has very few games that aren't also on PC. But PS4 has a fair few exclusives you can't get anywhere else, and they're damn good. Like Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, upcoming TLoU sequel, etc There's plenty of reason to get a PS4 imho. EDIT - That said, of course go PC for a multiplat. Mods alone are too good to pass up on