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  1. So... what happens to anyone that actually bought it during that time? Are they basically getting the finger?
  2. Someone ran it at the GDQ which just ended yesterday. That's how I learned of the game's existence
  3. It's weird how the entirety of Europe is grouped together in one category yet USA is divided into five different geographical regions.
  4. Not to mention it's not a convincing defense anyway. No stage should be that basic, not even the first. Look at Mania's Green Hill...
  5. It's good that Mania got them to sit down and assess why it was so well-liked and how elements of it could perhaps be transferred to other games, but I don't have faith that they'll take home the right message from the game. Knowing Sonic Team, it seems like they'll probably take a superficial overly-simplistic view of what it did right rather than looking into the nuanced aspects of its great design.
  6. I never ever buy games day 1 so that was never going to happen regardless. But beyond that, I've been just as disappointed as many others with what we've seen, to the extent that I think the game may have gone through some development hell (4 years for this seems absurd). I'll probably pick it up at some point, at a discount or perhaps pre-owned.
  7. How I feel about Sonic Forces right now: https://imgur.com/a/zTIbA
  8. We've coincidentally only seen the very worst parts of the game somehow. The rest of the game will all be a trillion times better than what we've seen. /s
  9. Now there's a plot twist I would never have predicted
  10. I suspect there'll also be (mild) criticism at the short length since the game clearly won't be anywhere near as meaty and content-rich as other modern platformers. Of course, that's forgivable given how quality trumps quantity and Mania looks to bring spades of quality.
  11. Aren't you interested in any of PS4's exclusives? Your complaint about it is more applicable to Xbox One since that has very few games that aren't also on PC. But PS4 has a fair few exclusives you can't get anywhere else, and they're damn good. Like Bloodborne, Uncharted 4, Horizon Zero Dawn, Nioh, upcoming TLoU sequel, etc There's plenty of reason to get a PS4 imho. EDIT - That said, of course go PC for a multiplat. Mods alone are too good to pass up on
  12. Hate to be negative but really don't like the look of that. Hopefully this is just first-level syndrome and the rest will be better though.
  13. Just checked the maps and it looks like there's actually two in act 1, and five in act 2. http://www.soniczone0.com/games/sonic3/downloads/s3-mgz-act1map.png http://www.soniczone0.com/games/sonic3/downloads/s3-mgz-act2map.png
  14. I could be remembering wrong, but wasn't the scepter thingy in Rush Adventure more powerful than the Chaos Emeralds?
  15. I still don't understand why they didn't do much with Generations, DLC-wise. Seemed like the one game perfectly suited to getting a bunch of DLC stages further down the line. People would probably have been willing to buy it, and it probably would have been pretty cost-effective for them, no?
  16. I am concerned about length. Classic Sonic's reappearance is surely at least partly down to wanting filler content again, and I doubt the game's budget is as big as Generations' was... so in my opinion the length may be similar to Generations, or if it's longer it'll be due to extra filler related to the custom character or something. I really hope we don't get anything like "play the same stage over and over to unlock enough doodads to proceed in the game"
  17. Perhaps Sega's solution to the multiple playable characters situation really is to have them all be Sonics
  18. This may not be too popular a stance since Colours doesn't seem too liked here, but I think Colours' level design was some of the most fun that the "modern era" gave us, even if still certainly flawed. The problem is that there were numerous "gimmick acts" and really short ones (only the first act in each world felt like a proper level), but the level design we did get especially in those first acts was quite fun. Boost was not too abundant at all which actually made it fun to use, because you wanted to make the most of it, and there was a lot of actual platforming going on. It's kinda sad that I even consider that last point to be significant, but no other Boost game (not even the Rush games imo) have much proper platforming. It certainly was not immune to the "shallow setpiece" moments where you're not doing much, but here they actually felt like breather moments in-between other level design, rather than the bulk of the level design. People criticize it for being "blocky", which is understandable, but I personally felt there was ample opportunity to speed through with skillful play and smart use of Boost, which made this a non-issue. I think there was a lot of room for improvement (mainly making the level terrain more smooth/sloped and using better physics, better transitioning from slow to fast moments etc.) but I honestly think it was a better foundation for modern Sonic than Unleashed or even Generations, at least as far as 2D goes (although Generations Seaside Hill makes a very convincing case for that style of gameplay working well)
  19. Sega's missteps are finally catching up to them. It's sad because it means that the budget is probably declining too. And I'm not so sure how they can fix the issue at this point. They should have actually focused on quality all this time instead of just expecting the cash-cow to keep giving, because now it's actually drying up. They were short-sighted.
  20. Ugh... Not a fan of this decision at all. And I bet the character is going to be equivalent to Fire Emblem's custom characters (i.e. generic, unrealistically perfect, and good at everything)
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