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  1. Newgrounds has always been fairly miles ahead of YouTube in terms of sensible features for content creators. Unfortunately, they lack the audience that Googleopoly can bring Sigh, I miss running with flash crews. Anyway, another sensible feature is co-authoring. A common tool with Newgrounds, allowing videos to show up on multiple accounts for collabs. Not a thing on YouTube, despite collabs being common: have to rely on description and hope viewers have the attention span to read. Guess there's end screens too.
  2. Oh, you're referring to an actual user? My mistake, guess we're both using Eggman with heavy orange. No, I'm a fairly old user with long streaks of inactivity. Don't think they're actually called Elsagate. "Gate" is just a suffix added to any controversial issue. Was a trend started by Nixon's Watergate. Arguably a fairly dumb trend.
  3. I can really only speak from purely anecdotal evidence. My experience doesn't really reflect what others may experience. On the subject of "Elsagate" videos, I admittedly don't know much about the situation. Maybe they're intentionally targeting children? Might be why I never came across them. I'm gonna assume bright color icons, maybe the set up is more "Hey kids"y or something. Icon isn't the only thing that matters, set up is also very important. Hell, the whole presentation is important. I guess if a specific set of icon, title, and set up comes off very child oriented only only for it to dive into creepy territory, there's room for a complaint. More importantly, there's an obvious intent there. This, I feel, would contrast with normal parodies. Like, me using Sonic characters for more adult oriented comedy could arguably be considered attractive to children, but this video certainly isn't designed to appeal to children. However, this one plays more straight family friendly being a direct remake of an Adventure 2 scene, even if Eggman is holding a gun. This one is my most popular one (and really old) but it's perhaps even more family friendly and could be argued to appeal to children. In these listed examples, I don't have anything that seems to target children, of course that wasn't my intent. And I think intent matters more than anything with the COPPA thing. But I'd really have to see these "Elsagate" videos. If it does appear that it's intentionally trying to lure them in for a spook or something, yeah. But if it's just weird, Spider-Man dating Elsa, that's more shitposty.
  4. This is my thinking. I haven't changed any of my animations to be "for kids" - even the ones that are purely Adventure scene recreations. When making my videos, I never intended to appeal to kids, specifically. And I feel intent matters more. Actually, I made most of my videos for me. Hadn't had any issues, but I'm s pretty low level channel with a little over 10k subs. I'm not on anyone's radar. I imagine SEGA just wanted to be on the safe side. Hmm. I never really hunted down any Elsa videos. Figured they were just adult oriented videos using characters that just happened to be popular with kids
  5. If we're gonna have a Green Grove Zone, then we need a Big Smoke theme.

    The forums is cold, dawg.

  6. This one really confuses me. Adult comedy satire is absolutely nothing new to the internet. It's been done, legitimately, for at least twenty years. Newgrounds basically grew up on these principles. I'm willing to bet many, if not everyone here, watched some pretty raunchy animations around game characters. Why's it only recently becoming a thing? Especially when it's always "Spiderman and Elsa" - Spiderman is weird considering he's been in some pretty dark worlds. Not exactly a children's icon. Like, I make Sonic satires with profanity, violence, and even sexual humor. Haven't really had any complaints. Unless they're doing something very specific than just using specific characters in adult comedy situations.
  7. So like, is GameStop going the way of RadioShack?

    1. Thigolf


      what's radioshack

    2. Harkofthewaa


      I hope not. From where I live there are two game stores within driving distance, and the other one's an hour away. Seriously, I don't want to start buying games from friggin Walmart.

    3. PC the Hedgehog

      PC the Hedgehog

      Wal-Mart has started selling games for $10 below MSRP, so it's actually become my go-to place to buy games.

  8. You know what's really whacky? The complex ball of ground beef stuffed in the skull - the brain. This pink (or grey, whichever) bitch is probably the most overworked organ. It's like the underpaid, salaried manager that cares about their job but fuck everyone needs them for something. So, when the brain finally gets to rest (still having to deal with the heart and lungs' bullshit but they're important) the brain may throw a massive fit laced in profanity, irritation, and chemicals. As the brain tries to angrily settle down from a hard life, it promotes witchcraft and conjures up hallucinations. Note: None of this is scientifically accurate, please do not reference me in your anatomy term paper, you'll fail. But the stage between awake and sleep does actually lead to hallucinations. I'm sure many of us have experienced them. Feeling of floating, visions of things that aren't there, sounds that aren't there. It's crazy. I'm a night time security guard which means I'm bored most of my shift, so let's share stories about our brains being whacko. So, I get the feelings of floating, sometimes it feels like I'm being slowly pushed off the bed. My sister told me she feels like someone watches her, but I never experienced that. I commonly hear voices, but often the voices are senseless. Can range from a few people to feeling like thousands talking at once - I noticed it feels like a "reception" thing. Like, an example, one time if my head was on the pillow, I heard felt like a party was in a dorm room or something. Put my ear on a nearby dresser, whole city street of people talking. Sometimes, I can hear my name being called, but nothing sensible after that. I can only refer to such as a "ghost" - it's not but I call it that. SPOOFY TIME, I heard the "ghost" call me. I wanted to see if I could actually have a mental conversation with my own lack of consciousness. I replied, in my thoughts, "Hello, Mr. Ghost." Silence, silence, silence, it replied in a high pitched voice, "AHAHAHA!" I woke up. I rarely see anything, but when I do it's almost always spiders. Large white spiders. This is the waking up stage where I'm only mostly conscious. I'm able to get up, and I may try to kill the spider. It's only after I attempted to kill them that I realize nothing is there. Anyway, those are mine. Anyone got something to share?
  9. Sonic Adventure, Sonic R, and Sonic 4 E1. Kind of a weird assortment. I mean, you do you. But still.
  10. Detective Pikachu was... interesting. I guess I give it props for NOT focusing too much on the humans, but maybe it loses points for Pikachu's backstory when it was revealed near the end. Personally, I feel what REALLY sold Detective Pikachu was the spectacle of having all those Pokemon in real life. That's probably a bit of double standard given we often go "ew, live action hybrid" buuuuut... I feel there's some difference between animated characters vs a whole species of animal. There's a difference between Sonic and a group of Bulbasaur, you see. Sonic, you gotta think about his personality, the way he presents himself. Meanwhile, Bulbasaur, you can't go too wrong just presenting them as an animal of some sort and really need to focus only on a few things -- like, are they a pack animal or loners? Predator or prey? Storywise, I feel Detective Pikachu wasn't that great. Wasn't bad, but eh? It got pretty weird. But I haven't played any game past the first two gens, so maybe it's not as weird as I think.
  11. While I'd be down, that's just unlikely to happen. Sonic, lately, has been focusing on the rather unfunny comedy stuff, in the cases of the latest titles (bar Forces, maybe? I really didn't bother with it once Infinite was revealed) and they also would probably prefer to step away from the darker stuff due to Shadow and 06 flopping. I mean, it's been over 10 years, and it still feels like they're apologizing. Again, Forces probably tried, but it didn't do well either. Plus, comedy is easier to drag your kids to a cinema and watch. I imagine they feel they have a bigger audience there. I mean, keep it animated and kids would watch action adventure all day. But that's probably part of the comedy mindset. But let's pretend they'd be willing: As for an Eggman ruled world similar to the Archie setting, I'd love that. Problem is, I don't feel that's best for a movie. Something where Eggman rules the planet would be a looooong story to tell with a lot of fights. Make it a series. For a movie, you'd want it closer to SA2 in terms of pace and tone. It's a race for victory, with constant accomplishments and setbacks -- and some twists like "You thought you could trick me with that fake emerald." SA2 had some pretty decent pacing. If you wanted to focus more on the protagonist, SA1's example is also decent. It constantly built up Chaos. You could have a build up for Eggman's planning there. Getting off subject a tad. If this film did well, it'd really just encourage more of the same cliche cartoony character in the real world trope that's been done I have no idea how many times. But this time it has Tails. Personally, I suspect it's going to do about as well as most other live-action/animation hybrids: Enough to make a profit, not enough to be noteworthy.
  12. Ah, "fra-gee-lee." It must be Italian!

  13. Made an SA2 SFM Recreation. The cutscene before the second Eggman and Tails fight.


    I think I actually did a scene no one else did. At least I didn't find any over this scene. If they did, they weren't using this background since I had to port it to SFM myself.

    I'm not like... Hypo good. That dude's too good. But I think I did pretty decent.

    Anyway, one of my goals was to really, really emphasize emotion during this scene.

  14. This status is not about Sonic 3, nor has it ever considered being about Sonic 3.

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