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  1. Man, I'm so over having allergies. Tired of choking on plant sperm.

  2. Pave is so frigging extra.

  3. Right. A game dub doesn't really need to change much up for animation. So it's not like SEGA really needs to get a new va in a timely manner. Timing is quite less of an issue for games compared to a 22 minute long animation. Especially since there's automatic lip syncing technology. A dubbed line just needs to have the same timing and energy.
  4. Hey, big guy!

    1. Ryannumber1gamer



    2. Cuz



      "Can you tell me who comes first?"

    3. Wittymations


      Sorry, but I don't know -- we are simply natural!
  5. I do think the vast majority of players wouldn't care for mild differences between Classic and Modern Sonic designs. "True fans" would, of course. I know I didn't notice a difference as a kid playing Adventure for the first time.
  6. I've personally been tired of the classic stuff for nearly the full decade. It was fun in Generations but I've quickly became tired of it finding its way back into new games. Tired of Green Hill, tired of 2D interrupting my 3D games, tired of the Classic Sonic character. Tired of it all. I wouldn't mind it so much if it were just treated as its own series for handheld or something. But it constantly creeps its way into the main series going "Look! Look! Remember Sonic 1? Remember the good old days? We're sorry. We're very sorry." It's exhausting.
  7. Depends how far in development Prime is. If they're animating already, then yes. While I'm unsure how the industry standard is, I sync animation to voice rather than voice to animation (except dubbing, obviously.) Basically, they could be at a point where they're still writing or developing the models and have yet to cast voices. But if they're animating, likely have most of the cast. Definitely main cast.
  8. Of course. I was open that thought too. But also because I'm an animator and go through demo reels if I want to reach out to people interested in making fanworks with me. Eggman is less touched up on. But if done they're usually not very good. Like their Sonic is may be good, Knuckles may be good, Espio may be good, but Eggman not so much. Not saying I haven't seen good fan Eggman voice actors. I work with one, Martin Lis, in my satire series, Spinning Egg Zone (linked in my signature if curious). But they're significantly rarer than a good Sonic. There's numerous possible reasons to why it's harder to find a good fan Eggman voice actor and why Mike lasted so long. But I think Eggman having a distinctive voice does play into it.
  9. I think part of it is Eggman, at least game Eggman, just has a very distinctive voice that's harder to perform than the rest of the characters. Like I'm having a hard time imagining anybody doing it besides the late Deem Bristow and, of course, Mike Pollock. Obviously, others CAN do it, maybe someone has clips of other actors doing other roles that could fit the doc. But just tough to imagine.
  10. I'm amazed how out of breath, sweaty and sore that VR game, Thrill of the Fight, can make you since it's essentially shadow boxing. And regular shadow boxing doesn't really kick my ass like that.

  11. So, I haven't even started on the IDW series. Despite the years, I am still very, very salty over how the Archie situation ended. I feel like starting it, now, would make me unfairly critical to IDW. That being said, I wound up seeing scans over some of Eggman's lines and it does make me excited because his portayal is very similar to how I viewed the guy. This, in particular. He's more than capable of just ending Sonic at a moment's notice and he's aware of that, but his ego means he has to do it in a very specific way. He's crazy, not incapable. He gets into his own way. Some point, I want to read this. Just taking a very long time.
  12. Is "Wedding Advice (Or just congratulations)" that thread? I was expecting two or three pages of stuff before it got locked down. A little anticlimatic to be honest, compared to the attention it's gotten on the status streams.

    1. Ryannumber1gamer


      Yes, but there's more in the status updates. Another topic was also deleted outright.

    2. Wittymations


      Was the other topic a bit longer, or shut down real fast?

    3. Ryannumber1gamer


      It was shut down fast. It was an old topic from the member in question about a unbelievable story regarding a DS, and calling a teacher a profanity to their face. 

      People called it out as bullshit, other people defended it, and it died soon after, until today in which one of the fake accounts decided to go in and defend the member in question while calling out the guy who called it bullshit, which didn't much help in making it less obvious what was going on. 

      IIRC - more topics were replied to by the fake accounts too.

    4. Wittymations


      Sounds like this guy is really desperate for some attention.

      God, this is bringing back some nostalgic memories of my time in Newgrounds forums back in the early 2010s. Some of those topics were wild. lol

      Kinda miss this bullshittery. Weird to say.

    5. Zaysho


      To be honest we gave him the benefit of the doubt the earlier time (the thread Ryan's referencing that I got rid of since it was getting attention from the other accounts) since we just assumed he was a kid (which is probably still the case). The rest was me just waking up to chaos and following other mods already doing the digging lol

    6. Wittymations


      Yeah, I get it.

      I'm not blaming you guys, I ran forums, I know how it is. I just, selfishly, kinda wanted to read it over and get a few chuckles.

  13. How y'all likin' 2020 New Game Plus so far?

    1. Rabid-Coot


      The wedding is a neat addition.

    2. Wittymations


      There was a wedding?

    3. Wittymations


      Oh, just read Ryan's comment to another status. A'ight then lol

  14. Who's ready for 2020 New Game Plus?

  15. 3, 2, 1 - Let's jam.

  16. I like to recreate Fallout 1 and 2 scenes, sometimes, in SFM. Video here.


  17. I honestly doubt it. If he's building all this, dude has stupid money. If anything, it's probably also a wealth flaunt. This is a guy who likes to be glamorous. It's all about the ego.
  18. Consider the following: no u

    1. TheOcelot
    2. Wittymations


      That's an unexpected Switch.

    3. AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      AWild No.1 washed up gamer

      Are Wii gonna have a problem?

  19. I started thinking about how different Pokemon would be if we didn't have a HUD or any statistical information. No jingle for leveling up, know knowledge beyond TMs and HMs that are Pokemans knew any moves -- no information on typing just what we know and can grab from a Pokedex.


    Would actually explain a lot about why gym leaders are considered so tough when they're actually pretty easy in-game. We have all this meta knowledge when, in universe, none of that would actually exist. What level is your Charmander at? Dunno.  Is it strong enough to take on that grass gym leader? Maybe.

    1. Ferno


      They should've given trainers saiyan-esque scouters in the anime tbh

    2. Wittymations


      Actually, I recall Origins having large screens displaying health. I recall it in Brock's gym. I'd have to rewatch though.

    3. Ferno


      Come to think of it, I don't think I ever watched Origins in its entirety, I need to.

  20. Personally, I agree with wanting to keep Big's Netfish and Chill mode. Really, I do. And your suggestions, I agree more or less. Thing is, the biggest complaint I've noticed about the adventure series is its wildly different gameplay, where only Sonic and Tails (occasionally Knuckles) is considered fun in SA1, and only Sonic/Shadow in SA2. That said, I have seen more leniency for Gamma and Eggman but not SA2 Tails, oddly. I think the best way to address that is altering the levels to fit closer to Sonic. Amy's would be the easiest, a bit faster and possibly remove Zero as an obstacle and more of a set piece. Knuckles would probably need to pretty much change outright. Searching for the shards now is pretty much "get to the end of the level." He's still searching, it's just at the end of the level. But turn his arena stages to more Sonic like levels but take advantage of his ability to climb and glide. Gamma, i dunno. He seems mostly okay. Maybe too slow? Big's considered the poster boy of "alternate gameplay bad" and would need to change everything about him. Heroes shows he can roll around at the speed of sound, go with it. That said, I'm personally a fan of alternate gameplay. But I get why many dislike the uniform being broke. Though I can see doing this would break an identity.
  21. I want Big to be this speedy awesome mother fucker swinging tree to tree, body slamming on enemies, yeeting heavy rocks, frigging blasting through the stage until he reaches the goal ring. Sits down and quietly fishes. Grade pops up as he plays a catching animation and grabs froggy
  22. Thank you very much. Sounds like I did a pretty decent job of making an appealing looking icon/sig. Not so much "clickbait" but... well, click-worthy? I dunno.
  23. Classic Fallout music. I enjoyed the pretty "you're probably gonna suffer and die" feeling from it.
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