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    PerfectChaos got a reaction from Cuz in Character Spin-offs   
    Knuckles really should get a combat/exploration focused, Mario-ish paced adventure, a bit like what the Werehog attempted but much better.
    And as for Shadow, one gameplay factor that I think could stay really fun and easily be kept fresh is the idea of using stuff as weapons. Let us use everything as a weapon. Signposts, deck chairs, baseball bats, crates, windscreen wipers, small children... EVERYTHING. And also, Sonic Team, make much of the environment destructible. I wanna chop down trees, blow up cars and smash windows. THAT is badass. Not guns.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Dr. Detective Mike in Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?   
    I'll never understand why whenever the conversation turns to wanting more out of the Sonic stories, the subject immediately jumps to assuming it needs to be "deep". What does that word even mean nowadays? It gets thrown around so much, seeing it pop up so much is really irritating.
    I want a narrative that has a lot going on in it. I like seeing the characters interact with one another. I like seeing different things happen. I like seeing different objectives come their way and different reactions to said objectives mix things up. The premise of what's going on doesn't need to be "deep" in order for them to achieve that. I use this example all the time but what was going on at Prison Island wasn't "deep". It was a fairly simple thing. The bad guys wanted to steal some chaos emeralds and blow up the island. The heroes wanted to break out Sonic.
    But because of the different objectives in mind as well as the individual personalities of each character, the two sides clashing led to everything going crazy and haywire. Eggman's plan was almost immediately thrown off when he met Amy and then got delayed by Tails. All Rouge had to do was steal some emeralds. She asked for a shorter time and got it but then the Flying Dog showed up because the outside threat of the island was there acting as a third party. Shadow had to stop what he was doing to go save her but then ran into Sonic who was just set free by Amy. Sonic and Shadow fight. The timer is ticking down. Eggman warns Shadow that the bomb is about to go off. Sonic is there so he hears it. They both rush off to gather their collective parties together and barely escape.
    That shit is exciting and fulfilling. There were THINGS happening. The twists and turns that happened there, happened literally just because they had a bunch of chess pieces and decided to utilize them. Both sides had a plan but weren't aware of the prescese of the other party. They took their pieces and moved them all over the board, asking what would happen if this character was stopped by this character. How does this character find this important detail out? Well, what if they fought with this character.
    That's all I want. When I read the comics and watch something like Sonic X, that's what I get. I'm not opposed to them going full One Piece and throwing some sort of really well-written and beautiful deep message among all the adventure, humor, and action but I'm well aware the writing talent to pull THAT off isn't over at Sonic Team.
    "Simple" plots are fine but "Simple" storytelling is boring. The plot of Forces was simple. Eggman took over the world and you have to get the world back. However, the storytelling of Forces was also simple and it shouldn't have been. Way more should have been going on in that game. Forces suffered because they didn't do much with it's plot (among a ton of other things). You can write something interesting around a game with a simple structure too. They just don't. 
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Diogenes in Does Sonic Forces have you awaiting the next 3D game announcement?   
    Only in an ironic, masochistic sense; after Forces I have so little faith in Sonic Team that I'm mostly looking forward to the next game to see what new way they'll find to fuck it up.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Diogenes in HOT TAKE: Should Sonic Team stop listening to the fans?   
    Yeah, they should ignore all the fans, except me, and the people who agree with me.
    Really though, as much as listening to fans can be a trap, the designers trusting their own instincts isn't a guarantee of things going well either. I think most of the series' failures are squarely on Sonic Team's shoulders, and even if we stuck them in an isolation chamber for a few years to work out what they genuinely felt would be best for Sonic I wouldn't trust them to come up with something good. Conversely, look at Mania. That's a game made by fans. Dedicated, passionate, knowledgeable fans, who had a clear idea of what they and a significant number of other people wanted out of the series. And even without going as far as hiring a team of longtime fans to make a game, there's value in having a finger on the pulse of the fanbase, getting a sense of what they feel worked and what hasn't, and what kinds of things they're hoping to see in the future.
    So it's not something I consider to have a clear yes-or-no answer. Obviously the developers should be capable of producing good games without needing fans to lead them in the right direction, but I also think it's possible to have a healthy relationship with the fanbase and to make good use of criticism and fan response. Unfortunately we're stuck with the worst of both ends, with Sonic Team being generally incompetent and the fanbase being so fractured that it's hard to find any kind of clear and consistent response to work from.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Badnik Mechanic in HOT TAKE: Should Sonic Team stop listening to the fans?   
    I'm fairly confident they don't listen to the fans.
    Or if they do listen they then click mute.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in What is the future for Modern Sonic?   
    Kinda pointless to speculate with no data.

    Easy answer is "The Movie/ Team Sonic Racing."
    Hard answer is "I dunno."
    Speculative answer is "Showing off Hedgehog engine 2?"
    Cynical answer is "Not what you want/ Want you want but terribly done."
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Sonictrainer in Sonic Mania Plus: Official Reveal (Coming July 17th) - NO SPOILERS   
    A definitive version of Sonic Mania called Sonic Mania Plus was revealed at SXSWGaming today.
    Packaged Physical Version Includes Mighty the Armdillio and Ray the Flying Squirrel as playable characters New Encore Mode Will come as DLC for people who already have the downloaded versions of Sonic Mania
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Diogenes in How will Sonic Forces be remembered in the years to come?   
    I hope it's remembered as a big mistake, as I'd rather not see a game like Forces ever again.
    I'm sure the rawest feelings will dull with time, as they always do, but this shouldn't be a game that fades into the crowd as "just another disappointing Sonic game". This is a particularly and notably bad game and failing to remember it as such sets a lower standard of quality for the series.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Scar in If Sonic Forces has been commercially successful, what do you want Sega to improve in a follow up?   
    Start over. Jesus tapdancing Christ, just start over. Stop for a few years and start again. Re-examine what a Sonic game is supposed to be.
    Of course we now know this won't be happening. New games coming soon apparently.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Badnik Mechanic in What type of fanservice is next?   
    Momentum Physics.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Dee Dude in Sonic SXSW 2018 Panel ~ It's happening again ~   
    I do wish for one thing:

    To never see this miniature sized, pot-bellied, black eyed, soleless shoe wearing, short spined, physics poisoning, non speaking, friend-stealing, nostalgia pandering, half-assed, momentum murdering, time-wasting, pointlessly added, last minute motherfucker in a 3D game ever again. >:U
  12. Chuckle
    PerfectChaos reacted to Roger_van_der_weide in Sega is teasing a new Sonic something reveal for SXSW 2018   
    Sweet! After lego's, ziplines and sand, can't wait to see what new addition they'll have for Green Hill Zone this time.
    Maybe they'll even remember it's supposed to be on an island next time.
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    PerfectChaos got a reaction from BlueSky in Super Sonic DLC for Forces out Dec 22 - €1.99, Free Until Jan 23   
    So... what happens to anyone that actually bought it during that time? Are they basically getting the finger?
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Indigo Rush in Sonic Forces Super Sonic DLC Will Be Free Forever   
    "Getting worked over" it is what stopped it from happening. If we didn't "get worked over" it, then there's no reason they wouldn't attempt this trash on even more mundane itemized DLC. How about they bring back that roulette wheel from Runners? Or Loot Item Monitors? Chao Garden DLC! $20.00!
    We should never accept or normalize stupid decisions like this.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic Forces Super Sonic DLC Will Be Free Forever   
    I get the impression that this was an experiment, to see just how far they could push paid DLC. The negative reception and internal pressure caused them to reconsider after just a single day of paid sales. That's good. But the fact that they were willing to pull this in the first place, and so brazenly boasting that it's only free to download for a month as though it was some great deal, leaves me concerned that they'll try similar rubbish in the future.
    What I really don't get is why Super Sonic, a standard feature of past games, was nerfed and relegated to paid DLC when Episode Shadow was free. I don't think that Episode Shadow is particularly good, but it's new content and there's actually some real substance to it. Honestly it makes no sense. 
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic Forces Super Sonic DLC Will Be Free Forever   
    As always, I'm grateful for the work that Aaron Webber and the nameless, underappreciated team working to maintain relations with the fans and push the franchise forward are doing. Unfortunately, they care a lot more the ones calling the shots.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic Forces Super Sonic DLC Will Be Free Forever   
    Should I be grateful that they thought better of exploiting and ripping-off their customers? Because that's all they were ever doing with this and I'm not going to thank them for changing their mind about a shitty practice, especially when the game itself is already what it is.
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    PerfectChaos got a reaction from Jar Jar Analysis 1138 in where will sonic team go from here   
    Someone ran it at the GDQ which just ended yesterday. That's how I learned of the game's existence
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Indigo Rush in Sonic Forces sells an estimated 234,000 units worldwide in the first week at retail.   
    ...there are so many things you'd need to consider why this is the case, let alone a different market and economy; but I'm not an analyst and I'm willing to bet you aren't one either, so let's keep it in the Sonic playground for now: while it's correct that neither Heroes or Shadow are especially good, I believe the disparity could, in partiality, be accounted for by understanding that most sensible people avoided Sonic games later down the road after being burned too many times.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Blue Blood in Sonic Forces sells an estimated 234,000 units worldwide in the first week at retail.   
    VGChartz figures are even less reliable than the physics in Forces.
  21. Nice Smile
    PerfectChaos reacted to Blue Blood in Super Sonic DLC for Forces out Dec 22 - €1.99, Free Until Jan 23   
    Expanding games with extra content - good.
    Withholding standard features of games unless players spend extras money on it - bad 
    I honestly can't wrap my head around Super Sonic being paid DLC and Episode Shadow being free. The levels included in Episode Shadow are crap and utterly lazy, but ultimately it is still extra content - new music, new cutscenes, new-ish levels. I think people would be much more willing to pay for it too.
  22. Chuckle
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Sean in Super Sonic DLC for Forces out Dec 22 - €1.99, Free Until Jan 23   
    God damn. This game is just one disaster after another, even post-release.
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Monkey Destruction Switch in The State of Sonic Team   
    Well, he kind of acknowledged that in his post:
    Also, I would reiterate that Sonic Team is a professional development company, making a product for our consumption. "They're trying their best" doesn't fly for me as far as professionals producing a product for people to spend their hard-earned money on are concerned. It's not like they're doing this to be nice to us. This is their job. People are paying them for their products. I mean, people shouldn't be crazy about it or anything, certainly, but it's perfectly fine, and I would say good, to criticize them..
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    PerfectChaos reacted to Balding Spider in The State of Sonic Team   
    I'm all for never say never but I won't lie, I think it's looking bleak. That team has been hemoorrhaging talent for years and clearly still nothing has been done to satisfy them. For gods sake they stuck the director of Generations in the Olympic game hole too, while they let the lost world guy direct the next big game. I honestly think if we want a great Sonic game, we need another crew from Sega to tackle it, not Sonic Team. Sonic Team needs to go.
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