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  1. He has no style.

  2. I started thinking about how different Pokemon would be if we didn't have a HUD or any statistical information. No jingle for leveling up, know knowledge beyond TMs and HMs that are Pokemans knew any moves -- no information on typing just what we know and can grab from a Pokedex.


    Would actually explain a lot about why gym leaders are considered so tough when they're actually pretty easy in-game. We have all this meta knowledge when, in universe, none of that would actually exist. What level is your Charmander at? Dunno.  Is it strong enough to take on that grass gym leader? Maybe.

    1. Ferno


      They should've given trainers saiyan-esque scouters in the anime tbh

    2. Wittymations


      Actually, I recall Origins having large screens displaying health. I recall it in Brock's gym. I'd have to rewatch though.

    3. Ferno


      Come to think of it, I don't think I ever watched Origins in its entirety, I need to.

  3. What's up, doc?

  4. Personally, I agree with wanting to keep Big's Netfish and Chill mode. Really, I do. And your suggestions, I agree more or less. Thing is, the biggest complaint I've noticed about the adventure series is its wildly different gameplay, where only Sonic and Tails (occasionally Knuckles) is considered fun in SA1, and only Sonic/Shadow in SA2. That said, I have seen more leniency for Gamma and Eggman but not SA2 Tails, oddly. I think the best way to address that is altering the levels to fit closer to Sonic. Amy's would be the easiest, a bit faster and possibly remove Zero as an obstacle and more of a set piece. Knuckles would probably need to pretty much change outright. Searching for the shards now is pretty much "get to the end of the level." He's still searching, it's just at the end of the level. But turn his arena stages to more Sonic like levels but take advantage of his ability to climb and glide. Gamma, i dunno. He seems mostly okay. Maybe too slow? Big's considered the poster boy of "alternate gameplay bad" and would need to change everything about him. Heroes shows he can roll around at the speed of sound, go with it. That said, I'm personally a fan of alternate gameplay. But I get why many dislike the uniform being broke. Though I can see doing this would break an identity.
  5. Thank you very much. Sounds like I did a pretty decent job of making an appealing looking icon/sig. Not so much "clickbait" but... well, click-worthy? I dunno.
  6. Classic Fallout music. I enjoyed the pretty "you're probably gonna suffer and die" feeling from it.
  7. Honestly, this is why I say they should not only make Big playable, but expanded. Except, don't make it fishing levels. Heroes showed us he can go into levels and fight robots just fine. Awesome him up. Fucking have him swinging tree to tree using his fishing pole, belly flopping into robots below -- sending shockwaves, blasting through at a high speed (again, Heroes he kept up with Amy and Cream) after ALL this damn awesomeness, he touches that big golden ring: victory. He sits down at a pond or something, sits down and fishes, you get graded, next level. 10/10, best game ever.
  8. My favorite challenge is playing in the Chao Gardens without accidentally beating my Chao.
  9. So, I didn't see anything in the rules about bumping really old topics in Showcase if you have new content. So, here we go. After a two long month hiatus, Spinning Egg Zone Ep. 5 - Sally's Day And man! The reception from my very, VERY small fanbase for this series has been so damn heartwarming. Like, this comment: Man... I never felt like I had any kind of impact of anyone's life with this series. Anyway, SEZ 5 focuses this time on Sally Acorn, who is the most overworked individual in this series. She channels anyone that has to work in the service industry, where it feels like they're soul is being crushed for peanuts. This is the first copyrighted music-free episode in the series, fun fact. While a bit less narrative-focused in than SEZ 4, it does wrap things up kinda nicely. It had a rocky start but wound up coming together nicely. A lot of lines were slapped with improv. We feel this is the episode that can make many say "It's me."
  10. Honestly, the body style similarities have been one of my lesser gripes for a while. Really started thinking about it when I discovered that stupid "Ivo the Hedgehog" fan creation thing. Why does he look pretty much like Sonic? Shouldn't he keep his proportions? I mean, it's *already* stupid that people want to fuzzy him up, but at least be unique.. Then I began noticing that same slender, same height build for damn near every fan character. I've really grown to appreciate Big, Vector, Storm, and Bark (if you count Bark)
  11. I made a new animation.


  12. Honestly, it's actually fairly common for substantial changes to take place on games that are nearing completion. Texture and material changes, model swaps (assuming the bones are alike enough you could do this with only minimum amount of animation changes.) Doing those can really change up the way something looks without entirely scrapping and redoing everything. Textures and models swapping are more of a case of switching files -- think of it like variables in coding. A could represent a value and by changing A's value, every single instance of A in that code is changed. So, every instance that textures, materials, and models are called, they can be replaced by swapping out the files. You can see these substantial changes when you look at beta material from, like, old magazines with screenshots, gameplay footage. A lot of time, a level can look almost completely different than the final products. Now, I'm not saying 06 WASN'T intended to look the way it did (personally, I think it was but maybe more polished up,) but it's in the realm of possibility in terms of technical feasibility, yeah. It'd extend the deadline, but more by a few months than a year or something.
  13. Ya'll need to update that footer. Still says 2019. But I get wanting to not associate with 2020 right now.

  14. That's right boys. MONDO COOL.

    1. Ryannumber1Scarer


      Oh right 


  15. Oh, you're referring to an actual user? My mistake, guess we're both using Eggman with heavy orange. No, I'm a fairly old user with long streaks of inactivity. Don't think they're actually called Elsagate. "Gate" is just a suffix added to any controversial issue. Was a trend started by Nixon's Watergate. Arguably a fairly dumb trend.
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